No Clear Winner with Next Gen Pre-Orders

This year’s E3 was special. Partly because of the strong dislike for the Xbox One among fans, and partly because of Sony’s cut-throat presentation. And although Xbox One reversed all its rights following this, its not a shock that the majority of consumers were on the side of Sony.

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xHeavYx1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

This is US only, when you take into consideration that one console will launch in 13 countries VS 32, you'll start to see more of a difference.
I love this quote though "Xbox One and PS4 both have excellent hardware, but from the specs shown, they are so similar that it can be hard to argue one from the other." Yeah.. right...

Then to prove how much a fanboy you can be, he writes "Maybe its the launch window line-up. Titanfall is a killer app for Microsoft while Killzone: Shadow Fall doesn't seem to do anything new or unique" Not only Titalfall is not a launch title, but to try to put down KZ ShadowFall with that remark is just lame

GalacticEmpire1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Considering the bone will only release in 13 countries in November you'd think they'd have much more consoles available. Why aren't they way ahead of PS4? Very straaaaange.

edit: oh you edited, but yes I totally agree.

Lalanana1799d ago

Pre-orders do not mean much. 2 years from now will be the real story guys.

NewMonday1799d ago

Sony going from 2nd place to the 360 by a 2-1 margin to a leading 3-2 lead over the XB1 is considerd a big win

Death1799d ago

Neither console has released. Sony has definately had more pre-orders but we have no idea how the holidays will play out. The lead could be more or it could be less. Pre-sales are not guaranteed sales and not necessarily an indication of sustained sales. The key is sustained sales. Sony did very well with the PS3 as far as sustained sales went which is why they have finally passed the Xbox 360 worldwide. Microsoft had great sustained sales in North America, but not the rest of teh world which is why they have slipped into third place.

GameNameFame1798d ago

PS4 is outselling video game preorders by 50 percent on software side.

As for hardware, it depends on how much supplies you have. Both are sold out. PS4 got sold out extremely faster on while X1 still had pre order available for a long time.

iamnsuperman1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )


Actually no it is 3 months after launch. The pre-order are the core fans/core gamer. The general consumer keeps the console going after that. These console will sell out at launch-3months. They need to keep those sales going beyond that to keep momentum and momentum will be key as perceived popular devices sell (which is why we and our attitude to a certain device is important)

Angels37851797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

This entife article was full of half truths and opinions. Ps4 has a nearly 3/2 preorder lead in the us alone? Microsofts only good market? Too close to call....

Specs revealed in his link clearly outline the gpu advantage? And gddr5 memory?
Too similar to argue...

Cod ghosts is selling the most on xbox one?
Fails to mention every other multiplatform game is preordered higher on ps4 and overall preordered games is vastly larger than xbox one games.

Ps3 has outsold the 360 for a while now? And in the exact source he sites it says this? Nope. They are neck and neck...

No to mention his complete and total "opinion" that is in favor of a xbox one title while putting down a launch ps4 title all while ignoring al the games coming out next year in the "launch window".

He did a great job shedding light on only the parts he wanted...

majiebeast1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Just look this graph for the US.

Its not looking good for Microsoft so far, i cant even imagine how bad it would have been without all the 180s.

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us_army1797d ago

Its truly a matter of what will be shelved. If Sony cut other regions like MS and focused on North America, and lets say they bring 1 million more PS4's to NA, then PS4 preorders would be that much more high. The numbers will come out in about a month, and everyone will see, in North America there is a clear winner by a decent margin, and worldwide will be substantial.

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saber000051797d ago

xHeavYx, If you were to build the PS4 and the Xbox1 into working computers, the PS4 outperforms the Xbox1 by over 40%. There's a huge article of a guy actually doing this, and showing the benchmarks of the two.

Kuse1797d ago

Killzone is just another generic shooter when compared to Titanfall...

And the PS4 Lineup isn't all that great, unless you really really love indies...

xHeavYx1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Right, because jetpacks were never used before.

Same with robots

dumahim1797d ago

Yes, Xbox does have a better launch lineup, but still getting heavily out-done by PS4 pre-orders.

Kuse1797d ago


Cheaper console...

jamespetergriff1797d ago

Hello, I am the writer for this article. I can tell you I'm not an Xbox fanboy, I just believe that Titanfall is a killer exclusive that has every fan buzzing. It is a launch window title, coming out March 11, 2014. Launch window is the first 6 months of release, so I believe it counts. As for the specs, both are similar enough that the other doesn't have much ground to boast. As for Killzone: Shadow Fall, can you really argue that a middle-of-the-line shooter has as much as buzz as something like Titanfall, which some publications are calling "the next step in the first-person shooter genre?" Hope this helps clear things up for you.

xHeavYx1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Well, you may not be an Xbox fanboy, but you sure write like one. You are also wrong saying that the specs are similar, when many major publications say the opposite.
The TitanFall stuff, I'll just copy something I wrote above, but also let me tell you that Killzone is being praised as much as Titanfall, unless of course, you are an Xbox fanboy, which you said you aren't...

Right, because jetpacks were never used before.

Same with robots

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GalacticEmpire1799d ago

Everyone knows that preorders for new consoles always sell out. The difference won't be seen until probably the beginning of next year.

My guess, as always, is that the cheaper console will sell more. Pretty simple concept really.

lonz3581799d ago

I wanna see total pre-order numbers, not just the US...I'm guessing it's not even close.

DEEBO1799d ago

Sony will win with sales worldwide just like the ps3 ran down the 360 this gen.
The thing is no year jump for MS and only 13 areas vs 32.
Why act like NA is the only place were people play games?
I know it's the biggest market but worldwide sales are the key to winning a system war.

IcicleTrepan1797d ago

Why act like you have a crystal ball and can see the future? You can't.

DEEBO1797d ago

No but I do work at gamestop and sony has more preorder's then ms at all of the gamestops.

Why do you think all you here is sony going to sale more then MS?
This is a worldwide thing not just in the USA.
If you ever go into a gamestop look at the way the store is will see Sony products in the front of the store.
It is setup like this at all the sends us a book to put the best selling product
in the front of the store(ps4&ps3)this is all facts.

MrMURDERFACE1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Not sure which "GameStop" you work for but I'm pretty sure you're looking at that marketing book backwards. Every store around here has Xbox one at the very front of the store followed by ps4 for the new holiday marketing. Since you work at "GameStop" you should probably mention that the reason Sony has more preorders is because there were almost twice as many ps4 preorders available than Xbox ones. When they turn ps4 reserves back on it goes for days when they turn the Xbox back on its shut back off in hours. More supply equals more availability.

123pol1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

in sweden one of the biggest game stores has a 9000 ps4 consoles to 2000 xbox one consoler and thats just one retailer. and a another store has 6000 ps4 consoles against 1000 xbox one. so the "no clear winner" does not apply here

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