List of Announced PS4 Headsets, Price And Details

Take a look at list of all Playstation 4 headsets announced so far along with its price details. The list does not include PS3 headsets that work with Playstation 4.

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Gasian1730d ago

Well I guess I am going to be eating ramen noodles for the next 3 months. Man Sony I love you so much but you are taking all my money. (^ε^)

MAULxx1730d ago

I may need the rocketfish or the turtle Beach chat sets.
I have a good set of audio headphones for late night single player play. I primarily use my surround sound system so I just need something good for chat communication for coop.
Honestly, the one coming in the PS4 box doesn't look that great. I will try it out though. If it ends up working & feeling decent then I will use it.