Harker put on indefinite hold

Foundation 9 has told Eurogamer that work on its vampire-hunting title Harker has been put on indefinite hold.

According to a spokesperson, the team creating it has been put in charge of working on Silent Hill V for Konami under new name Double Helix. It might have called, or left a note.

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PS360WII3886d ago

this is unfortunate :( I remember seeing a video of this a long time ago and it looked bad arse a lot of melee and killing of vampires. Looked very intense. Shame it's been shelved

Julie3886d ago

Aww no!! i love vampires :(

jkhan3886d ago

I just saw the video on gametrailers it was from 2006. I really liked it. Unfortunately not all games are meant to see the light:(

muddygamesite3886d ago

by the way, where is cypher complex?