Unreal Engine 4 VFX Showcased in Stunning Infiltrator Demo

"Epic Games' latest and greatest engine is showcased in a new demonstration of 'Infiltrator'."

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ramon1985351761d ago

Dumb question, but is it only for PC, or will it also be on Xbox One?

Saviour1761d ago

It will support all major consoles, it's very scalable.

Skate-AK1761d ago

The engine will support many different platforms. Xbone included. This is only a tech demo though. Not a game.

madworld1761d ago

Amazing we need it so badly on nextgen games

Jughead34161761d ago

There's only a couple next gen games so far that's known to be using this engine. Seems many devs are building their own engines these days to keep the costs down.

webeblazing1761d ago

so they fix lipgloss action figure look bout time. hate the look of character in the ue. do deep down use UE because the textures have that slimey look like lost planet

Belking1761d ago

Quantum Break uses UE4.

Anonagrog1761d ago

As far as I'm aware Remedy are using their own in-house engine, 'North Light'.

Skate-AK1761d ago

No. Like dogdirt said they are using their own engine "Northlight."

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