Infinity Ward on CoD: Ghosts -- "Everybody thinks we're going to kill the dog"

Despite Infinity Ward releasing no information that would suggest one way or the other, the consensus is that Riley the dog will die during the Call of Duty: Ghosts campaign, according to executive producer Mark Rubin.

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Neonridr1759d ago

Who cares to be honest. How many dogs did you kill in MW2? That was ok because they were bad dogs? But because this is a dog from the "good guys" it has to be invincible? It's a fake dog...

-Foxtrot1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

"It's a fake dog..."

It's a gameplay gimmick. Something small which is added to try and change things up and also something you can talk about during the lead up to the games release instead of talking about stuff which has been in the game for years.


"Why is it that whenever somebody doesn't like an idea, it's a GIMMICK?"

It's not about liking something, it is a gimmick...something to add more of a spotlight on the game so people will like it more instead of actually doing some hard work and to make the game look different from previous games.

malokevi1759d ago

It's a gameplay "element". Why is it that whenever somebody doesn't like an idea, it's a GIMMICK?


pedrof931759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )


A non physical gimmick.

I certainly wouldn't call it INNOVATION.

Tbh I tought that the real mockery here was the AI on fishes.


-Foxtrot1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )


Thank you you've just pointed out another thing which IW used to try and make the game look amazing yet because of what it is (Fish A.I) they made themselves look silly I mean it's not something to brag about.

They've come to a point where they need to add stuff like this to try and keep the franchise going and have something to talk about leading up to it's release. If they didn't have the dog most of the interviews would just be repeating themselves over and over with the same "new" information or stuff we've seen from past COD games.

Oh and I say "hard work" in my comment above because from past experiences and past games from IW they don't seem to work very hard do they. I mean if they did COD would be a very different game.

EDIT: @Below

I've been a NintendoDog back in 2005

malokevi1759d ago

Come on, now. Dogs are innovative. They're like little furry people that lick you and stuff.

Eonjay1759d ago

I thought EA killed that dog earlier today.

iamnsuperman1759d ago

It isn't a gameplay gimmick but it might be a story gimmick but that remains to be seen. It seems the dog aspect is very heavily integrated with the story (something that is highlighted by this article)

Yep1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Please God, let the word "Gimmick" die. It only servers the purpose of aiding fanboys in petty internet arguments by replacing what actually is a gameplay complement/enhancement.

INB4 it get's assumed that I love COD, let alone even own any version of the game. Please, I'm more of a Star Wars Battlefront/Republic Commando/Battlefield type of guy. ;)

-Foxtrot1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )


Aren't you allowed to control the not actually controling it but you can give it orders to follow with the D-pad or something

sAVAge_bEaST1759d ago


A GIMMICK?? Kinect's a GIMMick, Riley is a $et Piece, a Playable Character, an ESSENTIAL persona to the story. /s

MWong1759d ago

Who cares about the dog they killed Soap.

Reverent1759d ago

Infinity Ward thinks that the dog has a "cult following"... Lol, wow IW. If the CoD dog has ANY sort of cult following, it's among the same as the cult following for the movie, "The Room".

badz1491759d ago

at first, I thought that they would kill the dog too but on second thought, I think you'll die saving the dog!

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MysticStrummer1759d ago

I never thought about it at all.

Hellsvacancy1759d ago

I did, it kept me up all last night

famoussasjohn1759d ago

They're going for the emotional attachment that the writer has been known for, like he did for Crash.

OrangePowerz1759d ago

I guess the difference is that you interact with the dog throughout the campaign unlike enemy dogs. But hey hating everything about Cod is the new cool.

s8anicslayer1759d ago

The purpose of the dog is to give us a character from the campaign that we can have an emotional attachment to since IW is going for a deeper story in Ghosts. People just take it as a joke since the character happens to be a dog.

assdan1759d ago

You don't get the point of why it's funny. They're playing up this god dang dog so much about how emotional it is, so you just know that it's going to die. That's the joke behind it. And I really hope it doesn't die because it would actually be a surprise at this point.

s8anicslayer1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

For years animals have played an important role in "American" cinema in the likes of Lassie, Mr.Ed, Bethoven, etc etc. I get the point, I'm afraid it's people outside of America who don't get the narrative. Infinity Ward is an American company and I guess they feel they can pull of a compelling story with the inclusion of the K9 that they couldn't do with it's predecessors.

ritsuka6661759d ago

I really hope the dog not die. =/

Black Block, We are the Resistance.

hiredhelp1759d ago

Fake dog lol made me laugh lol

bromtown1759d ago

They'll kill the dog. It'll get them press, they'll probably have you do it in a really traumatic way too haha like strapping it with c4 and making it run at a load of entrenched enemies.

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Mikelarry1759d ago

memo to IW no-one cares about the dog, well apart from PETA

lsujester1759d ago

I'd take the dog over the majority of people I know, real and virtual.

BattleTorn1759d ago

Exactly. And them saying this makes me think they will even more.

Cause if they don't, they've kinda spoiled it with this statement now.

Salooh1759d ago

The dog will kill you then . :)

Septic1759d ago

Do people actually care about the COD dog? I thought it was only relevant because it was something we could poke fun of after the X1 reveal.

I'm still of the opinion that when it comes to the 'COD Dog':


black0o1759d ago

i bet it'll be in slow motion as well

BattleTorn1759d ago

while in free fall,
in space,
under water!!!!

dun dun dun!

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