The PlayStation 4 controller: What’s new with the analog sticks and D-pad

The two analog control sticks may arguably be the most important components on a console input device. For most games, your thumbs rarely leave them, and without them, you literally can’t get anywhere. Here’s what’s changed with Sony's newest controller.

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JeffGrubb1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Now that I'm looking at it, it bums me out that the left analog stick is in the same place as the DS3. I prefer the Xbox One placement.

Tolkoto1795d ago

That seems to be a popular consensus, but I've never minded the Dual Shock analog placement.

JeffGrubb1795d ago

Yeah, and I guess I would just be playing my shooters on Xbox One or PC.

zeee1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

"People seem really excited and hopeful for a new-and-improved DualShock controller. And except for those whose hands are now permanently time-, heat-, and pressure-molded to only fit the Xbox 360 joypad comfortably, they won’t be disappointed.
Read more at"

@JeffGrubb: So you agree that your hand is now permanently timed, heated and molded to only fit Xbox 360 controller? /jk

But seriously, I understand you are free to like whatever you like but it just sounds as if you are not even ready to give it a shot. Every article that I have read so far (regarding DS4) does nothing but praise the changes.

The new DS4 is appreciated at least as much as how DS3 triggers were/are disliked by the community if not more. That says a lot to be frank. Sony must have done extensive amount of work on the new controller as the results are being highly cheered.

Don't you think you should consider giving it a shot and then make an informed decision?

Septic1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

The Xbox One controller will be THE controller of choice for shooter fans- of that I have little doubt after my hands on. However, the DS4 has a better placement for the d-pad in my opinion. It still would be the controller of choice for beat em up fans.

UltimateMaster1795d ago

I've always preferred the way the analogs were on the PS controllers.
With the new and improved DS4, it's undeniable that it's the best controller.

1OddWorld1795d ago


I love how you speak for all shooter fans what are you 12? I have played shooters forever and I enjoy DS controller layout over the XB controller layout. But I'm not ignorant enough to think that my opinion speaks for everyone.

dantesparda1795d ago

There is nothing wrong with the placement of the sticks on the DS3, as a matter of fact, hold out your hands like if you was holding a controller and look at your thumbs, let me guess, they are aligned with each other right? Now, raise the left thumb to simulate yourself using a 360 controller. Not comfortable right? People who like the placement of the sticks on the 360 controller better are just used to it and thats why they think that (that and/or fanboyism). However, what is wrong with the DS3 are its triggers, they are no good for racers or shooter. But the stick placement argument has got to stop. Its pathetic!

The Great Melon1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

I have always used PlayStation controllers like I have used mice. Rather than having my hand conform to the contours of the controller, I lightly let it rest in my fingers. Similarly I don't lay my hand on a mouse -- I move and click it with the tip of my fingers. In the parlance of gaming I use the fingertip grip instead of the palm grip for mice.

This happens to be different for other controllers on consoles like the Xbox 360 and Gamecube. They appear to designed such that your hand is conformal to the controller.

To make the analogy clear:

DualShock is to figertip grip as Xbox 360 is to palm grip.

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-Foxtrot1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

That placement is only really better with FPS games, least with the DS controller the placement it has is good for a variety of different games with different genres.

I mean nobody complained before the Xbox 360 controller so I never understand why now people are suddenly saying the DS is no good. I never once heard in the PS1/PS2 days "Oh this controller needs to be different" or "Sony really need to have a new layout like moving the left stick in front a bit"

1OddWorld1795d ago

DS4 is perfect for me as far as the layout is concerned. XBOX360 had a 8 year lifespan so you have a ton of uninformed children that are now in their Teens thinking the 360 layout is the end all be all.

UnHoly_One1795d ago

I complained about it before the Xbox.

The Dreamcast, N64, and Gamecube all had the analog stick in the same position, "above" your thumb.

The PS controller is the only one that has ever insisted it needs to be down and to the right.

Yes, I've owned every playstation, and I'll own a PS4, but I've hated their controller since day one.

I would say I could hope for an adapter to use an Xbox controller with my PS4, but because of the touchpad that will probably never be possible.

Sadie21001795d ago

It could've been worse, right? Wii U?

Enemy1795d ago

Are your thumbs asymmetrical, Jeff?

jeffgoldwin1795d ago

Are your feet asymmetrical? Wait yes they are since you cant wear a left foot shoe on your right foot.

