Heroine of the Week: Samus Aran | The Metroid Series

"Competent, confident, and intelligent, Samus Aran is an ex-Galactic Federation soldier turned intergalactic bounty hunter and the star of the Metroid series. This week’s pick is definitely a no-brainer. Granted, when Metroid was released in 1986, it was not apparent that Samus Aran was female until the end of the game. However, once we became privy to this fact we were never the same." -BootHammer

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Relientk771644d ago

Samus is so boss, one of my fav characters to use in Smash Bros. as well

BootHammer1644d ago

Samus is definitely one of the most iconic and coolest characters in video games period. I can't wait to for her next entry on the Wii U.

1644d ago
TalesofDalton1644d ago

Samus is awesome, but Nintendo needs to get off their ass and make a new metroid.

BootHammer1644d ago

LOL, 100% agreed!! System seller! The GamePad could really be utilized very well for the Metroid series too.

Misaka_x_Touma1644d ago

we would had been got one if fans didn't rage over Other M like it was the last game.

Chrischi19881643d ago

Other M compared to Prime was not really good. Gameplay just did not feel well.

ContraCode1644d ago

One of my all time favorite franchises. Where is the Wii U version!!! Metroid fans have been neglected far too long.

BootHammer1644d ago

I'm sure its being worked on. I couldn't imagine them not having it in development by now. The GamePad would thrive on this title. Lets hope Nintendo has a reveal soon =)