Titanfall Gets Fantastic Gameplay Trailer, World Tour Video

Respawn entertainment released a gameplay trailer and a world tour video showing off the upcoming Xbox 360/Xbox One/PC shooter Titanfall.

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Abriael1794d ago

I think your idea of "shitty" is very, very elastic.

BiggCMan1794d ago

I agree with him. I think it is way too much like Call of Duty, and I don't really like that. What strikes me as odd is that everyone is praising it, yet many of the same people complain about Call of Duty.

One look at Titanfall, and it is clear as day that the gameplay (how you move, shoot, aim etc..), is 100% like Call of Duty.

I just wanted something better, and this game doesn't do it, nor does it seem next gen in the slightest when put up to games like Forza 5, Watch Dogs, or Killzone.

Then there is the Titan gameplay, it just looks exactly like infantry gameplay, even how the sprint and everything. Mech gameplay shouldn't look like that, it should be heavy, slow, and brutal like Hawken on PC.

Abriael1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Hawken is slow?

Are you sure you ain't confusing it with Mechwarrior?

And there's no "should be like this". There are tens of different perfectly valid kinds of mech combat, from Gundam to Mechwarrior, from Macross to Zone of the Enders or Patlabor. There's no real standard and I don't see why there should be one. Variety is the spice of life, and it's good for gaming.

Honestly I don't even think Hawken qualifies to define mech combat, as it's extremely marginal compared to all the IPs mentioned above.

nix1794d ago

i wouldn't say "shitty"... i really thought in the beginning it was quite good and fast paced. but recently i watched 20 mins of Killzone played on PS4 and now it just looks bland. it still is fast paced but now not so impressive.

darthv721794d ago

This game is Mechwarrior meets COD meets Mirror's edge.

If it plays as good as it looks, this game will kick serious ass.

XB1_PS41794d ago

Looks fun, no revolutionary graphics, but that doesn't interest me as much as how much fun this is going to be.

SanMarco1794d ago

I seriously don't see the hype in this. It look last gen. The weaponry isn't believable to me either. Even if it was on ps4 I would skip this. Compare this to bf4 or KZ.

Outside_ofthe_Box1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

***"Mech gameplay shouldn't look like that, it should be heavy, slow"***

The mech play for this game is good for it. Titanfall is obviously going to be a fast paced game. If the mechs were heavy, clunky and slow nobody would use them. You have to worry about enemies coming from all angles, therefore clunky mechs would be at serious disadvantage despite dealing more damage because you wouldn't be able to hit anything besides other mechs if the gameplay was slow.

I also don't see how this game is like CoD period let alone 100% like CoD. Titanfall looks like it will actually take skill. I'm not sure if there will be killstreaks or perks or anything, but for the most part it seems like everyone starts out on equal terms. It seems like it will be my ability to move and shoot vs your ability to the same. I haven't seen any red flags from the videos shown so far.

P0werVR1794d ago


Yeah, but your a few in many. Too bad. Also, for anyone stating that this is like COD like that's a terrible thing. Well put it like this. If COD sells dominate the next gen preorders and this game turns out better than COD Ghost, I wonder what that means?

The potential of this game as a system seller is very high. The thing is, how long will Microsoft hold the next gen version out for? Since Titanfall will have some unique gameplay features on Xbox One, that will be the defining factor of it being best played on Xbox One for next gen.

4Sh0w1793d ago

Game looks like so much fun to me, but hey I still like COD although I'm not buying COD Ghosts this time just because Im burned out and I want to try something new doesnt mean its a bad game. I know its sooooo cool to hate COD but the game excels at being fun. I'm going to buy Titanfall for exactly that reason because its a fresh take on COD but its not COD= something kickass fun I can play for a year or more.

FamilyGuy1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Man this game looks fun as hell, the part where he threw a grenade through the window and blew the guy out the window was cool as f and hopping out of the Titan and having it follow you in an auto pilot type mode was awesome too.

