Grading The Fakes: Xbox One

GI - "In the run-up to any new console, there's a deluge of fan-created concepts and bogus "leaked images" of the hardware. Now that the Xbox One is almost here, we decided to look back as some of the best and worst of the fakes. Gamers have been split on the final design of the Xbox One. Some (like myself) like the simplicity, others feel that it's a bit drab and resembles and 1980s VCR. The concept and fake Xbox Ones that I tracked down are a diverse bunch – ranging from minimal to bizarre."

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malokevi1730d ago

I like #1, #3, and #4.... and "You Will Be Assimilated".

Another Solid Entry... and that controller.... WACK! but cool.

Magicite1730d ago

Xbox Prestige is really really nice.
Still cant understand how they came up with current design.

malokevi1730d ago

MEh. It's a black box. Look OK to me. As long as it renders three-dimensional graphical Mcsweetness.

UltimateMaster1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Actually, some of them looks better than the current Xbox One.
Again, some of them, not all of them.
Certainly not that last controller. XD

RiPPn1730d ago

Xbox Prestige is by far my favorite, but several of these are better than the ugly that is the current Xbox One.

Naga1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

I rather like the simple approach they are taking with the current Xbox One. It may be many things, but I think it's a stretch to say it is "ugly". To each his own, I guess.

But note how I stated my opinion as an opinion, rather than fact...

Grave1730d ago

"Needs to Try Harder" one made me lmao.

jgrigs091730d ago

lol who the hell did these?!

XboxFun1730d ago

The design from Xbox World was sexy. I really wish MS went with that and stuck with the name of Xbox.

But then again I wouldn't be able to say Xbox One, Day One!

1730d ago
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