Tecmo Koei Sells Almost 500,000 Copies of 'Toukiden' in Japan

8CN: Toukiden has proven to be a success for Tecmo Koei, with the company revealing that the game has shipped nearly 470,000 copies in Japan. As a new franchise, the sales figures have so far surpassed Tecmo's expectations.

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bothebo1730d ago

Wow... that is impressive for just one region. I assume they mean just physical copies to, or correct me if i'm wrong.

FamilyGuy1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

I'd guess physical copies as it says "shipped", you don't ship a digital copy lol.

Wtf is this game anyway, another one of those monster hunter like rpgs?

Edit: Just looked into it and it's definitely something I'll be getting for my eventual PS Vita Tv.

sinncross1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Well `shipped` refers to how much the developer has technically `sold` in order for them to make money since that is how much stock retailers have bought from them.

It is possible this could include digital sales since those would be sales sold directly to consumers without the retailer as a middle man of sorts.

Either way, digital sales included or not, the sales are good so far for the game. Definitely means a sequel (or at least an expansion) is on the cards now.

FlameHawk1730d ago

So glad this game is getting localized, I hope PSO gets localized too.

sinncross1730d ago

I think its possible they will release a PS4 version and will probably localize all the versions together.

dragonyght1730d ago

its a good start to a series

CalebZachary84111730d ago

Excited. Really hope it comes soon! We need more JPN games.

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