Mega Gengar: The Worst Mega Evolution?

Thoughts on Mega Gengar are discussed.

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ThatCanadianGuy5141799d ago

Mega evolution? The hell is this?

I miss the days when there was only 150.

NinjaRichParty1799d ago

I honestly didn't think that I'd enjoy it, but it's a nice touch to the battles. They're only temporary, so it adds another dimension to the game. It's a nice touch.

Nitrowolf21798d ago

I liked them to.

OT: Nah, I think Kangaskhan had the worst one in terms of design. If the author gonna talk Lazy, then just look at his form. Nothing new was even put into it, all they did was remove the baby out of the pouch finally. In battle it's neat, but in terms of design it's just slacking.

grailly1798d ago

makes it feel a bit like digimon, not sure I like it.

General-Morpice1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

You say that provided the current situation...But had pokemon games stuck around for all this time with 150 mons only I'm willing to bet you'll be saying quite the contrary. That and the fact that everyone would have similar teams..same sweepers..same tanks

PSWiiKing1798d ago

Looks like someone was living under the rock lately.

ThatCanadianGuy5141798d ago

And willfully so.Last pokemon game i played was, i think it was Silver? The one with Lugia?

Pokemon has just been too ridiculous ever since.Instead of focusing more on the original 150 and forming stories about them or around them or expanding upon their lore and universe, every game is just a rinse and repeat with a fresh new batch of pokemon for the cycle.

Granted, not having played the new ones, i'm speaking on 100% ignorance here but, that's how i see the series as it is now.

OMNlPOTENT1798d ago

@DayZ you're forming an opinion of a game that you've never played. That would be like me saying I dislike Grand Theft Auto because they rinse and repeat every game with new characters. I haven't played Grand Theft Auto since 3 so I'm in no place to judge 4 or 5 considering I haven't played them. I could blatantly assume it's just the typical 'do something bad, run away from the cops' type deal, but that would be me judging a game before I played it. It probably changed a lot since GTA3. Pokemon has changed a LOT since Silver but the fun base formula stays the same.

BullyMangler1799d ago

what will they do to Zapdos

Artic UNO <

Zap DOS <

Mol TRES <

Shinox1798d ago

"Mega Evolution"

What's next Ultra Evolution , Digimon wanna be ?

PSWiiKing1798d ago

Yet Digimon hasn't been great since Digimon Frontier (Season 4).

admiralvic1798d ago

To be fair, you're looking at this game from an American (I think, perhaps European?) perspective and not thinking of the symbolic nature of these designs. Like the third eye probably relates to this ( ) and is probably meant to symbolize an enlightened Gengar or was simply added to go along with his already spiritual theme. Sadly, if you hadn't noticed already... a few other Pokemon have elements like this added, where as others simply look like another evolution outright.

secretcode1798d ago

That's not Mega Abomasnow at all.

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