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Submitted by Apollo1 769d ago | news

PS4 Launch Bundles Available For Preorder on Amazon

Amazon have sent email notifications for PlayStation 4 Bundles.
Many bundles are back for preorder. (PS4)

Update PS4 Killzone Launch Bundle is not available anymore.
BF4 Launch Bundle still available.

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timothyckeegan  +   769d ago
Wow, going to preorder Killzone launch bundle.
Eonjay  +   769d ago
LOL this is crazy. These things are selling out like gangbusters.

Edit: regardless of what Sony says I don't see how they are going to be capable of meeting demand.
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Majin-vegeta  +   769d ago
Don't underestimate the Japanese my friend.Just look at what they were able to put under the hood of the PS4 and still keeping it small size :P.
UltimateMaster  +   769d ago
Damn, 2 hours later and too late for the Killzone Bundle!
Eonjay  +   769d ago
Battlefield 4 is gone too.
GTgamer  +   769d ago
I got the Battlefield one hell yeah.
MikeGdaGod  +   769d ago
just preordered my BF4 launch bundle day 1 delivery!!!! f*ck yeah!!!!!!!!!!
Boody-Bandit  +   769d ago
You must've got in under the wire. They are coming up sold out on my browser. I was going to order one just to play it safe. Ordered mine from Best Buy the 1st day they were made available but still haven't received one confirmation email from them. Hope they don't fail me.
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MikeGdaGod  +   769d ago
Yeah signed up for alerts....I ordered before this story was even up
pabadamus1  +   769d ago
Me too. Somebody up there loves you and I apparently.
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Sitdown  +   769d ago
When did Amazon up the free shipping from $25 to $35?
Apollo1  +   769d ago
I never used free shipping.
Prime is best, free 2 days shipping.
zeee  +   769d ago
I've got prime but still, what the hell?
tanookisuit  +   769d ago
At first I thought you were mistaking something else, but it's true!

Apparently, it changed yesterday.
FYI, Canada is still $25.00.
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solidworm  +   769d ago
The speed these bundles are selling out is insane.
avengers1978  +   769d ago
Pre order quickly I bet they sell out fast
ramiuk1  +   769d ago
gutted its not in UK,
really want to get a bundle and save the £10
andrewsimons  +   769d ago
Preordered :)
Do you guys suggest canceling my BF4 bundle preorder if Launch Bundle ($400) gets available for preorder?
Eonjay  +   769d ago
Yeah they are all sold out again except for BF4 bundle so I wouldn't cancel if I were you.
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MaverickStar7  +   769d ago
Wow. The Killzone one sold out while I was filling out my info, but the BF4 one was still available so I got that and Killzone. Got to be quick.
edgarohickman  +   769d ago
You are very lucky.
edgarohickman  +   769d ago
The news are spreading so fast!
Any idea if this will stay for the next hour?
Eonjay  +   769d ago
Not a chance. This is PS4 we are talking about lol
plmkoh  +   769d ago
Yep, only BF4 bundle left.
nix  +   769d ago
...Aaaaaaaaaaaand the Killzone bundle is gone.
Resistance_lord  +   769d ago
Aaaaaaaaaaand Now I'm Sad :(
jacobvogel  +   769d ago
BF4 bundle still available :).
Wanted Killzone, but wouldn't mind BF4 too.
Destrania  +   769d ago
Just buy Killzone separate.
AutoCad  +   769d ago
lol, i just sold my launch edition for 650.i know them people on ebay mad.
FullmetalRoyale  +   769d ago
Taking advantage of people shouldn't give you a sense of accomplishment.

That speaks volumes of your character.
AutoCad  +   769d ago
Supply and Demand buddy.
If you not out to make money in life then i feel sorry for you.
cyclindk  +   769d ago
He didn't force anyone to buy anything, he did his part, got the preorder early and now he feels good in accomplishing what he set out to do in order to make some money legitimately. He supplied someone with a service they were unwilling to do themselves.

If he is something other than "good" in character, don't ever go shop anywhere ever again my friend because every single store and goods in this world (their prices) works exactly the same way. Start making all your own goods by hand...

I buy wheels for cheap on Craigslist and sell them for hundreds in profit, not because I force anyone to sell them cheaply or buy them for more, it's the nature of business.
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ambientFLIER  +   769d ago
Taking advantage of people???? Are you serious??? It's a LUXURY ITEM, not a kidney transplant. If someone wants a PS4 day one, then they better pay up the premium, OR, you know...just..WAIT A FEW DAYS.

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FullmetalRoyale  +   769d ago
Selling it is one thing. Though that is already a lame thing to do.

