Two Worlds interview - What went wrong and how things will be put right with The Temptation

It's fair to say that Two Worlds didn't get the best reception when it finally hit the shelves.

With an average rating of 50% a lot of criticism was thrown at Two Worlds - it wasn't polished, the graphics were awful, the dialogue was bad and it just wasn't that much fun. In the aftermath of Oblivion, Two Worlds just didn't have the confidence to step out of its shadow.

So OXM asked the developer, Reality Pump, what went wrong with Two Worlds and how they plan to fix it with the sequel, Two Worlds: The Temptation.

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ericnellie3892d ago

I've got to admit, I surely hope their second game is a lot better. I wasn't a big fan of Two Worlds;)

HeroOfCows3892d ago

insisted that the original was better than Oblivion. With him though, I can never even tell if he's serious or not.
Anyways, I hope this game turns out to be much better than the first.

kwicksandz3892d ago

I played the demo. Thought it was basically an uglier version of oblivion which is why it got canned in reviews i guess.

Groo3892d ago

I beat Two Worlds and it wasn't really that bad of a game, the ending was stupid but I had fun with the overall game. The first hour of playing Two Worlds was horrible, I wanted to bring the game back, I kept playing cause a friend insisted I keep playing and I actually enjoyed the game when I learned how to really play it. Don't think I'll buy the new one but I'm willing to try it out.

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