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Submitted by FlameHawk 770d ago | video

We Think It'll Come to PS4: Titanfall

Major Nelson isn't worried about the exclusivity of Respawn's first-person shooter, and here's why. (PS4, TitanFall)

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Lalanana   770d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(20)
FlameHawk  +   770d ago
Its funny how comments about Titalfall coming to PlayStation on IGN are all positive comments with barely any down votes but if someone here says it, its like a 40/60 split with 60 being negative.
I do see it coming to PS4 within 1 year of the release of Titanfall.
@Lalanana, barely any games have 2 year exclusivity anymore, I haven't seen a game do that in a while.
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Emilio_Estevez  +   770d ago
The contract that leaked before the game 'existed' said 1 year. It had something to do with the move to EA and court papers. I'm really surprised no one remembers this.
otakukidd  +   770d ago
That was actually destiny. Activision was being sued and the court papers leaked. But they must of pushed up the PlayStation versions.
Emilio_Estevez  +   770d ago
Yeah, I'm mixing rumors. Funny how that works though, I do remember them saying 1 year on Destiny, but I think that was up to them essentially.

Probably b/c I'm not really interested in either. I would guess that's why no one remembers! Ha
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Lboogieskells  +   770d ago
Do you have a link? Please

Edit: never mind
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Blackdeath_663  +   770d ago
third part dev exclusivity is pointless. if MS or sony have first party devs they fund to make games on and promote their console fine, fair enough but paying third party devs to make their games exclusive to your console only is not good for the industry. its great for MS though titanfall is an attractive title to many will see what the hype is about on PC
Magicite  +   770d ago
Tittyfall? Say again!
WorldGamer  +   770d ago
Might, it might not. I think the game looks great, but I am also excited to play games like Ryme on the PS4. There is just so much more than the FPS that have dominated the scene.

I believe we will see these console exclusives next-gen, but I don't believe they will be as common as in the past. Titanfall seems like a great candidate to be a timed exclusive at this point. There really is no reason not to bring it to PS4, especially given that the PS4 is so popular.
TheEnigma313  +   770d ago
EA is way too greedy to not let this come to ps4. Anyone who thinks differently is naive
GmIsOnPt360  +   770d ago
Im sure it will go to ps4 at some point, but at the same time having a game a full year before and during its peak relevance is always a plus for the "non gaming machine" xbox which has a better stable of AAA titles and games lined up LMAO
TheEnigma313  +   770d ago
Your comment reeks maturity./s
alexkoepp  +   770d ago
It'll be like mass effect and once the Titanfall trilogy is stale on XB1 it'll be released on PS4
Lboogieskells  +   770d ago
Porting the Titanfall to PS4 a year later would only revive the the Titanfall community if it dies out. The PS4 install base will add atlease another 20-25% of new buyers. Even more if they decide to port the 360 version to PS3.
MysticStrummer  +   770d ago
Having played the ME trilogy, those games were always stale. Worst waste of a gift card ever, for me anyway. I traded it in before finishing ME2. Overrated games from overrated devs, imo.

I have little doubt Titanfall or at least a sequel will end up on PS4, but these articles are getting comical.
Avernus  +   770d ago
Yea only a matter of time. 3rd Party game, so eventually it'll be on other systems. EA won't let the potential of PS4 sales pass them by... hell, no one will.
Manic2014  +   770d ago
I think like the first mass effect, Titanfall wont be coming to PS4 but its sequel will be going multiplat. The first Titanfall probably get to the PS4 maybe 2 years after the launch......
Avernus  +   770d ago
didn't MS owned ME? Only when EA published it, it went multi plat.

I could be wrong though, I'm not a huge ME history buff.
Manic2014  +   770d ago
The IP was and is i think owned by Bioware but had gone multiplat when they struct a deal with EA.....
Persistantthug  +   770d ago
I'm not sure I'm following you, MMEHTA.

