Xbox One’s “Get The Facts” Campaign Is a Harsh Lesson on How You Can Mess up Your Marketing Message

Microsoft’s Xbox One’s “Get The Facts” (AKA: “Did you know…”) marketing campaign is all over the place lately. You can find it on the official website, on GameStop’s retail portal…. Xbox twitter accounts from every national branch around the globe are spamming it non-stop in a plethora of languages.

It represents a harsh lesson that not only Microsoft, but the whole industry (and not just this industry) should pay very close attention to.

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GalacticEmpire1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I find it quite funny, the fact Microsoft need to tell people you can play your games either online or offline is hilarious.

On a more serious note these 'ads' (are they even ads or infomercials?) don't do much to sell the console. At this point in time they should be selling features not still cleaning up earlier PR mess.

UltimateMaster1797d ago

If they have to advertise the fact that it can play games offline, that's bad.

Lalanana1797d ago

Is it really bad that they are trying to let people know the truth and not be misinformed?

I do not see anything wrong with the campaign.

xHeavYx1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

It has nothing to do with "the truth"
They had policies that would have required to have a daily internet connection, some people still think that's the case, that's why they have to clarify.
if you want a funny "clarification", it would have been when they said "anybody at your house can play your games"

NoLongerHereCBA1797d ago

I don't see why people are trolling so hard. It is good that they are finally showing what the current status is of the Console and what is true and what isn't. Since a lot of uninformed people/fanboys state wrong info as facts all the time.

Yes it is terrible of them that they have to do it. But it is smart of them to do it properly now and not walk around the bush.

Stop bashing everything they do all the time.

pompombrum1797d ago

Yeah, it's a much needed lesson in humility after their arrogant stance at E3. They are basically taking a large proportion of their initial vision and marketing about how they reversed it. Funny stuff tbh.

UltimateMaster1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Oh no, I'm not saying they should not tell people that indeed it can play games offline.

But what I'm saying is that if they have to go and advertise that it can play offline, then they screwed up really bad.

malokevi1797d ago

yo, heavy, chill out brah.

JoySticksFTW1797d ago

Honestly, when has a "Get the facts" campaign ever not been in the center of totally crappy situations?

It's usually for used for stuff like the dangers of smoking or drugs, teenage pregnancy, STI's (STD's in my time), and the like...

The fact that MS has to use a "Get the facts" campaign speaks volumes. And it could actually be making things worse.

I mean if I hear "get the facts" connected to a product, I'm already like uh-oh.

Blackdeath_6631797d ago

they did a good job with the reversals but its too late in the game to be doing PR work launch is near they should be advertising the console

Bzone241797d ago

It's bad for Microsoft to have these ads to clear things up for the Sony fantrolls, because it's a like of defense against all the misinformation they have and will continue to spread.

I work with a Sony fantroll. He continues to tell people that you can't play games on the Xbox One if you aren't connected to the internet.

I find it funny that everyone always wants Microsoft to be clear about things. This ad is pretty clear and updates people that are living a few months in the past. But now all of a sudden it's so terrible for them to be clear about things because people fear it will somehow hurt their agenda of destroying the Xbox One so their console can be the only one. This isn't Highlander.

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majiebeast1797d ago

Yeah while Sony is making nostalgia and taco bell ads, Microsoft is still busy cleaning up the mess they created at E3.

Somebody had a good quote by Ronald Reagan regarding this situation.

“If you're explaining, you're losing.”

Boody-Bandit1797d ago

“If you're explaining, you're losing.”

^perfect quote for this scenario.

halfblackcanadian1797d ago

Remember that time when everyone $#!7 down MS throat because of a Doritoes/Mountain Dew cross-promo? Why does PS/Taco Bell get a pass?

Pancit_Canton1797d ago

Same goes for Nintendo trying to explain the difference between Wii and Wiiu. Quite sad actually. Sony are just trying to let the PS4 do all the talking with a little help of some marketing.

Magicite1797d ago

Thats just best quote for this case, well said, mate.

Studio-YaMi1797d ago

“If you're explaining, you're losing.”

Sums it all up for the whole article,well said!

