Ex GAME employees explain how to play the trade-in market

PCGMedia sat down with Ben Grant of, who explained their new 'playing the trade-in market' tool which allows people to compare the prices of trade-in deals in the UK before they head to the store. He also claimed that publishers in fact enjoy second hand trade-ins, and offers insight into how the industry works.

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Dfooster1797d ago

Did you hear that Microsoft? Used games trade ins fund new game purchases.

pompombrum1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Of course they didn't hear it, too busy with their heads in the cloud.

beebap1797d ago

Already do research when trading but just two big names game and cex to pick from im my area.But this type of site good if you got multiple choices.
We buy over 6 games a year and trade in always helps when there is few games out round the same time.

showtimefolks1797d ago

I wish there was a site for USA stores so we can find out trade values

Usually you can sell on Craigslist(I use to be able to sell quick now Craigslist don't get me any replies even for newly released games, I believe Craigslist is slowing down due to so much scam)

I sell most of my games on eBay hassle free

GameStop just doesn't want to give the fair value

BLAKHOODe1797d ago

CAG use to have a trade-in values page, but they either removed it or it got lost when they re-did their website.

I tried to sell a bunch of old games this past summer on my own for cheap and got NO offers. I ended up taking them to GameStop and got back maybe 70% of what I was trying to sell them for. After that, and knowing we are heading in the direction of an all-digital world anyway, I pretty much decided I was going to go mostly digital next gen.

I figure if I can't sell my old games, I can at least save money on gas not having to go to the store to buy them or trade them in.

SniperControl1797d ago

I traded in GTA 5 last week and Game(based in the UK) gave me £29.50 for it, wasn't to fussed as i only paid £35 for it from Amazon.

BLAKHOODe1797d ago

I would have to agree with him that trade-ins help sell new games. Several years ago, I was unemployed for about 7 months and thanks to trade-ins, I didn't miss a single new release I wanted that year. Games I wouldn't have been able to afford otherwise all bought new on their release day.

iceman061797d ago

I agree. I would say that most people go to specialty game stores to trade up and maybe try demos. Sure, the more casual buyers probably assume that the specialty stores are the only place to get games on day one. But, for those that have been gaming for a while or just the more frugal, we search and compare and then buy. Amazon was my go to for a while, but then their trade-in values started to decline.