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Submitted by MajorAly 770d ago | opinion piece

Xbox One already has an answer to Nvidia G-Sync

With the announcement of its G-sync technology, many believe that Nvidia may already have ousted the next generation of consoles before their launch. Sure enough, the GPU manufacturer makes a rather fascinating proposition, with the promise of gaming without annoyances like input lag, stutter, and screen tearing. (NVIDIA, Tech, Xbox One)

GalacticEmpire  +   770d ago
Did misterXmedia write this?

Somebody with some tech know how explain this crap.
meatysausage  +   770d ago
Haha, I saw that.The poeple on that blog are mental

trying to be fair, they need to fix the problems of not hitting high enough res
althought he cod 720p rumors are not confirmed, its worrying for those xbox owners that this is starting.
Xbox one might have a great scaler chip, but for people like me who game on a 1080p projector, the difference between native and 720p is enormous.

More on topic, that would be good if true but i doubt it as the conclusions are not that sound
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Hydrolex  +   770d ago
I work in tech and I will tell you how this works...

Well it doesn't, you just dream it
meatysausage  +   770d ago

which part are you talking about?
Hydrolex  +   770d ago
go home hydrolex, you're drunk
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Eonjay  +   769d ago
Does misterXmedia run a sci-fi blog?
jaosobno  +   769d ago
What dynamic framebuffer does is the following: it changes image resolution on the fly, based on performance analysis.

For example, let's say Xbox One runs the game at 900p@30FPS. Suddenly the scene becomes too complex for 30 FPS to be mantained. Instead of dropping FPS, the game drops the resolution to 720p in order to mantain performance target of 30 FPS. When things "get back to normal", game goes back to 900p.

So this has nothing to do with things that G-Sync fixes.

Author of this article is an idiot.
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meatysausage  +   769d ago

Thats odd, wouldnt that mean you could notice a decrease in quality when its changing resolutions (in game) to maintain a stable framerate

Would be annoying
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Kleptic  +   769d ago
This is actually nothing new, at least how it ends up for the person playing the game...

the PS3 did it, albeit through software, with WipeOut HD...most of the time the game ran at full HD 60fps...but 60fps is what was locked, not res, and the buffer could change on the fly in order to keep the frames where they needed to be...

Rage's ID Tech 5 engine also did the exact same thing, but instead of an overall rendered frame dropped resolution of specific textures...

I played the hell out of wipeout HD...can't say i ever noticed it...but with Rage, without an SSD...the texture res pop was very noticeable (doing a quick 180 gave a delay on environment textures, and everyone complained)...but i still thought that game at 60fps was worth more than having it at 30fps with no pop in...

the xbox one apparently has some sort of hardware scaler to do this for 'free'...thats fine, i guess...but its NOTHING like g-sync fixes the issues created by a lower framerate without gutting the image, instead, steps the monitor resolution around...the worst thing you'd notice would be some flicker on your monitor, but not helplessly shitty input lag and stutter that you currently get...

so its hardly an 'answer' to g-sync...its a method to try and reduce frame drops, by lowering image quality...g-sync is trying to remove the problems associated with lower frame rates entirely...two completely different things...
BattleTorn  +   769d ago

did you just troll against yourself?
loulou  +   769d ago
lol misterxmedia... he did call this
Utalkin2me  +   769d ago

Did someone forget to log in with the other account?
UltimateMaster  +   769d ago
~Of course, all of this is only in theory based on what the Xbox One architects have claimed. It remains to be seen if such favorable circumstances for game performance will actually be realized in games.

It's somewhat written by Microsoft since the article is basing itself from the engineering them at Microsoft.

Whether all that is true or not remains to be seen.
So far, I don't see any problems with the next gen consoles.
heliumhead2030  +   769d ago
This is old news. Basically when things get hectic, instead of dropping the frame rate the game will drop its resolution. And he lied because this is already being used in dead rising 3
Kleptic  +   769d ago
and rage...and wipeout HD/fury...and a few others iirc...
wishingW3L  +   769d ago
and let's not forget about the worst case game: Ninja Gaiden 3.

Seriously, this dynamic res stuff is not a good thing AT ALL. Just optimize and use Triple Buffering better like BF4.
Shake_Zula  +   769d ago
Sure... Hopefully I don't get too many disagrees for this. lol

When they are referring to the dynamic frame buffer, they are talking about the ESRAM implementation. What happens is, first, compressed textures and graphical data is loaded into the 8GB RAM space. When specific data is needed it is decompressed and transferred to ESRAM which is then fed to the GPU.

