GTA 5 Will Not Matter in 100 Years: How Long Can Video Games Matter?

Analyzing the historical importance of a mostly disposable

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porkChop1612d ago

A lot of things won't matter in 100 years, not just games.

b163o11611d ago

Yea, mainly cause 97% of us will be 6ft under......if the zombie apocalypse doesn't occur.

XB1_PS41611d ago

The only way I could see this game mattering in 100 years is if someone blows something big up, and claims it was because of this game. lol

PopRocks3591611d ago

I'd have argued it's because Rockstar will have made some new GTA installments by then.

Thatlalala1611d ago

Gta 25 will be out. Who will care about number 5?

ATi_Elite1612d ago

Seems like I have been waiting 100 years for Half Life 3!

Beastforlifenoob1611d ago

3 digits in 100, Half Life 3 conformid!!!

TheGrimOfDeath1611d ago

Not sure if sarcasm or if you're actually serious.

WeAreLegion1611d ago

I'm serious.

Many books made hundreds of years ago still matter, even if they weren't necessarily trying to say something. Entertainment is entertainment. GTA V will still matter in 100 years.

dredgewalker1611d ago

Should it matter if it doesn't matter after a hundred years? I'm much more concerned on how much things have changed after all that time. The only thing that I can hope for is that there'll be a scientific breakthrough in life extension during our lifetime so that we can share our knowledge and experience to future gamers :)

CheexInk1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )


Books are remembered for their cultural/historical qualities or for the profundity it may have contained. GTAV isn't shaping up to have either of those. It's a great game, but it's just one of many great games that are significant for the short time that they are the best. It will stop being significant once a new GTA game that does everything GTAV did and more releases.

H0RSE1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

For games to be remember many years later, they have to have accomplished something great - like changed the genre, introduced new tech or shifted the industry as a whole. GTA V, although hugely popular and really well-made, doesn't do this. If anything GTA III would be a candidate.

Games like DOOM, Halo, Mario 64, WoW, Street Fighter II, The Sims, and Half Life, all come to mind. If not remembered, these are at least games that really changed gaming.

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slapsta721611d ago

nor will this article :)

Yep1611d ago

How can you be butthurt by this headline?

MattyG1611d ago

Nobody was claiming that it would.

MattyG1611d ago

@Hayabusa Actually, many people do have debates about how long video games will last. Most people fall on the same side as this article, but it's a debate nonetheless. Maybe nobody claims they'll last for 100 years, but there are questions about how long they'll last.

SnakeCQC1611d ago

Im putting my steam account in my will so it may matter!

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