Will you ever stop being a gamer

"The older I get, the more I realise how much tastes can change over a lifetime. Food, music, favourite television programs, they all change over time, so it’s natural to assume one’s choice of hobby can change too. With that in mind, the question of whether I’ll always remain a gamer has become increasingly fascinating to me. Ten, fifteen years ago, there would have no question in my mind; I’m a gamer for life, but now? I’m not so sure. Ever since I realised that my PlayStation 4 pre-order was partly due to the muscle memory of always buying the latest console, I’ve come to realise there will probably be a time when I no longer want to be a gamer. Having come to that conclusion, I find myself asking if I’m the only one feeling this way. Do you see yourself as always being a gamer? Or like me, are you accepting of the fact that all things have a natural conclusion, and gaming will probably be one of them?"

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Mikelarry1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Never, in my coffin i have informed my family to place a portable console in-case i get bored standing in line to the afterlife. but more seriously tho i will game for as long as i can, i might not play as often since i have a kid and a full time job.

Ashby_JC1793d ago

Time can get in the way big time!!

I have a friend that is in his fifties and he is losing interest. He is getting a XB1 (his GF pre-ordered) but he is just not into games as much.

Myself...there havent been many games that keep you up late at night....were Im tired and need to take my behind to bed lol.

One game that did spark my interest was XCOM Enemy unknown...loved that game. GTA5 took up allot of time. Even though this past weekend I had time off but no desire to play ...go figure turning 41 myself!

Thehyph1793d ago

The age demographics of gamers are constantly changing, too. The gamers who grew up with NES and beyond are now age 25+. More and more games are now paired with good narrative and will have lasting memories. Who knows? Games could be as indispensable as movies and TV.
The same thing can be said about developers. Look at Naughty Dog. I was in grade 7 in school when I played Crash Bandicoot. Now, I'm 28, and The Last Of Us is the best game I've played in a long time, if not ever. It feels like they've matured with me. (Some may dispute mechanics, graphics, and other elements of technology, but the narrative is relentless)
Some devs have a genuine passion for what they do. It shows. I assume that at least some of them will be doing it for many years to come. Even if they have to go the indie route, at least something will come out that a dev made for themself. Maybe I'll be wise enough to have proper appreciation.

I like to think that as I grow older, there will still be games within my tastes. (Of course, there will always be a plethora of games suited for young males as that's, thus far, proven to be where the money is)

TomShoe1793d ago

Eventually, unfortunately.

Real life is enough of a mo-fo as it is, so I probably won't have enough time to game as I get older.

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Eddie201011793d ago

I am 49 and still play video games. My interest usually goes down a little towards the end of a console cycle but picks wright back up when a new console generation starts. I am chomping at the bit to get my new PS4 and next gen games, PS4 release can't come soon enough.

IRetrouk1793d ago

When i grow up i wanna be just like you lol, not too far behind, am 28 at mo, but having kids n a full time job eats into my game time :-( the plus is the kids always know what game to get me for crimbo, birthday, fathers day lol wifey tells them.

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xHeavYx1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

(With this face)

Hufandpuf1793d ago

College and work have significantly slowed down my game time and when I start my career I can almost kiss my gaming goodbye. It's fun playing with friends now more than just singleplayer games because I can sit down, play a game or two, then get back to whatever it is I need done atm.

XB1_PS41793d ago

Life sucks, spend your whole life working. Once you're retired, you're too tired to do the things you wanted to do while young.

TechMech21793d ago

That's why I'm a firm believer that people should base their work upon what they enjoy as opposed to what makes the most money

Ashby_JC1793d ago

Great point!!! I always make time for gaming!!

One thing that has changed from gaming years ago gaming.

In the past with lets say Tecmo Bowl, NBA Live wanted to play with friends...they were right there sitting next to you. need for that....sit at home and play with friends...and/or make new friends!!

XB1_PS41793d ago

@TechMech2 That's why I make music for a living. It's fun, it doesn't take up every last drop of my time, and it pays the bills!

Thehyph1793d ago

A few well said bubs to hand out here.

You have to appreciate everything.
Sometimes a guitar, a glass of wine and a hot plate are all that I need to be the richest man in the world.

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Muffins12231793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

nope...once a gamer always a gamer.

Dark_Overlord1793d ago


Always have been since a young age, currently am and always will be. Hell I'll probably choose to be buried with a console XD Whilst playing Guiles Theme XD (well it does go with everything ;) )

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