Enemy1795d ago

^ What's up with people named Jeff having asymmetrical thumbs and feet?

Soupaman661795d ago

@jeffgoldwin looks like you need to look up the definition of symmetrical. a mirror is symmetrical right? look at your right hand through a mirror. does that look like a right hand or left hand?

ABeastNamedTariq1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )


LMAO, you don't know what symmetrical means, do you?

Got me rolling right now. Toooo funny.

And the fact that you has such a convinced tone, as if you knew what you were talking about.

UnHoly_One1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

You realize the "symmetrical" argument has no bearing on anything, right?

Yes, my hands are symmetrical, but what I'm doing with them when I'm playing a game is not the same.

Depending on the type of game, I'm usually using my left hand for movement, and my thumb rarely leaves that stick. My right thumb is constantly moving all over the place between the four buttons and the stick.

They are performing very different duties, MOST of the time, again depending on the type of game.

Like what you like, I don't care, but don't tell me your controller is better because it's symmetrical like my hands, that's just ignorant.

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mav8051795d ago

Now that you're looking at it? There have been pictures all over the web for 8 months...

Anyway, I don't feel either analog design is more comfortable than the other, I prefer the Dualshock for other reasons though.

KwietStorm1795d ago

Oh now that you're looking at it. Because this is news to everyone.. lol

sAVAge_bEaST1795d ago

Your comment looks as though, it came from the book of trolls.

Yodagamer1795d ago

Personally the only problem i have with the ps3 is the handles with my hand my thumbs feel natural slightly above the start and select buttons. I actually had a pretty good 3rd party ps2 controller that looked alot like the ps4 controller and it was my favorite because of the extra length on the handles.

TomShoe1795d ago

Then go buy an X1 if you like your controller like that.

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jounceman1795d ago

It's all about comfort and response. The concave is a big deal. A minute detail to anyone unfamiliar, but any seasoned gamers can attest to the difference felt from a nice controller design.

This gen is looking good, controller wise.

-Foxtrot1795d ago

Except the Wii U Pad...played on it for a while and it just felt so uncomfortable since it's much bigger then what your usually used to. The pro controller is alright though but the main controller the Wii U has is not as good.

I don't see why they didn't have an improved Gamecube controller for the Wii U...or at least for the Pro controller.

jounceman1795d ago

I disagree. I've played with the Wii U Gamepad quite a bit and have enjoyed it just as much as the conventional designs, including the Wii U pro controller.

It's just different.

If I were to knock it for anything it would be the somewhat awkward pause to look down at the touch screen on certain games. Some games it's fine, on others it seems to break the immersion happening on the TV screen. That I don't like.

But that's why there's a pro controller option, for games that may be better served with a traditional controller setup.

Mikelarry1795d ago

maybe i am just weird but i have never had any issues with any of the old ps controllers.the only controller that threw me for a loop was the n64

KwietStorm1795d ago

You're not weird. The gaming community is just a lot more vocal, thanks to the internet, and everyone has on their cheerleader outfits, so they have to complain about something these days. I fully accept that having been gaming on PlayStation since the beginning, I am accustomed to the Dualshock design, but some of these clowns make it out to be a chore just to hold the damn controller. Get over it. It's not a rubix cube.

Dante811795d ago

A certain quantity of gamers suffer for sausage fingeritis.

dantesparda1795d ago


+Bubble for making me laugh, that was funny

"everyone has on their cheerleader outfits" and "some of these clowns make it out to be a chore just to hold the damn controller. Get over it."

That's rich, its so true! Lol!


yes we don't all have midget fingers.

I had issues with the ps controller right from the ps2 before i ever touched or laid eyes on the old xbox controller.

and believe it or not there are people who never had a problem with the ps controller but still like the xbox more for shooters etc.

lonz3581795d ago

Never had a problem switching from the 360 controller to the DS3 with my FPS...muscle memory ftw

Mikelarry1795d ago

everytime i see your avatar i lol

ABeastNamedTariq1795d ago

Nothing was the same...

After seeing that. Lmao.

megatron_781795d ago

placement doesnt matter that has always been a matter of opinion and preference anyone who thinks different must believe they are the center of the universe .all that matter is how the stick preform on a technical level.

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