Call of Duty posts mysterious video on Instagram, hints at aliens

Call of Duty posts mysterious video on Instagram, hints at aliens

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s8anicslayer1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Infinty Wards answer to "Zombies"?

nick3091757d ago

Call of duty colonial marines

-Foxtrot1757d ago

If it is then I feel like they are getting desperate now...they know the need something to fill the Zombie void since they are only it Treyarch's games and they'll try to get a "Zombie" type mode going for their games to try and keep the game more relevant as we enter next gen.

Why don't DICE hurry up and make Dinosaurs for Battlefield, with how big some Dinosaurs can be plus the destruction game play in the game the overall results could be fantastic

famoussasjohn1757d ago

Could add more gameplay value to it actually. There are people that will buy Trayarches game because of zombies and nothing else. I don't mind it, at least it's something instead of just a campaign and then MP and gives you variety to mess around with. It's an arcade shooter, so it's a good idea to implement into the game if anything.

xHoii1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Wait what?
You call infinity ward desperate for creating a new mode which could involve aliens but then you say you wish that BF creates a dinosaur mode,and that doesn't count as 'desperate' to you? Lol

-Foxtrot1757d ago

because unlike IW DICE actually work on doing something the best they can.

I'd rather have a good dinosaur mode with the destruction elements rather then something which IW would just throw in...a copy and pasted Zombie mode

famoussasjohn1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

-Foxtrot - How are you determining the effort in which they're working on their specific games? I'd give them the benefit of the doubt that they're making a game and doing so to their best capabilities with what's available to them.

Seems a little unfair to say that one Dev is being lazy and the other is working hard when that Dino mode that you're dying for has yet to be confirmed or even teased and it comes out in 7 days.

CrossingEden1757d ago

So you people complain if COD tries old things and STILL complain when new things are implemented. Jesus christ just stop reading the articles.

-Foxtrot1757d ago

Oh look CrossingEden telling people what to surprising /s

CrossingEden1757d ago

Regardless of whether or not i'm telling you what to do my point still stands. Find something else to do with your time besides spreading random negativity and reading about games you don't like. It makes no sense.

-Foxtrot1757d ago

" do with your time besides spreading random negativity and reading about games you don't like. It makes no sense. "


Don't spin things you do on here and pin them on me

You have two bubbles for a reason you know

xHoii1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Nooo, you can't be serious?
I won't even bother argue with you any further, you've called an unannounced mode a copy and paste before even playing nor seeing it..
Mind me asking if you, any friend or family member work for Dice, you seem to be sure they work their butts off.. the way I see it is BF has no major changes this time round apart from the improvment in graphics worse yet is that change is mainly for console gamers as we now have next gen consoles, ever thought about what changes there are for pc gamers?, mind you I am a BF veteran, top 1000 for SPM, yet I love COD that tiny bit more, but you don't see me go to BF4 articles and writing stupid comments..
Seriously grow up.

-Foxtrot1757d ago

Oh look another immature user, who instead of calmly argue his point has to be a dick about it.

It's all based on what the two studios are like, what they've done and have they've done it in the past

DICE has shown they can work hard and improve on things from past games while IW hardly ever improve on anything. If a Dino mode was announced I'm sure they would work on it the best they can because even DICE know how much fans want it.

Past actions can determine what a company or in this case a developer is most likely to do.

xHoii1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

I would argue my point with you, but like I said, why, when you're not worth talking to.. Go help dice they're really tired from working soooo hard.. As you can see all bubbles are used up, poooor, poor me, Now RUN ALONG!!

Edit @-foxtrot
Really? thought you can read and understand what you're reading, I clearly said I wont argue over COD or BF, doesn't mean I wont argue at all.
Infact someone like you is hard to ignore//

-Foxtrot1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

But you are talking to me, you've just replied three times. You've wasted all your bubbles because you were replying to me.

lol...what a fail


Again you've just failed

Look at what you said in your comments

"I won't even bother argue with you any further"

You then replied again

"but like I said, why, when you're not worth talking to"

Yet AGAIN you've even edited your comment to add ANOTHER response lol.

hazardman1757d ago

I didnt know more game modes was a bad thing. Smh

0neShot1757d ago

Seems like this user, with the composition and grammar with a kiddie cartoony avatar, is a 12 year old. It won't really make sense if someone mature is talking to a pub.

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LOL_WUT1757d ago

I'll take Aliens over Zombies any day ;)

sandman2241757d ago

Go check out if you want to watch the ps4 version of call of duty ghost.

Globox20121757d ago

I hope it isn't a carbon copy of Zombies, quite tired of them at the moment.

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