Traditionally, v-sync was a GPU-only process that limits the frame rate to prevent screen tearing. What is detailed in the article is throttling data from ESRAM to the GPU to achieve a target frame rate. So conceptually, it's still v-sync, but at a different point in the process. Nothing new here.

The way this differs from G-sync is that in G-sync, hardware in the monitor allows the GPU and the monitor to sync framerates, which eliminates screen tearing completely and reduces graphical delay. The latter feature is something completely new as most high-end displays still have at least a 5ms delay.

In other words, this article is incorrect.
meetajhu  +   769d ago
This is not possible. Microsoft is leaving a false news to gamers. Because there is no way for the Television or Monitor to know at what dynamic framerate the image is being rendered per sec. What Xbox One could do is have the year old Adaptive VSync.

Let me explain what VSYNC does and why GSYNC

Vsync- Sets a fixed framerate to the monitor's framerate. Eg:- If your playing BF3 on PC which runs at 60fps with Vsync ON. When your game drops 1fps instead of dropping to 59fps it drops to 45fps. When this happens you see massive slow down in fluidity in the game but you can actually eliminate the screen tear by doing so. This is why some games even without VSync doesn't cause screen tear. But games that do screen tear are not syncing with the monitor because the monitor doesn't know at what refresh rate the game being rendered apart from its standard refresh rates 15,30,45 & 60. This is the case with Xbox One

GSync- This isn't a new tech. Its already been in Nvidia's Quadro series and iPhone. This is only possible using a display port cable or medium in which according to DisplayPort 1.0 specification the displayport monitors are capable of changing its refresh rate dynamically depending on GPU output. And the fluidity is maintained because GSYNC specs require 144hz and nobody will notice it at that framerate. I have no time to write detailed explanation.
malokevi  +   769d ago
Doesn't seem like it needs explaining. They do a good job explaining how it works in the article.

Sounds like a cool feature to me. Momentary drops in resolution to maintain framerate.

No need to be threatened by this, guys. If PS4 is as perfect as you all seem to believe, then the framerate in PS4 games will never dip below 60fps and the res will always be 1080p... right?
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dantesparda  +   769d ago

Ok, now which Sony fanboys think that the PS4 will never drop in frames?

What they believe is that anything the x1 can do, the PS4 can do better.

Ok!? you got that!? or is that to much for you fanboy mind to understand?
malokevi  +   769d ago
The way I've heard it, "its the console of 1080p 60fps" no if ands or buts.

Also that 60fps 1080p is something that simply happens because you're on a playstation4, and that only "slacked-ass developers who are being brought down by the X1" could ever create a game to any other standard.

Little realizing how crazy that really is.

Edit: also, you sound mad... need a hug? 😊
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dantesparda  +   769d ago
I sound mad? why cuz you ms fanboys are delusional? No i laugh at you's. Its sad really, i think you need the hug. I know you fanboys are crying inside, with the x1 being such a huge let down and all. With all the downgrades and all
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malokevi  +   769d ago
Beer + codine formula = relief from sadness

Don't be such a snickerpuss! Cure your twisty nickers syndrome. Life aint so bad.
rainslacker  +   769d ago
Basically, G-Sync syncs the monitors refresh rate to the Video cards refresh rate to prevent screen tearing and input lag, as well as hopefully preventing screen skipping or freezing.

MS apparent answer is to downgrade the native the resolution, then upscale through an additional hardware component to maintain frame rate. This upscaler can be thought to be akin to how some Blu-Ray Players can upscale DVD content to HDTV content. It's worth noting that this is done this gen already. Games often have a lower resolution, but are upscaled for output independent of the GPU.

MS solution is solving a different problem than G-Sync, and quite honestly, doesn't seem like an answer to G-Sync in the slightest based on this articles description.
Pandamobile  +   770d ago
I don't think the writer of this really understands what G-Sync is all about.

All this sounds like is a pretty standard V-sync implementation. The whole point of G-Sync is to only refresh the display when the GPU sends a new frame, instead of just updating at 60 Hz no matter what.
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Kayant  +   770d ago
And not to add that it's a hardware module vs a software implementation. Dedicated hardware + software > than just software.
jeffgoldwin  +   769d ago
True, but you only super charge a Honda civic so much.
Studio-YaMi  +   769d ago
So what you're saying is that the gameplay would be smooth and won't have that "lag" when the frames drop !?