The graphics look like blacks ops 2 but that's not actually a bad thing considering how much more it's doing. Surprised by the March release date, thought this was coming closer to the middle of next year, not the beginning.

All that wall running, double jumping, shooting missiles at giant mechs, shooting at people as the eject from their mechs and having mechs makes this game awesome.

All that said: When/if this game came to PS4 I would still need to have a good number friends owning it before I'd pick it up. The COD feel and look of it make it something I could pass up. It looks fun, and COD is/was fun to me, but I've grown tired of that after playing it so much this gen. For people still heavy into COD this game will be huge.

I hope it has a ton of maps, it'll definitely become a franchise so I don't want them thinking they can skimp on the number of maps and just sell map packs, this is an online only game after all.

aCasualGamer1793d ago

Gonna wait for the PS4 release.

Kleptic1793d ago

Serious this 360 footage? I just see the bumper button prompts, and don't know the differences between the 360 and One's controller layout, if there even is one...or is this 'target' PC or something?

Looks fun as hell, though...this, BF4, and Destiny are really the only games i'm excited about right now...and since i'll be used to Origin from Bf4, this being on Origin actually isn't pissing me off like it is some others haha...

H0RSE1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

When you say you think it's "way too much like Call of Duty," what do you mean? It moves at the same speed? The gameplay looks similar, etc. it's a vague statement.

One of the things that caught my interest was that people who got to play it said it reminded them of older PC shooters - I've heard comparisons to both Quake 3 and Tribes, so it might retain the speed of COD, but remove the shit mechanics that game has and move to a more arena-shooter feel.

Quake 3 reference: http://www.escapistmagazine...

Tribes reference:

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creatchee1794d ago

Good thing nobody cares what it looks like to you.

sincitysir11794d ago

even though its not the prettiest game, even in current gen it looks really fun!hopefully it comes to ps4. if not then i hope there are still people playing it when i - nvm ill get it on my 360. keep forgetting its for 360 also

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Kurogane1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

If it was on PS4 you wouldnt say that bro keep real

twinspectre1794d ago

dude it will come out on PS4 too.
Time will tell anyway i'm not interested even if this game comes out on PS4 i'm deadfucking serious even BF4 sucks and why not Cod is Dead to me since BLACK OPS 1

JustPlay41793d ago

But it on PC, so I'm good

wishingW3L1794d ago

I have lost bubbles almost instantly for saying that a game looks generic but this guy is even using bad language and getting agrees for it. This site is so unfair. ;__;

Studio-YaMi1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

It might not be heavy on the graphical side but it's FAR from what your claiming it to be.

It looks DAMN good to me,looks so much fun !

"Rask : I heard it will be on PC."
So what ? Xbox fans should skip it or downplay it because it's going to other platforms ? grow up troll ! :|

If you have a good PC(not high end though since the game isn't gonna be graphic heavy on your card,still looks great though!),then buy it on that,if not & you really want this game,buy the XboxOne,not that hard of a choice.

Rask1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

No, i didn't mean that. The dude said i disliked the game because it will not be on my console of choice (which is, currently, the Wii U BTW), and i just said that the game will be on PC, my platform of choice over any console.

ssj271794d ago

this is the same thing we saw last time isn't?
visuals on par with KZ3.

seem fun but they need to show new gameplay or levels it seem repetitive and whats the goal of this game? to be extracted? i don't get it.

are you play again't ai bots or other players? it's hard to tell.

anyways i don't get the hype behind this like if is goign to change the gaming world, nothing new here that i have not experience playing killzone 3.. and this is possible in xbox360 so is nothing next gen in it..

