Uncharted 4: I WANNA Start The “Wet Hair” Campaign — Who’s With Me?

SchollA from Console ControllUs - where the console controls us writes:

As I have played through Uncharted, Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 multiple times and patiently wait for the announcing and arrival of Uncharted 4 (next gen) — Spike VGA’s maybe? I noticed how Naughty Dog, Creators of the Uncharted series overlooked, (or ignored) possibly purposely one obvious detail — I officially want to start the “Wet Hair Campaign”. Who’s with me?

What is the “Wet Hair” Campaign? Glad you asked.

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305LoneWolf1794d ago

Our prayers has been answered! Uncharted 4 is coming!

thejigisup1794d ago

I think the wethaircampaign is genius enough to actually work. I fully support this idea, I don't think it's necessary but def funny enough to bust nd balls a little bit.

MyFeetHurt1793d ago Show