Zynga "not a mobile business" says EA exec

Electronic Arts is a jack of all trades in the gaming industry, carving out a presence in the console, smartphone, tablet, and free-to-play PC markets. While that spreads its resources between many different bets, the company's head of mobile development Frank Gibeau might suggest it's the only reasonable response to a world where people game everywhere, and on everything.

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grimmweisse1761d ago

Zynga "not a mobile business" says EA exec.

Zynga is barely a business nowadays!

1761d ago
UltimateMaster1761d ago

Yeah, Zynga isn't a "mobile business". It doesn't makes phones! XD

They just make sh*tty games who's sole purpose is to rip out all the money you've got and Don Mattrick is the perfect man for the job.