Gamers XTREME - Mighty Switch Force! 2 Review (Wii U): “A Fiery Good Time”

Glacier928: "Mighty Switch Force! 2 may not be the HD remaster that it’s predecessor got on the Wii U’s launch day, but that still doesn’t stop it from being a great game by any means. WayForward knows their 2D games and continues to excel in this department. While this edition may not exactly add any content to warrant a new purchase for those who own the 3DS version, Wii U owners would still do very well to grab this for a low $5.99 asking price. If you’ve never played the 3DS version and like your 2D platformers, then by all means pick this up now. It may be a short game, but it’s also just so gratifying to play thanks to the excellent level designs, additional new “switch” mechanics, beautiful visuals and an energetic soundtrack."

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Neonridr1792d ago

$5.99??? Sold.

Loved the first game, and I have the 3DS version as well.

Wayforward makes excellent games and looking forward to Shantae as well.

Venox20081792d ago

wayforward is a way to go :)))