EA Shares Rise Over 3% After Titanfall Release Date Announcement

EA shares rise after recent Titanfall release date announcement.

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stuna11763d ago

Just think how much more they could have risen if a PS4 and WII U release had been announced! This is not meant to be a fanboyish comment either, it's just common sense considering there is a demand for the title regardless of whatever console you support! As my Grandmother use to tell me "Tell the truth, shame the Devil!" I have no problem saying that for those who will have the opportunity to play this game on day one, I think Microsoft May have a winner here.

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oof461763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Well, the developers did state that they are sticking with the Xbox One and 360 because...well, I'd best let them explain it:

...Oh, and a fat wad of cash was thrown in.

pompombrum1763d ago

I don't think they got paid off tbh.. if they did, it would be an Xbox One exclusive. They probably just don't have the resources yet to release the game on that many different platforms.

oof461762d ago


Well, it is exclusive to Microsoft platforms on consoles for at least a year. The development shouldn't be too difficult because the ps4 and Xbox One are so similar architecturally.

But I do think some money passed hands. Not a fanboy view, but it would make business sense.

Bigpappy1763d ago

It will sell more X1's if there is no PS4 release in sight. The fun with be on the X1 servers. 360 will have the same severs, but the game will be much smoother on X1 so I expect a lot of 360 gamers who want to compete in this game, will naturally upgrade. If it comes to PS4, it will be fore those who refuse to buy an X1.

WeAreLegion1763d ago

I'm jelly of Dead Rising 3, but I'm with BTBuck. I have standards.

oof461763d ago

I'm not too confident about the 360 version because Respawn isn't working on it.

iamnsuperman1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

"It will sell more X1's if there is no PS4 release in sight"
"If it comes to PS4, it will be fore those who refuse to buy an X1"

These are partly true to a point but irrelevant to EA. A 3% rise is great but if it was a multi-platform game those shares would have gone up by a lot more.

The problem is (because of the price of these systems an the economic climate) I do not think one game sells a system any more. It is the broader picture. I feel people are buying systems for what they are more than because one game is only available on it (i.e. the system seller idea is out dated).

I think Titanfall will sell a small amount (almost unnoticeable amount compared to the big picture) of Xbox One's but I think it is more the combination of games and services over the competition that will convince people to stick with a system (what ever that may be)

Bigpappy1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

EA had little to do with which platform to release on first. Respawn has had a long relationship with M$ sine the 1st Xbox. Xbox is where COD debut on console and there always did very well and worked closely with M$. This game is no different. They have said from the beginning that they are a small studio, and received lost of help from M$.

They made the decision early on that they wanted to release their first game on 360 and PC. They are only on X1 because it was presented to them during development.

I got this info from one of their interviews after the reveal.

Thatguy-3101763d ago

3% isn't even a lot lol is it really news worthy?

thrust1763d ago

It depends how big the company is 3% of a million is 30000 which is alot of money to me.

if my company did that over night i would be made up :)

Nexus381763d ago

Lol in shares percentage, yes that is a substantial amount, also i cannot wait for titanfall have u guys seen the new collectors edition looks sick

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kratoz12091763d ago

Can't wait to play this on my ps4. its inevitable!!!

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