Trine 2 Coming to PS4

From AnalogHype: "Joining the growing list of PS3 digital titles coming to PS4 is Trine 2."

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GalacticEmpire1797d ago


The first game was excellent.

GiggMan1796d ago

It's also one of the best games in 3d on PC. Please be in 3D on PS4 also.

My_precious1797d ago

don't know if i should excited about this rumor or not, still wait them to fix the input bug in PS3 version, the bug is if you have AS (or JP) PS3 and you download NA (or EU) version of this game, you are fvck because the different button layout between these region make you imposible to spent any skill point in this game

and there will be the large chance that i'll get AS version of PS4 again this gen, because i feel like using O as the confirm button in these version is make more sense for me than using X as confirm button

Lucreto1797d ago

Another good game on the PS4. I hope it is cross buy.

Neonridr1797d ago

Loved this game on Wii U. Highly recommend anyone who hasn't played it to definitely consider it if they are getting a PS4.

GarrusVakarian1796d ago

Nice, beautiful graphics/art style/ fun gameplay. Good game.

LOL_WUT1796d ago

The music is pretty intense also