Grand Theft Auto Online – Properties Guide

GameDynamo - "In Grand Theft Auto V, you can play online. This part of the game is known as GTA Online, and there’s tons of stuff for players to do here. One of the things you can do is earn money to buy yourself a property. There are many different properties available, including apartments, luxury condos, and garages. You can only own one property at a time, but if you buy a new one, you’ll trade in the old one for some cash. Want to know more about each property? Use our list to decide which one you want to get for your character."

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KYU21301792d ago

It would have been nice if R* had included a few houses as well. Apartments are cool but after cruising around Los Santos and seeing for sale signs on houses it makes you wonder why you can't pick one up

1792d ago
Matt6661792d ago

be nice if there where more house choices in the desert area and beyond areas

twosolitudes1792d ago

It might be something they'll add later... GTAO is a work in progress.

JeffGUNZ1792d ago

Meant to reply to you, but posted a new comment, my bad. Serious question, other then more garage space, what's the importance or benefit of owning property in GTAO?

Adityac1792d ago

What if two players both own that house? It wouldn't work.

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hiddenglitch1792d ago

it would be nice to know where the free social club garage is

JeffGUNZ1792d ago

Serious question, other then having a garage for more cars, what is the real importance of owning property in GTAO?