GT Countdown - Afraid of Next-Gen?

GT - "We want to know what absolutely terrifies you about buying a Playstation 4 and the Xbox One. Confess it in the comments and have your fears realized this Friday in the next GT Countdown."

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Mikelarry1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

i am getting the ps4 and i can truly say there is nothing i am scared about on the ps4. everything i wanted to know Sony has either announced or Shuhei has been kind enough to answer. all i want to do now is get my hands on this and enjoy the plethora of games Sony is yet to announce

darthv721758d ago

i do not fear next gen. I will face it like i have been doing every gen for the last 30+ years.

Bring it!

1758d ago
Hufandpuf1758d ago

I'm worried about the reaction from gamers when they find out that the gap won't be as big between cureent gen and next-gen unlike the PS2/Xbox to PS3/XB360.

I've played the Xbox One and although I enjoyed it, there wasn't a "next-gen" moment that grabbed me. It just felt like playing a smoother current-gen game. Also, the lack of good Anti-aliasing was a big dissapointment.

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for next-gen, but don't be fooled if you think it's going to be the revolution like the PS3/Xbox360 were.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1758d ago

maybe thats because you played the Xbox one thats yur problem!!

Hufandpuf1758d ago

I don't expect the XB1 and PS4 to be very different from each other this early.

darthv721758d ago

I think i can relate to Huf. What we are seeing is evolutionary more than revolutionary. Meaning we already have 1080p visuals.

but the next gen will be improving the fidelity of those visuals rather than if it was the first time ever seeing 1080p from something like 480p.

It just takes time to produce and we are all just a bit impatient after having been treated to such HD goodness as seen on the PS3 and 360.

SilentGuard1758d ago

I'm concerned that Xbox One will go back on their 180's and make always online check-ins and Kinect required agian, whether it be through a dashboard update or gradually over time. Increasing talk of and dependence on the cloud could lead to an inevitable always online requirement by defualt. Shoehorning Kinect functionality into as many games and apps as possible so that it needs plugged in to play or use anything could lead to Kinect being required by default as well. A sku without Kinect would alleviate one concern as well as lower the price, selling me on getting an Xbox One

darthv721758d ago

anyone without a good stable internet connection would be. for myself, i dont really have a problem with an always online / connected ecosystem.

I mean it is the direction the game companies are going anyway and everything from cloud assisted to social interaction to simple multiplayer will all require being online at all times to really take advantage of what these platforms have to offer.

this gen will be more about being connected to everything around you more so than last gen. Many cut their teeth with online for the first time with a 360/ps3 and this gen will only serve to take it even further with all the online features both platforms have been hyping.

stuna11758d ago

What terrifies me, is right after I get my PS4 home, and hooked up ready to play......The World ends!

darthv721758d ago

Shhh...dont say things like that.

damn it, now you got me thinking it too.

FlameHawk1758d ago

I'm afraid....afraid for my wallet!

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