HeavenlySnipes1797d ago

No people were shitting on Geoff Keighley for that promo and commercializing the VGAs and such taking away from the gaming aspect of the show

quenomamen1797d ago

Taking it back to the Gipper well played, and @ Bzone24: MS aint clearing shit up for Sony fansboys they already know its underpowered and overpriced. They trying to convince the Xbots why they shouldn't jump ship.

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GmIsOnPt3601797d ago

I agree bad marketing really put them in a whole when the ps4 and xbox are basically one in the same minus feature here or there. Sony will dominate offline and MS online same as this Gen... Look at MS major IP's Titanfall online only, and halo,gears etc are all most popular online as opposed to killzone,knack,uncharted all more known for campaigns

GalacticEmpire1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

What about the many F2P online only games heading to PS4? Planetside 2 ring a bell?

I keep seeing this push to convince people online will somehow be better on the bone but there's absolutely no rational reason why it should be.

@Solar: well, that's like, your opinion, maaaaaan.

Also PS2 was just an example there are plenty more exclusive (or timed/on pc) online titles coming to PS4 that showcase the network as an awesome place to connect and play with friends.

solar1797d ago

problem with Planetside 2 is it isnt a good game.

Gozer1797d ago

There you go spreading misinformation again.Are you trying to troll or are you just that ignorant when it comes to Xbox?

Live will be a step ahead of PSN again next gen, just like it was this gen. Not only will the X1s Live be more streamlined than the ps4s PSN. The X1 will also have the cloud working for it. MS is offering dedicated servers via the cloud for free to any dev that wants to take advantage of it. The best online experience will be on the X1. So stop spreading FUD.

solar1797d ago

i like Sony, but their marketing has been shit since the PS3 launch other then Kevin Butler.

805Junior8051797d ago

Is MS any better? I feel PS1-2 nostalgia with Sonys marketing.

black0o1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

did u hit ur head or something?
-a day with playstation
-greatness awaits
-prefect Day

if u find all those sh!ty it only means that u r die hard xbone fanboy/gal

solar1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

why is it that only one who criticizes Sony is automatically a MS fanboy? i DO NOT CARE ABOUT MS AND THE XBOX. i am talking about Sony atm Junior ffs.

and every PS Extremist said during the life of the PS3 was how shitty their marketing and advertising was. and i agreed with them. that was their excuse when sales numbers came out. now it is all peaches and cream.

Pogmathoin1797d ago

In all fairness, the biggest complaint at the beginning was the lack of clear facts. They did mess up, but slowly they are steering the ship in the right direction. Its like they hit the reset button on PR. Hopefully from here on, they do it right, and also know what we want, but continue innovation too...

805Junior8051797d ago

They honestly where blindsided by Sony in announcing the PS4. Microsoft started rushing to add features and develop the Xbone, that they didn't have enough time to develop their message, educate their staff, and go the root they wanted. They would look a lot better if they delayed the Xbone, but they decided to take the heat and try to take the PS4 head on. They don't want another Ps2 era happening, but it will.

Imalwaysright1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Nope. Their biggest mistake were definetely the draconian policies. There isn't a single PR team on this planet that would be able to spin a 24H check in into being a good thing for us gamers.
Granted MS PR did a poor job but the elephant in the room was definetely the DRM.

Pogmathoin1797d ago

PS 2 era was a one off... Its good to see the spread in sales, pushes innovation.... If PS4 sols like PS 2, you will be back here in a few years bemoaning the repetitive nature... Say what you will about MS and Sony, but guys like EA, Activision and Ubisoft probably influence more than anyone else.... Its games that drive the industry forward, not hardware. I am looking forward to this gen... 2 great systems... We should not complain and squabble, that would take away any joy....

Shake_Zula1797d ago

Looking at the site, it seems the overall message is that it is just like the 360. Seriously, read the captions; more than half of them reference the 360. Nothing wrong with that, but it is funny considering they were going on about the PS4 being a super 360. Big marketing fail seemingly at every step here.

2cents1797d ago

Another one!
Come on... Really? This is news now.

Damn haters everywhere, now that the Xbox Rocks, now we see the real haters coming out of the woodwork, peddling their hate propaganda.

