The five greatest controller inventions in gaming history

VGS: 'In the relatively short but rich history if gaming, many inventions and innovations have come and gone, and a lot of them had to do with how players interacted with their games. Some of them have stuck to this very day, because of their intuitive nature and their proven functionality. So, which five inventions left the biggest impression, and have shaped the way we play games ever since?'

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darthv721705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Ironic how the "control stick" picture is of a PS1 controller and not the N64 controller.

edit @nyxus. if the pictures are picked all (well almost all) nintendo ones.

what about wireless controllers? They had been around since the 2600 days and were available for the NES, Genesis, SNES, etc and werent a standard until the 360.

Nyxus1705d ago

How so? The pictures are just decorative.

gamer11381705d ago

Because it implies that it was a sony idea. True they came up with the idea of the downward press, but those PS1 sticks were in response to the single stick on the N64.

InTheLab1705d ago

The analog stick was used in gaming before the N64. Dual analog and the fact that they are clickable were PS innovations.

Nyxus1705d ago

Yeah, part of the reason I chose the PS1 controller is because it has two sticks as opposed to the N64 controller, and two sticks is what has become the standard. But honestly, people shouldn't read so much into the photos, if you read the accompanying text you can see it's not about the specific controllers but the general idea behind the layout.

3-4-51705d ago

Atari had an analog stick kind of


so true. but when you have an entire page which is essentially dedicated to nintendo controllers and their innovations, you look bias. even though they really do deserve most of the credit for all of these.

Nyxus1705d ago

So what? I just picked controllers I liked for the photos. They are just meant as an illustration to the text, so I don't get what the big deal is.

darthv721705d ago

If you picked contyrollers you liked for the photos then why use the N64 rumble pack and not the dualshock again?

you used the SNES pad in two sections when you could have summed up the entire thing by using 1 controller for all segments. your picking had reason behind it more than decorative.

you were on a roll with "inventions" because in each pic was the controller that essentially invented (or re-invented) the idea of the segment. Perhaps you should have titled that one section..."Dual Analog Sticks" instead of simply "Control Stick". In that regard you could have put the 2600 controller as it used a control stick same with the 5200 which used an analog control stick.

Khajiit861705d ago

The stick has technically been around forever. Is that not how we made pacman move?

InTheLab1705d ago

Don't say that to Nintendo fans or 20 year olds. Nintendo invented gaming itself to them.

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XboxFun1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

Nintendo man, those guys are on top of their game. I do think the Wii Pad should be there too in my honest opinion.

Nyxus1705d ago

@ darthv72: Because the rumble pack is really the only way to physically show rumble. It's built in with the other controllers. Plus, I had it lying around, so why not.

I added the photos later as an extra touch. The texts are not descriptions of the pictures, the pictures are just a way to show the described feature in practice and not necessarily the controller that invented said feature. If people want to read more into it than that, fine, but it's not how I meant it.

I think I've explained it enough now. I know how the photos are meant in the context of the article because, well, I took them. And I wrote the article. So one more time, and I hope it's clear now: The photos are simply meant as an illustration for the mentioned controller feature, nothing more.

ALARM-clock1705d ago

Jeez, did anyone of you people complaining about the pictures even bother to read the article...?

Nyxus1705d ago

Thanks. The pictures are just examples.