MASS EFFECT 1 is on the PS3.
Manic2014  +   769d ago
actually yes, i meant that it will not come at first but then released 5 years later. Mass effect was released on to PS3 in 2012......
Lordofrankness  +   770d ago
If MS pays enough $$ this game will never b on ps4. Just Xbox and PC. Plus if titanfall releases for ps4... It will b a yr or two later...if Microsoft wants to keep this game we all know they have more $$ than any (Sony Nintendo). Id be shocked if it goes on ps4. Plus w xb1 cloud advantages it has over the potential ps4 version, since MS has said all games on their platform will have dedicated servers. Which Sony can't afford a cloud like MS has.
thrust  +   770d ago
They might let them have the xbox 360 version tho
ssj27  +   770d ago
yes because money can buy popularity and exposure that ps4 can give this game lol

PS4 has more fans already and will sale way more the whole gen. m$ is always going where the money is.
thrust  +   770d ago
Hahaha no!
TheFallenAngel  +   770d ago
Ms may have the money but that doesn't mean that they will let one division get unlimited funding. I'm pretty sure that the Xbox division has a budget and its not unlimited like people thinks.
theXtReMe1  +   770d ago
I'll be too busy playing War Thunder and Deep Down. I'm not sure why anybody cares so much if this game comes to the PS4 or not. Isn't Planetside 2 basically the same thing? Destiny looks pretty much the same, also.

While an announcement of any new game for the system is a great announcement, I don't find this game to be anything different than what we will already be playing... A year or more before this ports to the PS4.
DanielGearSolid  +   770d ago
So tired of the FPS genre...
HappyWithOneBubble  +   770d ago
Me too man. I said to myself that I'm gonna focus less on FPS and more on other games. Right now the only FPS I want is KZSF. Not interested in Titanfall or Destiny. The COD like controls on BF4 is turning me off. I might skip BF4 if I can't change the controls to BF3.
Pancit_Canton  +   770d ago
You know when it's a time exclusive and coming to PS4 when MS are not over hyping and boasting about a third party game compared to what they have done with Ryse.
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PSnation4  +   770d ago
$60 for a online multiplayer ONLY FPS game.. thats a tough pill to swallow
JuniorCE  +   770d ago
That's why I would rather wait for Titanfall 2, and play Killzone Shadow Fall and Destiny instead ;-)
WeAreLegion  +   770d ago
It's not for me. MAG was totally worth $60. I think Titanfall will be, too.
PygmelionHunter  +   770d ago
I share your disappointment but, If CoD and Battlefield can charge you as much for a game that lost precious development time because of a half-baked single player mode, I say why not? At least these guys are devoted only to produce the best multiplayer experience they can.
Angels3785  +   769d ago
Not just that...planetside 2 one of the best PC MMOs is coming to PS4 for FREE all while you would need a subscription to xbl gold to play titanfall. On ps4 if its F2P or multi-player only its subscription free.
cbuc1125  +   770d ago
Its the LOWEST preordered game on Xbox One so far. Why do we continue to talk about it? If it comes to PS4 fine...if not, i for one will not lose any sleep over it. They should be more concerned about games like Infamous Second Son and the next Uncharted being exclusive in my opinion.
gamertk421  +   770d ago
That's ridiculous. Since it is not a launch title, of course the preorders are low now. One the system launches you'll see that change. You can't argue how much more Infamous has either, since there's so little coming out for PS4 at launch, lmao.
strickers  +   770d ago
Rubbish. Destiny on PS4 also has it on preorders. In fact most ps4 games do. You may not have noticed with those average launch games on XB1( that you all keep suggesting are killer apps), is there anything announced from launch to Titanfall? In terms of games, PS4 seems to get new ones ever other day. It will be a stream. I'm happy with those games too. Infamous is not far out.
My only disappointment is I hoped that was launch when they announced it.
ParanoidFreak  +   770d ago
Of course it'll come to PS4... it's an EA published release for god's sake! You think they'll let an IP appear on only one major console and willingly eat potential lost sales? Not bloody likely. Plus this isn't like Halo where MS published it on behalf of Bungie. EA can, and will, do what they want.