Of course this is a good thing and it's bloody well needed with at the mis-information being vomited all over the Internet. MS are taking the reigns and pulling the stallion in. It's time we heard the FACTS straight from the horses mouth, not from wannabe experts on the Internet.

assdan1797d ago

It's like they're trying to be arrogant sounding about being unclear and confusing.

rainslacker1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I didn't find that funny at all. The fact the question even came up shows that they weren't really in tune with the consumer. I didn't find it funny that Sony had to say pretty much the same thing at E3 because of what MS did, even though Sony really gave no hint that they would attempt such a thing in the first place. I found it all rather repulsive to tell the truth.

More on topic to the article. I have no problem with MS trying to get the abilities of the console out there. I understand that not everyone keeps up on this stuff like we do, and most of the positive press isn't reaching those people like the negative press would have reached them. I just MS is going to have to be doing this kind of advertising for quite some time, because it seems to be the way the media plays out nowadays. The negative sticks, the positive goes unnoticed.

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Mikelarry1797d ago

they messed up big time but they are learning from their mistakes.once the console launches watch how most people will have forgotten about all the mistakes Microsoft made and just enjoy the games.

UncleGermrod1797d ago

This guy is a sensitive clam. TBH, MS needs this type of thing. some people are not informed about the changes made as many are introduced at smaller shows than e3. asking someone "did you know" is not condescending. Idk but IMO this was just a way to better communicate some of the changes thats all

Abriael1797d ago

Telling someone "get the facts" a month before release is definitely condescending.

NoLongerHereCBA1797d ago

Why would you even take it in such a way? It is just an informative notion of what the console offers. People should stop taking things so literal and negative.

Not everything MS does is meant for the "informed" person around here.

Jazz41081797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I have quite enjoyed the facts program and especially the questions and answers ign has been doing for months with xbox heads. I have learned alot and I am not looking back.

JoelT1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

In all honesty, the Xbox One unveiling event back in the spring could have gone completely different (with minimal backlash) had it just been presented correctly. Instead of focusing on what was necessary (like always online, at the time), the attention should have been shifted towards the value that such connectivity would provide.

Instead of focusing on a mainstream audience through their NFL partnership and TV programming, it should have been based on what made the Xbox brand what it is today: the games.

Gamers are among the most vocal, core players especially. And by ignoring that audience, MS found themselves in the predicament they're currently in.

TL;DR Microsoft should have talked games and while we're at it don't tell me why I can't use it without the internet, tell me why I wouldn't want to use it without the internet.

jmc88881797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

So if you sell the Ford Pinto on it's low cost and high negates any backlash from the exploding fuel tank?

Sorry. For your point to be valid, reality has to be suspended.

MrCastle1797d ago

That was the worst analogy I have ever heard, hands down.

Dread1797d ago

horrible analogy

and by the way, JoelT made a good point.

NoLongerHereCBA1797d ago

C'mon JoelT, MS literally said that it was about the unveiling of the console and that games were just a very small part of it. People who were expecting a lot of games during the initial reveal made that fault themselves and should not put their hate on MS. I also don't hype myself for swimming if I know the pool only has 1cm of water in it.

They told people the games would come at the E3 and they only showed games and lots of it.

I do agree with you that they should have talked about why things like the always online connection were needed etc.

rainslacker1797d ago

I agree completely, but from what I saw from subsequent follow up, when these kinds of questions were asked specifically, it seemed that their PR representatives(read executives) had no clue what the actual benefits for their customers would actually be. It was almost a month before the whole game sharing thing came around, and that was about as vague as it could be.

I also don't have any clue how any company could spin restrictive DRM on physical media as a benefit for the consumer. I know a lot of people on here would drone on with the "Think of the developer" mantra, but the reality of the situation is that most people, particularly the masses of consumers(not big gamers like us), could give a rats ass about that, and only think of themselves and how it benefits them.

PRISM coming out was just really bad timing for the Kinect, but at the same time, at the reveal, MS admitted that they were going to target advertising. That again is one of those things that's hard to spin as a positive, because most people don't want their personal data mined, nor do they want advertising targeted towards them.

MS had an uphill battle from the start, and the benefits, whatever they were, were nowhere close to being able to outweigh the negatives. The benefits didn't even address any problem that required a solution, and the benefits were mostly things that people don't care about in the first place. MS was trying to make them care, and it didn't pan out. I doubt any amount of capable PR would have changed that for most. It may have prevented much of the backlash though. Doesn't mean the system would sell however.

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