Rocksmith 2014 Review | GodisaGeek

GodisaGeek: "Whether you’re looking to learn guitar, brush up on your existing skills or looking for something to practising your current skills with, Rocksmith 2014 scratches all of the guitar-based itches you could possibly hope for. You’ll find yourself playing the same songs over and over again in an attempt to get that percentage even higher, as well as going through all of the lessons so that you can become better at the instrument that you always wanted to learn. Rocksmith 2014 isn’t a game, but it never really pretends to be one. There are gameplay element that allow it to feel at home in a party situation, but if you want to get the most out of the title, it’s something that you’ll be putting on day after day, even just for a song or two, until you’re shredding with the best of them."

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