DestinyHeroDoomlord1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

You play against ai and real people, there was an article last week about why they did that. Most shooting games are repetitive, kill or be killed.

ssj271794d ago

Thanks i guess that smart if is a option but I will not like to join games where IDK if I'm playing again't ai bots or real people and I meant the level gameplays..
for example you could play KILLZONE SHADOW FALL in many different ways and change the game play in that form.

anyways they have not show nothing interesting about this game and is about to launch in few months..

malokevi1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

"looks $hitty"


Gives me goosebumps. I guess it's a matter of opinion. But... I haven't read a single preview from someone who played it who hasn't walked away in a child-like state of wonderment.

Goes to show the type of person that dismisses something like this.

I've already seen that gameplay demo 10 times, and I still gush at it. Like no gameplay I've ever gushed at before.

After E3, I almost $hit myself. Every single person who I have showed the gameplay demo says to me, and I quote:

"so.... this is only going to be on Xbox...?"

I smile and nod. And then they fold.

CaptainFaisal1793d ago

is this a MP only game ? if yes then why do we have to pay 59.99$ for it? worth at least 29.99$

malokevi1793d ago

Single player elements are ingrained in the multiplayer. Games dont work as cut/dry as you think they do.

It's not like you pay 30 dollars for the single player and 30 dollars for the multiplayer. It's not like dev costs are split right down the middle. Such a shallow perspective.

Lots of online only games are worth the full price. Hell, I bought BF3 and never touched the single player. I got my moneys worth... I still play to this day.

If you don't like online gaming or multiplayer shooters, then stay away. Period.

Trekster_Gamer1793d ago

If it had single player then I would but it.

Trekster_Gamer1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

You comment like a retarded troll...

BozoLoco1793d ago

I've played this game. It's amazing. What happens in this trailer is exactly how it is.

Ashunderfire861793d ago

Well it does look like Call of Duty, but its just a little better in the graphics department. Its way more fun than Call of Duty anyway.

VENOMACR12271793d ago

If it was coming out on PS4 it would be the greatest game ever. But since its on Xbox it looks like shit. Dont be such a fan boy and admit when a game looks or plays cool. Watch how well the game sells when its released. I'm sure the shitty looking game will be game of the year.

Khajiit861793d ago

It does not look shitty but this game is not on my radar. Looks a lot like call of duty and im so sick and tired of cod.

MuhammadJA1793d ago

once it's confirmed for ps4: "best game ever!".

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TRD4L1fe1794d ago

wow that's pretty damn cool honestly, if it werent for wanting a ps4 next year then I would buy it

kiz26941794d ago

Really wish they would show xbox one gameplay :/

JCOLE131951794d ago

I've already seen this trailer back at Gamescom -_-

Thought it'd be something new we haven't seen yet.

rela82me1794d ago

click the actual article, its in there.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1793d ago

Thanks, skipping the article has become a bit of a habit

TheFallenAngel1794d ago

I don't know I don't like the idea of jumping around the buildings. Don't think its worth it (in my opinion)

rela82me1794d ago

Honestly, what about mobility like that is unappealing? The mobility and balance is the major thing that sets itself apart from the run of the mill shooters such as COD and KZ...

I personally can see complaints about perhaps graphics or something, but the jumping around buildings part seems the most appealing to me anyway. To each there own I suppose, but if they were to keep everyone on the ground than the titans would just own the entire game.

TheFallenAngel1793d ago

While I agree about the titans would own if it was just ground work I mean why not make the building accessible enough to take down the titans. I don't like the little jet packs and jumping everywhere like grass hoppers. That's the major reason that the game is so unappealing.

BattleTorn1794d ago

Worth the risk of getting killed?

Or worth the point of creating the option?

If latter, how can you say adding virticality is "not worth?"

<Diversity - so overrated>

TheFallenAngel1793d ago

Not worth my time or money. My brother is getting an Xbox one and I was going to buy the game to play it on his Xbox. but I don't like the concept of jumping around like grass hoppers and having force shield that will stop bullets in mid air and shoot them back to them. Just seems very unappealing.

Khajiit861789d ago

Looks fun but it reminds me too much of COD. And yeah im into realistic shooters and this jumping around stuff is not appealing to me either.