Is what I'm understanding here is right ?? :0
because if so,I'm buying me a freakin monitor with G-Sync implanted !
Mariusmssj  +   769d ago
Yes essentially that! + a monitor with g-sync running a game at 40fps will look at smooth as monitor running a game at 60fps without g-sync.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   770d ago
"this would lead to the elimination of input lag, stutter, and SCREEN TEARING"
Scrolls down to related articles
"The new Ryse build still shows some flaws, mainly SCREEN-TEARING."
This article is based on assumptions made by the author from a month old Digital Foundry interview.

I broke my promise to myself not to comment again on N4G, damn.
MorePowerOfGreen  +   770d ago
Explain in detail please. No C-boat spin and guessing.
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SignifiedSix91  +   770d ago
"Multiple industry sources have indicated that developers are keen on making use of this hardware feature. However, given the unfinished and evolving state of early Xbox One development kits and considering that development on launch titles was already well underway, we won’t be seeing its utilization any time soon."

Guess you didn't read that, eh?
Mohlest   770d ago | Spam
Godz Kastro  +   770d ago

Did you read the entire article? He clearly mentioned no launch games would support it as it wasn't available on early dev kits. Should've kept your promise :/
2cents  +   769d ago
Most importantly it was also mentioned that none of the launch window games will benefit from any of the new implemented development pipelines as they have been finalised way to late in the cycle. The next wave of games should start to tweak and play with these touted features.

We all need to accept that this is a new generation, it's gonna take time for the both to really shine. Sony have the advantage in the short term, long term we just have to wait and see. I'm guessing a sensible answe like this won't be taken too well.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   770d ago
More wishful thinking and wild theories.

One day it's "yeah but specs don't matter" Then rumors prop up from the stupidest sources and now they get their game face on and back into the spec war trenches - until the rumors turn bust again.

After the double GPU rumor went bust this is what's next?
These guys are too much.Borderline insanity at this point.
Godz Kastro  +   770d ago

Can you link an article where MS stated there were double gpu's?
saikorican  +   770d ago
Well I think you'd be hard pressed to find a source with Microsoft stating it because he just said himself that it was a rumor.
Godz Kastro  +   769d ago point exactly. Hes mixing up a rumor that MS never acknowledged with a story where MS has acknowledged a certain feature.
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ziggurcat  +   769d ago
@ godz:

it was all over the misterx blog. they were even claiming that there were 3 GPUs in the xbone, and that xbone is a 6tflop console...
Godz Kastro  +   769d ago
@cat... Im familiar because I followed but mixter is mixter and MS is MS. Its not their fault everyone on neogaf and n4g was taking that guys serious. No need to bring his fallacies up in a legit article.
BlackTar187  +   769d ago
No one take sMisterx seriously except Mister X's 90 second accounts he uses to respond to his own articles.
MightyNoX  +   770d ago
First it was

"PS4 is just PS3.5! Next gen gaming only possible on Xbox One."

Then it was

"It's about gameplay! It's not the graphics!"

I'm having trouble keeping up...
monkeyDzoro  +   770d ago
You killed me there.
BBBirdistheWord  +   769d ago
"PS4 is just PS3.5! Next gen gaming only possible on Xbox One."

That's an interesting quote.
Who said it?
When did they say it?

I think you made the quote up, but if you give me a link I will stand corrected. Please give me the exact quote though.

You seem to have garnered lots of agrees, so the quote should not be too hard to find.
chop chop.
MightyNoX  +   769d ago

- Many Xbots on Gamefaqs Xbox One board, Gamespot, IGN, Reddit. Mostly before the Xbox's weaker specs became public. Too busy to find it but I've always been soft on helping the lazy and the challenged


and Here:
5eriously  +   769d ago
I have to waste a bubble on this. You had me tearing. I almost spilled my brew. Seems to me that some fanbois have convenient memory loss. They also forgot conveniently how they reacted and what was said before, during and after the PS3 launch window.

Bubbles up!
monkeyDzoro  +   769d ago

Just... step away from your keyboard.
ATi_Elite  +   769d ago
@ MightyNox Let me help you!

Fanboy argument rules 101:

1. When you're talking about Graphics but the PC version is involved then it's "All about Gameplay " and then "Sony Exclusives" automatically gets dragged into the conversation.
(like the PC doesn't have a Gazillion Exclusives"

2. Now if the argument is about Graphics and just between consoles "PS4 is automatically SUPERIOR" no matter what. WHY? because somehow the PS4 MAGICALLY is 50% more powerful than the XB1 and cost $100 less.

