GTA IV Special Edition arrives in stores

The game, soundtrack CD, art book, keyring and bag will all be stuffed very tightly inside the lock box, which itself will then be inside an outer cardboard box which features different artwork to the standard edition of the game.

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Sugaruby333561d ago

that box in that picture looks like the game will come in a guitar hero size box!

SUP3R3561d ago

Wonder if it's too late to bumb up my pre-order to a special edition?
I really like that key chain and that lock box can come in really handy for......stuff >_>

monks3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

i got a limited from gameplay

i hope it arrives on time because i am off to cyprus on the 30th


EDIT: not for gameplay people my order has just gone from pre-order to ordered now

so i guess they might ship it on or before friday

St03561d ago

All shops and online stores had to sign an agreement to say they would not send out GTA4 before monday 28th :(

monks3561d ago

i agree but there are a few place that i expect will break that

in the UK i would say tesco, cex etc will put them out on friday standard game release day for us

Mr_cheese3561d ago

they wont do this dude cause rockstar made them sign an agreement not to ship until monday

-breenubz-3561d ago

if the games shipped to retailers already then no doubt gameplay footage will find its way onto the internet

ChrisGTR13561d ago

OMG! i think its time to go to kmart ;)

xjoshbx3561d ago

I think sears only sells games online now, costco and sams i'll be searching this weekend :)

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The story is too old to be commented.