Anyways, if it does come to PS4 it's actually better for all us GAMERS! More people will have a chance to play it and THAT is always a good thing.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   770d ago
Actually the IP is owned by Respawn so EA can't demand anything. This is being published via the Partners program. However, I don't see why Respawn would not want to get their new IP on as many platforms as possible. Especially if they are used to the CoD type of sales numbers
XboxFun  +   770d ago
It might come to PS4 but it'll first be on Xbox One and that's where i'll play it.

This is just like Agent, how no one is saying where the game will go. Agent is in the same state as Titanfall and I am sure that Agent will also come to the Xbox One.
THC CELL  +   770d ago
It's no secret Xbox is great to beta test on lol, I'm joking game looks great but my eyes are on ps4 games like killzone the order etc
JuniorCE  +   770d ago
It makes totally sense... The PS4 is going to have a bigger install base than the Xbone here in USA, and all over the world (despite Brazil...)

I will not get surprised if Titanfall comes to PS4 in 2 months after the release on Xbone :-)
Brazz  +   770d ago
why not just play on PC or Xbox 360? no need to buy Xbox one just because titanfall, you can play fine whit pc/360 version.
solidworm  +   770d ago
EA cannot afford to make this an exclusive. MS would have to moneyhat to the point they would actually make a loss on the game. Third party exclusives are a thing of the past.
Regis  +   770d ago
Its a release date let the game come out first. I don't think it will come out for PS3-4 either ever or 1-2 years from now.
PCfanboy   770d ago | Off topic | show
TristanPR77  +   770d ago
Whether this come or not to PS4 it will not change the fact that PS4 will dominate next gen.
KontryBoy706  +   770d ago
Like he said... "being that Respawn is a new company and this is their first game they need to make a lot of money". I'm almost certain this game will be multiplat. No question. Especially being how popular the PS4 seems to be right now. It can't be ignored.


Did you see the new Killzone trailer Sony just uploaded to YouTube? I'll be busy playing that and not worried about Titian Fall...
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KillrateOmega  +   770d ago
Don't get me wrong, Titanfall looks hella fun, but it looks a lot like CoD. The PS4 will have CoD.

Yes. I know that it has elements that CoD doesn't, like wall-running and mechs, but that's really all that's different. I'm sure that it will feel slightly different, but come on, it's made by the same guys who are most well-known for having made CoD4 and MW2. It's CoD with mechs and wall-running.

If it comes to PS4 6-12 months from now, then that would be awesome and I'd totally buy it, but I just don't see such a game being worth me definitely giving up inFAMOUS: Second Son, The Order 1886, or Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Just my opinion.
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BobbytheBuilder  +   770d ago
in all honesty, this game is also coming to the pc, its not a graphically demanding game either. If you really wanted to play this game but have a ps4, just get it on the pc. I seriously don't see how this game is a system seller when its coming on other platforms.
kenshiro100  +   770d ago
It'll come to the PS4 at some point. With MS, no exclusive 3rd party game stays exclusive.
Regis  +   770d ago
Who knows this could be a first.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   770d ago
Like Deadrising1?
XboxFun  +   770d ago
Like Gears of War?
kenshiro100  +   770d ago
Okay...whatever you guys want to believe.
IHassounah  +   770d ago
Why does Major Nelson say it in comfort , I could believe that comfort he have is actually coming from the game being exclusive and not timed , now I don't actually say no it's not on the PS3 or the PS4 , but I'm just stating that his comfortable about what his saying so I don't know , like it could be exclusive after all
GiantEnemyCrab  +   770d ago
At least I won't have to "think" I will have it because I own an Xbox/PC. I am a gamer and don't want to think about playing things I want to play it and as soon as possible!

Is IGN still waiting for MGS4 on Xbox?
jjb1981  +   770d ago
I thought titanfall relied on the powa of da cloud
Pancit_Canton  +   770d ago
More proof that Titanfall is indeed on PS3/PS4 developement.
mhunterjr  +   770d ago
Lol why do people keep posting this picture as evidence? You'd be hard pressed to find a developer that didn't have a bunch of game consoles lying around... it doesn't mean they are actively porting a game.
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