Win items from the Perfect Day commercial

Have you checked your email recently? Did you have an email from Sony? Well keep checking. It will take you to the Greatness Exchange website where you will have the opportunity to win prizes from the latest PlayStation 4 ad – ‘Perfect Day’ by using your gold trophies.

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PlayStation_41645d ago

very cool, but US only... what's in the mystery box though?

1645d ago
beebap1645d ago

Again competition that only for us canada only. In the new british ad can we have a competition.

majiebeast1645d ago

The since 1995 ad they are giving away ps4s if you can spot all the symbols in the correct order, link is in the video itself.

GentlemenRUs1645d ago

Don't worry... People will use trophy unlockers and abuse the system again...

This is why we can't have nice things... ESP THE BRITISH!