The Witcher 3 Q&A

Kenny of Corrupted Cartridge writes" Whether you are a hardcore Witcher fan, or a newcomer to the series. It is surely a series that should not be overlooked. With it’s epic cinematic sequences, to it’s unique story line that is all combined and bound together with one key element; decisions.

I can say, before you decide to pick up a copy of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in the near future, to pick up the first two predecessors first. The first two games were bound in decisions, and leaving you sitting there sometimes, questioning even your own morality for the sake of even one of the smallest outcomes in the game."

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TacticAce1727d ago

Kudos to CD for making a game packed with content, I was getting tired of waiting on Bethesda Game Studios to put out quality content packed games.

1727d ago
theXtReMe11727d ago

What is the ETA on the release of this game? I thought it was early 2014, but nobody has said anything in quite a while.

ATi_Elite1727d ago

Ok if the Withcer 3 comes out in early 2014 then that means they are pushing Cyberpunk2077 back passed 2015 possibly.

Oh well gives me more time for the Witcher 3 DLC