(Now based on Factual Human Laws of Compute Physics the PS4 is NOT 50% more powerful than the XB1 but then AGAIN commonsense and FACTS are thrown out the window in fanboy arguments)

3. Now if the argument is about True Next Gen Gaming " and the PC is NOT involved then again the PS4 wins automatically even when the XB1 begins using Cloud Gaming to render, Multi-tasking power, and advanced Kinect 2.0 features.

Why? Because most fanboys on N4G do NOT understand Cloud Gaming therefore PS4 wins by default.

4. Now if the PC is involved in Next Gen Gaming just bring up "Sony Exclusives" and then say "I'm not paying $990000 for a Gaming PC"!

5. Last but not least if the argument is over a Game NOT coming to the PS4 then that GAME sucks (at least until a PS4 version is annonced). Doesn't matter the Game, that game is not worth money unless it's on the PS4.

It either has bad shadows, repetitive gameplay, boring story, clunky animation, short SP experience, no split screen Co-op, Press X to win gameplay, QTE, or whatever YOU wanna make up to justify it not being worthy of the PS4.

(Now when said game does get a PS4 release date it MAGICALLY becomes a great experience)

I hope this chart helps and it should make your debates with other fanboys a lot easier as this is the definitive Guide to fanboy debates on N4G.
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ziggurcat  +   769d ago
Fanboy argument rules 101:

1. When you're talking about Graphics but the PC version is involved then it's "All about Gameplay " and then "Ryse" automatically gets dragged into the conversation.
(like the PC doesn't have a Gazillion Exclusives"

2. Now if the argument is about Graphics and just between consoles "Xbox is automatically SUPERIOR" no matter what. WHY? because somehow the Xbox MAGICALLY is 50% more powerful than the PS4 because it costs $100 more.

(Now based on Factual Human Laws of Compute Physics the Xbox is NOT 50% more powerful than the PS4 but then AGAIN commonsense and FACTS are thrown out the window in fanboy arguments)

3. Now if the argument is about True Next Gen Gaming " and the PC is NOT involved then again the Xbox wins automatically because it uses Cloud Gaming to render, Multi-tasking power, and advanced Kinect 2.0 features.

Why? Because most fanboys on N4G do NOT understand Cloud Gaming therefore Xbox wins by default.

4. Now if the PC is involved in Next Gen Gaming just bring up "Ryse" and then say "I'm not paying $990000 for a Gaming PC"!

5. Last but not least if the argument is over a Game NOT coming to the Xbox then that GAME sucks (at least until an Xbox version is announced). Doesn't matter the Game, that game is not worth money unless it's on the Xbox.

It either has bad shadows, repetitive gameplay, boring story, clunky animation, short SP experience, no split screen Co-op, Press X to win gameplay, QTE, Indie or whatever YOU wanna make up to justify it not being worthy of the Xbox.

(Now when said game does get a Xbox release date it MAGICALLY becomes a great experience)

I hope this chart helps and it should make your debates with other fanboys a lot easier as this is the definitive Guide to fanboy debates on N4G.

there... i fixed it for you.
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Baka-akaB  +   769d ago
Forgot one important rule in both guides ..

90% of the time , the pc fanboys chime in the xbox and ps fanboys brawl , when they are almost never invited or dragged into the mess .
Fishy Fingers  +   770d ago
Headline caught my attention until I noticed "opinion piece". Don't the the author understands G-sync.
MidnytRain  +   769d ago
I don't understand this well, but how is scaling back resolution an "answer"?
GutZ31  +   770d ago
G-Sync requires both display, and input(PC/games console) have the proper hardware to utilise the feature set.
If Xbox One had G-Sync on board, it would still need the TV/Monitor to utilise it.
Being that Xbox One DOES NOT have G-Sync on board, the likelihood of similar performance gains to G-Sync seem unlikely on traditional HDTV sets, and monitors alike.
noloyalties  +   769d ago
You are 100 percent correct, thank for explaining g-sync. Now explain how the MS scaler works, and why its not an answer to screen tearing.
GutZ31  +   769d ago
Microsoft didn't try to do anything like G-Sync, this article is just for hits.
Article is talking about dynamic scaling as if it helps input lag, It doesn't.
Changing Screen resolution(Dynamic Scaling = back and forth from 720p, 900p, 1080p and possibly lower res) on the fly doesn't fix screen tearing, as well as TV and peripheral lag.
This just helps the games image from stuttering from frame rate drops.
Technically, the main benefit Microsofts idea helps is that you should never have a game slow its frame rate down to 30fps or lower. Technically, it makes it seem like almost all Xbox One games should be able to handle 60fps, but the picture quality will suffer as a result because of scaling.
MyWordIsGospel  +   770d ago
Another baffling pro-xbone article on n4g,m$ tactics of late seem to be to release confusing articles that give they imprison they're is so much more going on under the hood of the xbone. reeks of desperation.
AyKKon  +   770d ago
Yes because N4G doesnt have enough "pro-PoorStation 4" articles does it? Man... shut up and enjoy your fog filled worlds games. Oh what's that I said? Games? HOw many exclusives were there the last time I checked? 2? Oh man now that's just pityfull.
Max-Zorin  +   770d ago
There are several pro PS articles too. Shut up.
jeffgoldwin  +   769d ago
By several you mean like 95% of them?
Silly gameAr  +   769d ago
Yeah, but the difference is those articles make sense and aren't a work of fiction.

