Sony and Microsoft battle it out for GTA IV sales

Anticipation for Grand Theft Auto IV has reached an all-time high as Sony and Microsoft battle it out to become the console of choice for GTA fans.

Certain retailers have been offering free Xbox Live points and Xbox Live membership in promotion of the 360 version of the game, whereas Sony is set to announce a special GTA IV PS3 bundle. However, retail opinion is divided over which format will emerge victorious.

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Snoozer2823885d ago

Hmmm this is pretty depressing. I can understand those who want their console to 'win,' but a game's sales. Can't we all rejoice in the fact that GTAIV is available for those that own Xbox360s and PS3s.

HighDefinition3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

I`m happy more people will get to expierence it.

But it should have just been using BLURAY....and that kinda pisses me off. Sandbox and Racing games, all deserve to utilize the full capacity of the storage on those discs. Because w/ those 2 genres you CAN`T have multiple discs.

EDIT: if your gonna disagree prove me wrong.

Racing and Sandbox games highly benefit from MORE STORAGE.

Here is R* saying it theirself.

pharmd3885d ago

great......... another who's dik is bigger than who's article...

sammy_mantra3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

I agree man .

Rockstar said that they are using some COMPRESSING algorithms.

I just hope that GTA4 is not gimped because of that. I dont think they are doing that with the PS3 version though


It wont work that way man. GTA is very much synchronous with PS brand. so definitely at the end it would sell more on PS3 just like DMC4 did. It will also move more PS3s than X360s. No fanboyism but forums would be erupting with fanbosyish remarks once GTA4 hits the scene

Snoozer2823885d ago

Sammy, I understand where you're coming from.

First off, concerning the brand awareness, I know that, I had a PS1, and a PS2, but not a PS3 (as of yet) so I'm pleased I won't have to buy a new console just yet. Personally I won't mind which one wins as long as I'm playing my copy day one.

Concerning the compression, according to reviews, GTAIV is doing well enough in its current DVD state. Sure, it could have been BETTER, but that's what GTAV is all about :) As long as its killing the Renderare past, I'm good.

sammy_mantra3885d ago

How would GTA5 be different if it uses DVD as a single denominator too.

DVD has gimped GTA and theres no denying that.

PS2 saw 3 sequels of GTA in its lifetime

HighDefinition3885d ago

"During an interview with the UK's Official PlayStation Magazine, Rockstar's creative vice president Dan Houser was posed this question: "On PS3 you've got a guarantee that every machine is going to have a hard-drive and, with Blu-ray, you've got plenty of storage, whereas on Xbox 360 there's no guarantee of a hard-drive and you're working with the DVD format. Does that create limitations?" To which he simply answered, "Yep."

Sandbox games should be on BLURAY, get over it.

Feihc Retsam3885d ago

PLEASE STOP posting these hollow flame-bait articles...
Everybody on this site knows that GTAIV is coming out, and everybody here knows that Microsoft and SONY are competing for sales.

Can we just get back to reporting the "NEWS" as in "New information" instead of re-hashing the same topics and insighting speculation!?

Snoozer2823885d ago

Sammy, I meant that GTAV will most likely be on Bluray. :)

sonarus3885d ago

If blu ray is really holding them back, we will see what they can accomplish with LA Noire

dan-boy3885d ago

been saving that link have we? dated in may 2007 lol. regardless of fanboy opinion, rockstar have managed to put everything on the dvd9, and without doubt it's a huge game! so, there still is no conclusive proof that blu-ray is "essential".

and sammy-mantra: take yout fanboyism to the open zone will ya---> sheesh, how much does sony pay you every month when they "outsell" microsoft?? and you have your little celebrations! i'm interested, because if it pays well i mite become a full time fanboy...just like you! and before you join the creche that is the open zone, could you be so kind and post the links which say the "dvd9 has gimped gta" coz i'm sure that i'm not alone when i say that they would be interesting to read! also i was a ps1 and ps2 owner, but i will be playing it on the 360 this time around. pisses on one of your deluded theorys straight away!

Utalkin2me3885d ago

I am buying on 360 like everyone else i know is.

sonarus3885d ago

@Utlkin2me looks like asda knows 3 times as many people as you then. It appears ps3 sales are giving 360 sales a tough time besides the disadvantage with the install base.

I don't really care about sales anymore. I still expect ps3 to win out on hardware front. But at the end of the day both will receive improved sales

HighDefinition3885d ago

Are PROOF bluray is essential.

Talk to R* not me.

lessthanmarcus3885d ago

I have all the GTAs dating back to the original from 1997 on Playstation consoles so I don't see myself buying GTA with a bright green box. I never 100% completed San Andreas or Vice City so DLC means nothing to me.

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HighDefinition3885d ago

Don`t underestimate the POWER of "brand power". It`s no joke people are going to be begging for that bundle.

1st- The PS3 is emerging as THEE piece of HARDWARE to own
2nd- It`s GTAIV.
3rd- GTAIV is thought of by MOST, as a PS game.
4th- Bluray.

Those 4 things are going to make it hard for MSFT.

sammy_mantra3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

It is outselling the x360 version 3:1 according to major retailers in UK

GAME is advertising just the PS3 version of GTA4

also dont forget to look at their preorder charts


Preorders give you an idea about the demand of a product. GAME is the no1 retailer in UK, It accounts for 40% of HW sales in UK. As for fanboyism it would get nasty since PS3 version will defnitely sell more worldwide . expect massive hues and cries after april 29th

ericnellie3885d ago

PreOrders aren't always indicative of final sales figures =) To me, I don't care which systems has the highest's not like I'll get an end of year bonus if my system of choice beats out the other. This game should be bringing us all together -- but no matter what, some fanboy has to say something negative. I just don't understand it;)

sammy_mantra3885d ago

This game would surely give PS3 a great boost in HW sales in EUROPE as well as NA

iMad3885d ago

IN the story there is 3 quouts from 3 diff shops

1. ASDA-a wall mart shop
2. Comet-the same
3. And HMV- a specialized game shop

first and second shop sees greater PS3 demand
while HMV sees greater xbox demand.

