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GIZORAMA - Just Dance 2014 is the latest game to enter the motion controlled dancing market. Like its predecessors on Xbox 360, Just Dance 2014 is controlled completely through Kinect. With the release of the next generation consoles and new motion peripherals on the horizon, is it possible for this incremental upgrade to make any sort of impact?

Just Dance 2014 maintains the traditional Just Dance formula, mimic the dancers on screen and be awarded in a score such as “Perfect” or “Good” depending on how well you did. Those scores fill up a bar that awards you with stars. The amount of stars you can earn in a single dance session varies but it is usually five. From there you can unlock new modes for songs, such as a fitness based dance or a random mash up to keep you on your toes. Some songs require quicker and more precise movement, so there are four difficulty modes from “Easy” to “Extreme”.

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