And @AyKKon Poorstation 4? Dude, realy?
iamnsuperman  +   770d ago
Note for the author. It you are writing an opinion price us the word 'may' in you title. You are making assumptions. That doesn't mean it does (which is exactly how your phrased your title). You don't really know as you are making a guess from what other people have said
boing1  +   770d ago
And it's called 720p.
mistertwoturbo  +   770d ago

The writer doesn't know what G-Sync is...
RiPPn  +   770d ago
Dat secret scaler sauce.
purp13m0nk3y  +   770d ago
I think the point is that the xboxone has a software solution to screen tearing/stuttering/input lag. It scales the resolution dynamically to maintain a constant frame rate. In graphically intense areas it drops the resolution, less load on GPU, no frame rate drop. Silky smooth whatever FPS the developer is targeting.

Its actually an ingenious idea. If implemented successfully you would probably never notice the drop in resolution and even if you did, it would probably be far less intrusive than a sudden frame rate drop or horrid screen tears.

NVidia's G sync is a hardware solution. Requiring a compatible GPU and a display/adapter.
Animal Mutha 76  +   770d ago
Wow a sensible post. Well said sir.

Unfortunately you will get mostly ignored as I do when I try to state something rational.
rainslacker  +   769d ago
The idea behind it is sound. And you are right, most people wouldn't notice small dips in resolution, particularly if upscaled.

Not sure it's a hardware thing though. Sounds more like an engine level API to do this kind of stuff, unless those scalers are built into the hardware...which I believe both systems likely have. That streaming chip in the PS4 likely has something built in along those lines. No doubt X1 has something similar, although I haven't kept up on it.
CerebralTiger  +   769d ago
Well said, @purp13m0nk3y.

A steady frame rate is what I've always wanted from console games. If Microsoft makes this an easy solution for developers to use as a standard, it would certainly make me a happy gamer.
#14 (Edited 769d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
assdan  +   769d ago
Adding a frame buffer and locking framerate is already in wide use. That doesn't sound like new tech to me. Maybe I'm misreading though. Oh yeah, and limiting fire rate and adding buffers does create input lag. Like a lot. On then other side of that. I don't think gsync will Revolutionize anything. It requires a new nvidia card, and a new monitor. Stuff like that generally isn't embraced by the consumer.
jeffgoldwin  +   769d ago
"isn't embraced by the consumer. "

Depends on which the consumer base. Console gamers, no. Average pc user, prolly no. High spending pc gamers, day 1 purchases.
assdan  +   769d ago
Super enthusiasts with $1000 to spare. Thats whose gonna get it. Id hardly call that a game changer.
ZoyosJD  +   769d ago
The first monitor supporting it is $400.

Any PC gamer with a recent Nvidia card should be able to upgrade their monitor for $200 after selling their old one and experience this.

Still, I wish it wasn't proprietary.
kingduqc  +   769d ago
Ive read and watch enough about g sync to know the guy who typed this is clueless about it... im on my phone so later on ill rxplain whats going on he re. But dont belive its lies.
Phoenix76  +   769d ago
MS please provide us with an answer as to why we should continue to believe in the PR bs that you keep churning out??
Belking  +   769d ago
I'm sure gaf will have a field day with this
dogdirt2000  +   769d ago
The overall problem we have here is that of buffer swapping occurring during a screen refresh, rather than in between them. The current method employed treats the graphics device and display device as two disjoint piece of kit that have to work around the minimal co-ordination they have with each other. We need to get them working in harmony.

