The Man Of Many Faces: What Is Your Favorite Troy Baker Role?

There's no denying that Troy Baker is one of the most talented voice actors in the video game industry. But which among his many roles is your absolute favorite?

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-Foxtrot1797d ago

Am I the only one who thinks he sounds almost the same in everything he does...I mean I like him but you get to a point where you know it's him straight away. The only time it took me a while to click on it was him was the Joker.

Yuri Lowell, Joel, Booker, Snow, Ohm, Delsin, Jake Muller, Kanji Tatsumi

I mean at least with someone like Nolan North he has voices where you wouldn't even know it was him, The Penguin, David from the Last of Us, The Adventure Sphere, The Space Sphere etc

HarryMasonHerpderp1797d ago

I thought he did a good job as Joel in The Last Of us, he sounded a lot more gruff.
but yeh it gets annoying when you hear the same guy in every game *cough* *cough* Steve Blum.

-Foxtrot1797d ago

Yeah but you kind of knew it was him, he just has one of those distinctive voices

joshmille991797d ago


Had nobody told me it was Troy Baker, I would have thought it was Mark Hamill doing the Joker again in Origins. He has one hell of a Hamill Joker voice.

HarryMasonHerpderp1797d ago

Yeah but after a while I saw him as Joel instead of Troy Baker and that was only because he did such a good job. He will always be Kanji from Persona 4 though :D

CrossingEden1797d ago

That's because he has an awesome natural voice and doesn't have to change it drastically like other actors.

SnotyTheRocket1792d ago

Bet you didn't know he was Two Face in Arkham City. And if nobody told you he was the Joker, you wouldn't even guess it was him.

Rodent851797d ago

Revolver Ocelot, Ryu Hayabusa, etc
but i like his role as snow olivier very much

SoulSercher6201797d ago

Joel, Kanji and probably Joker too.