Kaz Hirai To Deliver Keynote Address At CES 2014

GR: Although much of Sony's current focus is on the impending PS4 launch on November 15th, Sony appears to be gearing up for the future of consumer electronics, as CEO and President of Sony Corp. Kaz Hirai will deliver the keynote address at the upcoming 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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dbjj120881795d ago

PlayStation TV, PlayStation Phone, PlayStation....

iamnsuperman1795d ago

"PlayStation Phone"

That will not happen as their range (Xperia) is doing very well. The Playstation side of things will come through a store (like we are seeing already) or possibly Gaikai but I don't see that for a few years (gives the Vita some chance)

tubers1795d ago

Xperia VITA.

Complete access to PSN's PSP digital library and full VITA software compatibility.

(this won't be Xperia Play w/c didn't do the aformentioned)

I wish. :P

Not gonna happen. It might be too complicated to design if it has to run Android side by side.

jujubee881795d ago

More than likely, Sony's answer to Oculus Rift. It was spposed to be revealed at TGS (rumor).

CES will be the place to reveal cool, new tech.

UltimateMaster1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

PS Phones would probably be the next step in evolution.
But I'm not sure how much there would be buyers if you include the same tech as the current PS Vita.
My guess is, not that many.

Probably like for it's Vita replacement with much better enhanced tech that only a 16-core high end phone would deliver, currently it's at 8 cores for the highest and only in Japan, America's phones are 4-cores, maybe new announcement concerning that, but I doubt it.

My guess is, it's probably what they've talked about last year that the PS4 will have the share-touch feature that connects devices just by touching them and the PS4 will be the center of your living room, again (PS3).

tubers1795d ago

PlayStation Vita PCH - 2000 and Vita TV International Announcement.

Wedge191795d ago

The PlayStation Brand seems to be becoming more of Sony's identity. I also see them utilizing their own functionality with other hardware in order to get people into the PlayStation ecosystem (Gaikai, PlayStation App, etc.). This way you don't necessarily need a Sony product, but the ecosystem has tendrils in 'competitor' technology as well. It's a great strategy.

TrendyGamers1795d ago

It's always a party when Kaz is involved.

JakemanPS319941795d ago

The helll is that from?! :P

GdaTyler1795d ago


That's from Kickboxer, a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie.

fOrlOnhOpe571795d ago

He's certainly leading Sony in the right direction - on the PlayStation, mobile phone and HDTV fronts. Its hard to imagine all the doom and gloom hanging over the company only a year ago. Now suddenly, they are a class-leading company again.

The_Sneauxman1795d ago

Riiiiiiidddgee Raaaceerrrr!

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