As nice as it is to be able to dynamically scale down the frame buffer resolution, it's not really a competing alternative to the method employed by G-sync. Dynamically scaling the resolution is like trying to attack the symptom, whereas the method G-sync is going with is ultimately targeting the cause.

That's not to say I want G-sync to be adopted though - we need standardized solution in place, not a proprietary one.
#19 (Edited 769d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Torgul  +   769d ago
You guys will cry on november 29, can t wait. You will never understand anything until you see it working.

Ps4 will be a good console but nothing to do with xbox one.

One month..... ;)

Funny how you are tech fellow, I think MS should put all of you on their payrol for tech consulting.

I tried both in paris few days ago And I know that I made the good choice, even pro sony french sites are not happy with what they saw....

It s like cboat predictions about the xbow one, nothing accurate but FUD.

Sure that you will enjoy your 15k servers for PS3/ps4 psn funny you are
Baka-akaB  +   769d ago
"even pro sony french sites" Ah you must live in the walter-net verse from Fringe or refering to truly obscure french sites .

The big ones like Gamekult and jeuxvideos always tried to paint everything in a positive light so far , even when the nefarious DRM scandal erupted . hell it's only because everyone else were covering those issues worldwide that they had to copy and follow suit .

Going on on a tangent and off topic , those french sites are amateur making the likes of IGN and Kotaku looks legit and pro
#20.1 (Edited 769d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Torgul  +   769d ago
Most of the french site in video game are MS haters And pro sony. Only mainstream media were working for MS. Yes they are amateur, the kind of guy without any tech background for most of them. Yes this is a fact that a big majority of this sites are pro sony, money hated or not....

So when some site like those made an article to say that they were not impressed by the games they tried on ps4 I must trust least In video game sony has the Edge on MS in France.

The thing that nothing could change is that I played both And to be honest the games really speak for MS....

Hopefully indies will make you happy at launch....
Baka-akaB  +   769d ago
Well i dont have to trust them , nor you for that matter . They aint impressed ? When are they ever or when did it ever matter anyway ?

And i dont particularly care for indies nor do i need to . I've made my choice eons ago , saw my launch games in action and they were running as fine as expected , minus Watch Dogs . And i never cared for Driveclub , without any real gameplay race footage , byond the will to try it on psn +

i'll be just fine with what's left between KZ SF and multi's like Fifa , NBA 2k , AC4 , BF4 for the rest of 2013 . It's not like i planned to ditch my ps3 or pc anyway .

But by all mean keep on trolling ... you'll convince someone
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BlackTar187  +   769d ago
Toguls Indies and 3rd party games were good enough last gen. They not as good anymore?

Are Exclusives the best thing now in Pro Xbox camp?

Weird how often the line in the sand changes with that group.

Play everything.
Metfanant  +   769d ago
Torgul  +   769d ago
Truth or troll who knows;)?

My choice is from a Long Time too as All my friends (in real Life;)) are xbots like me.

Just becouse we like xbla And the 360 pad.

If the ps4 is really so good I will buy it for first party studio becouse i am a gamer, just a gamer.

Sometimes I just have the feeling that we will have some surprises, good And bad, will depend which choice you did.

It will not be the first time....

I am sure that you will enjoy your ps4 And that s cool:) as well for me.
Baka-akaB  +   769d ago
Troll definitively imo . You could have had that kind of moderate discourse from the beginning about your own preference , but no you had to flaunt instead some pseudo discontent about the console when demoed at Paris .Not to mention some not so subtle jab about having mostly indies to enjoy . And some nonsense about those sites being pro sony . It's easily verified to be false for the most part .

The market yes is pro sony , by tradition in france ... but those sites ? Their distate reeked and showed easily in reviews of enough exclusive , especially on Gamekult with its notoriously bad heavy rain review , and Jeuxvideo . Those games they'd easily rave about if they were pro Sony . They are just utterly incompetent rather than pro anything
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FlyingFoxy  +   769d ago
What exactly is the point of G sync monitors anyway? all i see is that they remove tearing due to low FPS.

I wouldn't be playing games if they didn't run 60+fps often anyway, so other than wanting to play games at slow speeds with no tearing, i can't see the point in them.

My 120hz monitor is already 2ms refresh rate and 12ms input lag.
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Erudito87  +   769d ago

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