Activision: Skylanders is "certainly not another Guitar Hero"

The Skylanders franchise is "certainly not another Guitar Hero," according to Activision's United Kingdom managing director Roy Stackhouse. Speaking with MCV, Stackhouse said the target markets for both franchises are not the same.

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Losyak1514d ago

It certainly has a different name.

1514d ago
TechMech21514d ago

I do too. I hope theirs a reboot for the series soon.

SKYVVLKR1514d ago

Cosign. Solid party game.

TheGrimReaper00111514d ago

So I am not the only one?
I put in GH : Metallica the other day and someone on my friend list wanted to join me
Before I knew it, we played around 5 hours GH Metallica
I really liked those series, i think they should have just spread them out a bit more
Look at assassins creed. Every year a new game
Other than that, I really dont care for Skylanders
It ruined a character for me : Spyro
They used his fame to gain money :(
I want a Spyro game like the old ones with the graphics we can get of today!

just-joe1514d ago

Well Guitar Hero was fun so...

SAYGUH1514d ago

I miss guitar & turntable co op play...

1514d ago