How to make a narrative game endlessly replayable

A certain quest has captured the imagination of Ken Levine.

This idea of his, is a kind of emergent narrative, a way to build characters and personality almost like they were physical constructs, that react to external forces in different ways.

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malokevi1430d ago

Remake Halo CE. That's how.

AnotherProGamer1430d ago

But the actually did Remake Halo CE for 360

bit-crusherrrr1430d ago

Resident evil 4 is endlessly replayable, i just don't get bored of it no matter how much i play.

s8anicslayer1430d ago

"Endlessly Replayable" is completely subjective.

bit-crusherrrr1428d ago

Thats why i said 'for me resident evil 4 is...', thats my opinion.

j-blaze1430d ago

most Capcom games have an incredible replay value, one of the main reasons i love their games

OT: this is really interesting looking forward to Ken's next game!

Lord_Sloth1430d ago

New Game+ or Level Select do it for me. XXXD

j-blaze1430d ago

NG+ should be in every game now, really disappointing after you finish a great game like FFX you discover that there is no NG+

AnotherProGamer1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

You know how you make a game replayable by making fun challenging gameplay