But you are taunting the person you sold to? That is so sad.

I guess money is more important than being kind to one another.

I'm sure that's how you were raised to behave.
nix  +   769d ago
i agreed to Autocad's first comment because i would laugh too if someone bought something for more and few minutes later you find out you can buy it cheaper... forget anybody.. i would laugh at myself or tell everyone that i screwed up and later laugh.

but Autocad's "If you not out to make money in life then i feel sorry for you." comment made me change my mind.

now that's messed up.
AutoCad  +   769d ago
im not taunting them,im just simply saying i know they are mad they bought them which is probably true.

And there is nothing messed up bout that comment.if you have hold on to a rare MJ basketball card will u sell it for the original price or what its worth now nc of its exclusivity?
JuniorCE  +   769d ago
The PS4 killzone Bundle is already gone!!!

Only the BF4 bundle is available now!! Run Fast!!!
danny818  +   769d ago
Will i have to pay the full amount? I have no money on my card but will by this week
Apollo1  +   769d ago
No, amount should be paid during shipping on Nov 15th I guess.
danny818  +   769d ago
Thanks man! I just ordered mine! I really wanted the killzone bundle and i have $300 gamestop in store credit so i feel dumb! But it was my only chance :'/
joeyisback  +   769d ago
Just make sure money in ur card account by November 12th most likely when they charge it usely few days before system goes on sale just buy killzone and other games with ur credit
danny818  +   769d ago
thanksima have the money by this week or the next.this post from amazon was unexpected lol yeah that's what I was thinking. Now since ima have money from gamestop im prolly gonna pick up tearaway and a new controller aswell
SuperBlur  +   769d ago
what a great deal , why can't we have nice thing like that in Canada . Q_Q
anthonycon17  +   769d ago
I quickly jumped out of bed to pre order the BF 4 one. Seriously, I never got out of bed so quickly. Well thankfully I made it in time to get one haha
Apollo1  +   769d ago
Congrats for being day one owner ;)
greatcrusader44  +   769d ago
Only one available now is the Battlefield 3 one, so I took it, would have preferred the Killzone one, but regardless I GOT A PS4 BABY.

edit: Wow, I just realized I got my first debit card yesterday, if I chose any other day to go to the bank and order one I'd wouldn't have been able to preorder today, luck is one my side!
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FullmetalRoyale  +   769d ago

I ordered mine back in June but my buddy didn't jump on it like I did and he missed out.

However, I ordered him the BF4 bundle on my card and will surprise him later. I'll just have him give me the cash some time before it ships(as I could always cancel it if need be).

Anyway, congrats again!
Lboogieskells  +   769d ago
Congrats, I hope you enjoy.
RadioActiveTwinky  +   769d ago
Lol article was bearly posted 45 mins ago and one bundle is already sold out. How? Is it really that high in demand. Its insane. So glad I pre ordered right after E3 lol. That crazy fast.
Apollo1  +   769d ago
Yes, the stock is limited. Sales are very fast!
Norad6  +   769d ago
DON'T SLEEP PEOPLE! DON'T SLEEP!!! Possibly your last chance!! 0o0
anthonycon17  +   769d ago
I agree with you 100%
aramex007  +   769d ago
I just pre ordered mine just now so excited
thehitman  +   769d ago
I should nap another bundle just to ebay it lol...
Apollo1  +   769d ago
How much could it be sell for?
Norad6  +   769d ago
I've got 2 on amazon and one at gamestop. Keeping one, selling the other two. Sold one already for $800.
ipach  +   769d ago
nice. thanks!
Chxii  +   769d ago
I have bad news Battlefield 4 bundle sold out :(
Lboogieskells  +   769d ago
Darn, I went to Amazon to get my hands on another bundle but it was sold out.
medziarz  +   769d ago
Sony are a little bit wussies: having such a overwhelming demand - they should have only offered PS4,KZ,PS+ bundles for $500 - sell PS+ to people and turn KZ into a huge franchise and a strong competitor against CoD and BF4.
luisvideogames  +   769d ago
People, Kmart is accepting PS4 launch day pre-orders! Get yours in, fast!
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mikegeezy69  +   769d ago
gone :/
denisx04  +   769d ago
out of stock.
jahfen83  +   769d ago
Got mines in before they sold out! ZING!!!!!!!!
denisx04  +   769d ago
from where?
mikegeezy69  +   769d ago
does anyone know/ think they might have another restock before launch?
pabadamus1  +   769d ago
Now I can sleep at night. I got the BF4 bundle and I will buy KZ on release day. I was going to wait but the excitement got the best of me.
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