Crytek "Warface" Opens New Era of AAA In-Browser FPS Gaming

The future of gaming is in the cloud or at least that's what Crytek's latest release "Warface" hints at. While the game will be available in traditional form on the Xbox One in 2014, for now gamers have access to it via their browser.

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malokevi1734d ago

"While the game will be available in traditional form on the Xbox One in 2014,"

I'm almost positive that this is a 360 exclusive, atm. Unless they have announced it for X1 in the past week.

I kind of expect them to. I hope they do. But, I'll hang on to my 360 anyways.

ATi_Elite1733d ago

Define your use of the word "Exclusive"

Because I've been playing Warface on Russian servers for months and since October 21 I've been playing Warface on the Live North American servers.

(I'm an Engineer of Course)

Now I must say that I'm seeing the benefits of Cloud Gaming because I've seen Warface run on WEAK PC's and it still looks pretty Darn good.

Microsoft and the XB1 are on to something with this Cloud Gaming stuff as it works very well on Low end PC's so imagine how great it can be on a Nicely equipped XB1.

B-radical1733d ago

maybe he ment to microsoft platforms who knows

Reverent1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Exclusive to 360 he says... Lol! Just because Crytek is making Ryse an X1 exclusive doesn't AT ALL mean they are becoming some sort of first party dev for Microsoft. What's gotten into people?

I've also been playing the closed beta on US servers for a month!

It has potential, but right now, the sniper class is super OP. I'm a little ashamed to admit that I've been absolutely dominating as that class for awhile now. It kills people in 2 shots no matter where (excluding head shots which are 1 shot kills) and it is extremely easy to rapid fire the sniper rifle.

By the way, @ ATi, this isn't even really a good example of Microsoft's cloud use since they aren't really using it to actually stream games. That's more of Sony/Gaikai's area. But nonetheless, I do agree with you on that basic aspect. If Microsoft uses their cloud for things similar to this, I will definitely be more impressed with what they could offer in the future.

spicelicka1733d ago

God you over analyzing technical nazis. Yes his wording was wrong technically, but i think all he meant was that aside from being on PC alread, so far it has only been announced for the xbox 360 among the consoles, not the xb1 yet, unlike Titanfall which is PC, xbox 360, AND xb1.

malokevi1733d ago

yeah, I meant console exclusive X360... sorry. I'm working while I'm typing, mind is aloof. Obviously it's on PC... it's already playable in browser.

Thanks, spicelicka. It's always nice to be reminded there are rational people around here. As if everybody didn't know exactly what I was talking about.

Such is life.

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gazgriff2k121733d ago

bring to ps4 and ill give it ago

1733d ago
josephayal1733d ago

Another Xbox one Exclusive

Reverent1733d ago

Not even slightly close.

BBBirdistheWord1733d ago

Another game using the power of the cloud not available on ps4.

NaAsAr1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

the game is not too bad. and its free:)

its about 3GB in size. it took like 5 minutes for me to down load it.

wish it would have supported the 360 controller for windows though :(

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