Sony: High PS4 Price In Brazil Is Bad For Gamers

Gamers in Brazil (and around the world) were more than a little frustrated to learn about the exorbitant, $1,800 USD+ price tag that the Playstation 4 will carry in Brazil and, apparently, they weren’t the only ones. Sony

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xHeavYx1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

"Sony is apparently in negotiations with local officials, and is looking into the possibility of domestic manufacturing to help lower costs"
That's good to know for Brazilian gamers, people can stop blaming Sony for the price now

Lalanana1732d ago

lol nope it's sony's fault j/k :-p

malokevi1732d ago

I agree with Lala. This is OBVIOUSLY Sony's fault. We should burn them at the stake for it.

xHeavYx1732d ago

You almost had it Lalanana, but Malokevi beat you to "lamest comment"

HammadTheBeast1732d ago

Dude. Trolling is an art. You're bad at it.

ZBlacktt1732d ago

and we tried to explain this the last time this story came up to. It's not and never has been Sony's fault.

malokevi1732d ago

You really like to think that people like to think that this is Sony's fault, don't you? Otherwise you wouldn't have any other crappy reasons to get twisty knickers syndrome.

HighResHero1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

People do think this is Sony's fault.
There are a lot of people still blaming Sony and other companies for stuff like this.
Many people don't understand the fees and taxes associated with this kind of thing in some countries and just assume the company is trying to scalp them.
Also, why are you assuming they have "twisty knickers syndrome" ?

@malokevi: I considered that. Also, i'll let your grammar/syntax mistakes slide since this is an informal web forum.

malokevi1732d ago

Heavy isn't a "they". Also, HEHEHEHEHE.

No person worth anyone's time thinks that it's sony's fault. Nobody in this thread appears to think it's Sony's fault. So for Heavy to make the first post in his own article saying "it's not Sony's fault, so stop blaming them!" is.......

LAME! He just likes to cry into his palms and dish to his mom over salty margaritas.

Disclaimer: NOBODY GIVES A RATS @$$

Nitrowolf21732d ago

you really think the average consumer in Brazil knows this? This isn't about people on this site, this is about the people in Brazil. Suddenly we are all Brazillian? Of course no one here blames Sony for it, most here should know it's all about import and taxes there, but to the average consumer in Brazil anything high cost looks like a greedy way to get money from them

Abriael1732d ago

The headline sounds pretty much like "the sky is blue".

Can't be more obvious.

malokevi1732d ago

At certain times of the day, in certain areas of the sky, it takes on a certain pinkish-orange quality.

saikorican1732d ago

If anybody blamed Sony for the high prices in Brazil they are being ridiculous. Why would a company purposefully price jack a product in a specific country, let alone make it near 2 grand for a $400 device. The fault was clearly the way Brazil handles taxes from the beginning.

Massahud1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Taxes are high, but they are not the only ones to blame. The profit margin per unit sold in Brazil is about U$300.
Even if there were no taxes the PS4 in Brazil would still cost at least U$700.

And U$300 is the value Sony said they are putting on profit. On the spreadsheet where Sony detailed the taxes, some taxes that are not calculated over the profit are being calculated over profit (like import tax), so the final profit is more than U$300, a lot more.

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iamnsuperman1732d ago

Of course it is but what can the really do. It seems to be a government side issue where forigen products are taxed heavily. I think negotiations will only go so far. The price is going to be high

husomc1732d ago

this is what happens when tax evasion runs rampant, the govt will be forced to tax the corporations, which in turn gets translated to exorbitant pricing

My_precious1732d ago

my country tax is high too (not as much as Brazil but still high) so i often buy all of my stuff through black market (with same price as tax) because i refuse to give these stinking gorvement my money

FlameHawk1732d ago

The reason why the prices are different is because Microsoft is making Xbox One at Brasil so it isn't getting taxed while the PS4 is being imported and is being taxed, don't blame Sony, blame the Brazil Government.

drsfinest721732d ago

Don't spread misinformation. Where's your sources? Last I heard it was 360 that they build over there.

PraxxtorCruel1732d ago

Why doesn't Sony have a production facility in Brazil if the PS brand is as popular as everyone makes it out to be? Brazil must not be priority for Sony.

iamnsuperman1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

It may not be cost effective to set up right now. I don't know what taxes the government imposes on foreign companies looking to set up factories (I assume there is, like a lot of regions, a tax). Then you have issues with pay and security. South America is growing and having a factory would help penetrate that growing market but that market is still a long way off being a big market (in Brazil 24% live below the poverty line which is a huge amount who cannot afford it. Brazil has a poor distribution of wealth which makes things worse). You then have to split your distribution (i.e. send stuff to Brazil instead of China which does cost if the relative total unit manufacturing is low). Security cost is a big one as the people who make these products live in poor areas so the factory needs to be in a poor area (Brazil, like a lot of Latin America, does has a problem with organised crime). Then you have the black market issue to consider (something the government has inadvertently created by having a high tax rate)

There are a lot of factors to consider before making the claim "Brazil must not be priority for Sony"

drsfinest721732d ago

Xbox one is cheaper in Brazil.

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