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GIZORAMA - I’m a writer. You know I’m a writer because you’re reading this, and I wrote it. I know I’m a writer because I go nuts when I don’t write, wondering why I’m not writing. I also wonder what other people are writing, and if it will be better than my writing. I read reviews of games I’ve already written about, and write about their writing in the comments section. Writing, and thinking about writing is one of my favorite things to do.

So a mobile game called Type:Rider, by one of my favorite game studios, would presumably be write (ha ha) up my alley, and first impressions are great. The visuals are a marvel; atmospheric and endearing in the Braid ”mold”, with lots of neat little details that are fun to look at and fun to show to your friends who scoff at mobile gamers. You control two little periods on a harrowing journey through the history of typography, from cave paintings, to printing presses, to printers. The journey primarily requires platforming expertise, patience, puzzle solving, and precision.

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