Top 10 Mega Man Bosses

Is there a game with more recognized and appreciated bosses than the Mega Man series? Once one plays past the more hackneyed bosses of Mega Man 1, one is overwhelmed by the amount of memorable bosses in Mega Man 2 and 3. Both these games clearly make up the best in the series. Mega Man hit its stride in these games not because of amazing graphics of overtly intricate storylines, but because of creativity and simplicity, combining a simple 2D shooter into a battle with all the elements epitomized by all the bosses that had to be cleared.

One could make a list including every boss in the second and third installment of the series (except Top Man) but that would involve making no difficult decisions which is often the key in thinking about any "best of" list. The difficult decisions were made and Old-Wizard was left with these 10 bosses in the Mega Man series as the best.

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Sev3836d ago

Thats a great list. Sure brings back memories.

I would have listed Dr. Wily as #1. But as far as regular bosses go, Snake man and Gemini man were my favorites.

Funny how almost all of them from that list are from Mega Man 1, 2, and 3.
I think they really ran out of ideas after that.

I would love to see a fully 3D remake of Mega Man.... Cmon Capcom, you should have done this before Bionic Commando.