So the question is what type of shops gather more demand. special game shop or wall mart type super market? i guess the special game shops because i don't buy my games at wall marts. so,a conlusion is that 3 to 1 means nothing. we need absolute numbers not relative.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

...Mental Health Check to all xBox 360 Owners!!! ;-D

+Yeah it should sell even more PS3's(+MGS4&HaZe) ;-P

sammy_mantra3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

Game --the no1 retailer in UK is advertising only the PS3 version

also look at their preorder chart too


Keowrath3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

IMad HMV isn't a specialized game shop you idiot. Get your facts right when you try and prove others wrong.

Do a little research LOL.

EDIT: now GAME, that's a specialized game store. What's that you say Sammy? PS3 is leading?

scoobysnacks3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

hmm, read the article and do a little research, well then.......

ASDA, a supermarket chain in the UK and currently the second largest chain in the UK after TESCO. It is also Wal-Mart’s largest overseas subsidiary, having acquired them in 1999. There are 6,500 Wal-Mart stores, in 14 markets, employing more than 1.9 million associates, serving more than 179 million customers a year.

And you say we should ignore any pre-order sales figures from such a company?

Comet is the second largest electrical retailer in the UK (let me spell that out for you, ELECTRICAL, so they sell games consoles, the accessories and games). Comet is also part of Kesa Electricals plc, a pan-European group which is operating in twelve European countries, and has over 250 stores in the UK alone.

And you say we should ignore any pre-order sales figures from such a company?

HMV, originally a record label, and then a large chain of music stores. Part of the HMV Group plc.You say we should only take pre-order information from a music store. Yes they do sell games, but they are not a specialist game store as you seem to think. But because they fit your argument better we should only take their pre-order information rather than the two above?

Game is the UK’s largest high street specialist game store, (see Sammy & Keowrath’s comments on that one).

So, to your quote of “the question is what type of shops gather more demand”


A specialist game shop, definately. The other stores, well dependent on the stores size and distribution, they shouldn’t be ignored, especially stores like Wal-Mart (ASDA), Comet and HMV. All figures are relative, not just the ones the ones that fit your biased fanboy blinkered view.

One last thing, this game is going to sell truck loads on both systems, so R* will will make a tidy profit, just like Sony and Microsoft, and we as gamers get one hell of a game.

Pain3885d ago

Notice xbots i said "Around the world" not America thats the place outside the US that PS3 kills Xbox.

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kewlkat0073885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

But it comes down to MS wanting to push some more units, as this game is a system seller so why not..

I'm sure Sony could use some help. If they want to push past MS(Overall) you want the games to sell the Ps3 not Blu-Ray movies.

Sony has some big games out this year and personally, they have to do "Massive Damage" with their line-up(pretty good line-up), if they wanna take the lead any time soon, in respect to "hardware sold."(let the games do the talking)

After this year, if the pace has not changed much or 360 continues to "sell", as well, or better in certain areas, then I do not know sony. It will take a lot longer for you to catch up in share. (which is what it's about not win/loose).

sammy_mantra3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

did you check the pre-order charts of major reatilers across europe and US

i gave you 2 links above.

If i have bought PS1 ,PS2 then i would be buying PS3 as well.

PS3 sells more SW than X360 in europe (happens all the time). In US it doesnt too too bad but it doesnt do too well either in terms of SW sales. However in terms of HW PS3 is neck and neck with x360 for 2008

In terms of HW sales diff PS3 might just be 5m behind x360 at the moment.

The pace hasnt changed???

The PS3 outsells competition 2:1 in europe and in US it is always neck and neck this year.

How delusional are u seriously?

what makes you think PS1/PS2 owners would choose anything other than a PS3 for GT5/MGS4 and GTA4 . Those GTA fans are also MGS and GT fans too


i seriously think that you belong to the OPEN ZONE too. I was refuting the statements of KEWLKAT which are wrong on all aspects. same goes to you. why care. lower x360 sales might hurt MS but not you. why do you care?

green3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

I strongly believe that you belong in the open zone.Unless you own shares in Sony i really don't understand why your so bothered about which one generates the most sales.Just be happy that you will get to play the game next week.

RJ20003885d ago

As long as both companies are still able to compete with each other I do not care who technically "wins", because in the end it will be us GAMERS that are going to win with top of the line games coming out and each company will feel it has no time to slack off.

Atleast the fight between Sony and M$ isn't like EA and 2k. We all know how that is ending for us... especially those who like Madden.

Spydr073884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

I'm sure Sony would like games to sell for their system, but I doubt they have any problem with PS3s selling because people want them to watch Bluray movies. PS3s and Bluray movies sold put money in Sony's pocket. I've never heard of a company complaining about getting money.

Your whole statement about MGS and GT fans being GTA fans as well isn't necessarily true. Ever heard of the logical fallacy dicto simpliciter? You're generalizing/stereotyping, which makes a pretty poor basis for an argument.

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prunchess3885d ago

The downloadable content was going to be MS's ace in the hole for selling the 360; if so then why do retailers need to be "offering free Xbox Live points and Xbox Live membership in promotion of the 360 version"?

sammy_mantra3885d ago

tahts why i said just look at the pre-order charts of GAME and other major EU/UK retailers