PC Gamer & YouTuber Received Human Revolution – Director’s Cut (Wii U) as “Incredibly Awesome”

YouTuber and gaming enthusiast ChristopherOdd has uploaded over one hour of commentated footage where he shows off his “incredibly awesome” experience with the Wii U version of Director’s Cut.

You can view a severely shafted, yet summarized written portion of the video in the article.

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LAWSON721799d ago

That title makes no sense

LAWSON721799d ago

I read it again I get what it says but it could be a much better title

Yep1799d ago

Ah, I see. I agree as well.

1799d ago
Jovanian 1799d ago

a lot of the stuff that they added seems trivial and doesn't really add anything of value to the vanilla game. If they could have just changed one thing for the directors cut they should have changed the hair on character models so it didn't look like a solid chunk of plastic

Yep1799d ago

Wow, I couldn't disagree more.

Changing of the character models would have done absolutely nothing for the gameplay or experience.

Jovanian 1799d ago

I disagree, the crap character models and the hideous hair textures effectively sucked the immersion away from my gameplay experience. It was a great game but character models and animations were janky as hell, and its deficits were reminiscent of a PS2 era game

BosSSyndrome1799d ago

I find ps2 games to be pretty god damn immersive if they're good enough.