The Battlefield Fanbase Hits An All-Time Low

6aming's Patrick observes the Battlefield community at an all time low after the release of the official story trailer.

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Majin-vegeta1798d ago

Oh for farks sake people are just having fun who cares .What's life if you take everything seriously?

zeee1798d ago

Actually, I agree with you. Sometimes, we make huge deals out of stuff that just doesn't matter. For instance, this article... it's just, a gigantic waste of time but if someone's enjoying reading this then more power to them.

I just can't wait for the next-gen games to arrive. I am tired of waiting man. I am tired!

Pandamobile1798d ago

Yeah, this title is misleading as hell. I was expecting something along the lines of a Battlefield-fan lynch mod going around and killing COD fans...

SeanScythe1798d ago

Punch the dog again for good measure! Teach that COD dog to know it's place, in the dirt bleeding from BF4's awesomeness! lol

Hufandpuf1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

I have a pet dog and don't like seeing them hurt, but this is a game and DICE is just poking fun at COD just to rile them up and get the fans going. No harm, just competition.

clmstr1797d ago

Oh god, not this shit again.

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