Sonic Lost World (Wii U) Nintendo Review - Cubed3

Sonic Lost World is one of those games that does sparkle with moments of brilliance and enjoyment at times, but also gives off a foul stench of flawed and problematic gameplay at others. SEGA have introduced a greater amount of variety and what appears to be a more consolidated sense of direction and themes in Sonic Lost World. It's certainly not without its numerous issues, but is a worthy entry to at least try first.

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AHall881795d ago

Man the reviews for this game are all over the place. It's getting 8's, 7's, 6's, and 5's. I was interested in it, but now I'm not sure.

lilbroRx1795d ago

Gamers who put this much precedence in numerical scores are saddening to hear.

I only care about the details, not the numbers. To much bias in the industry right now to do otherwise.

BlackWolf1795d ago

Well, with reviews so mixed, I'd go with my own experience. Try the demo, or rent the game, or any other option you can think off, and make your own judgement. If you find it worth it of being on your library, get it on your own; if not, just let it pass your way.

AHall881795d ago

I remember seeing someone on youtube play the demo, but when I look in the eshop it's not there.

And @lilbroRx it's not just the number's that has me worried. The main complaints seem to be that the control and camera are wacky. In my opinion, nothing ruins a game more than bad controls, so that's the main reason I'm not sure now.