The Creative Assembly reportedly developing Alien first-person shooter

GameDynamo - Speculation arose this week when Twentieth Century Fox filed a trademark for a video game-related something called Alien: Isolation.

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Irishguy951609d ago

I'm so skeptical of these games now. There hasn't been a great Alien game since AvP2 in 1999/2001 or whatever

LOL_WUT1609d ago

I actually enjoyed the 2010 Alien vs Predator game. The multiplayer was really fun and the 3 campaigns made all that better. I always look forward to more games from the Aliens franchise. ;)

Irishguy951609d ago

I also enjoyed it, however it wasn't great. There is alot of potential in this franchise.

TheFutureIsBlue1609d ago

It's surprising that this whole gen certain franchies just didn't live up to past titles(Resident Evil, Alien games, Sonic, and many more.) Anyways I hope this one will end up different.

CocoWolfie1609d ago

these are the guys that made the Total War series huh? well they arent all bad, it was speculated that they didnt have enough time or money for the last one so hopefully sega does it justice this time.

AnotherProGamer1609d ago

no they had enough time and money on Aliens: CM but Gearbox instead spend the money and time on Borderlands 2 and after they finished Borderlands 2 they rushed Aliens: CM because they had no time