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Submitted by Pain_Killer 836d ago | news

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti To Cost Around $650 – GeForce GTX 780 Reciving Price Cut To Tackle R9 290

Last week, NVIDIA announced their latest flagship GeForce GTX 780 Ti graphics card based on the GK110 core architecture. The new GeForce GTX 780 Ti launches in mid of November but aside from the release date, NVIDIA didn’t gave out any more information on their upcoming product. (PC, Tech)

deadfrag  +   836d ago
Thats a killer price right there.Time to switch my gtx580!
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egidem  +   836d ago
Doesn't stand a chance against my laptop's GT230M, rocking 48 stream processors. Still going strong! XD
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   836d ago
what do you play games on, wireframe mode O_o
Pain_Killer  +   836d ago
If the GTX 780 Ti indeed comes at $649 and has performance on par with R9 290X then im going with NVIDIA. Not saying AMD is not a good choice but i need downsampling support which isn't available on CCC.

Aside from that, their digital vibrance engine is a great feature. There are various small things that make GeForce cards a better experience for me.
Plagasx  +   836d ago
Digital Vibrance engine??
Letros  +   836d ago
Increases color contrast levels, makes things look a bit more colorful even if it is inaccurate.
SlapHappyJesus  +   836d ago
I have a 680 and the thing still tackles all the new releases without gimping on the settings.
That said, my friend is looking to SLI and really likes my card. If the 780ti does indeed hit at that price, I would gladly sell my card to my friend and grab the 780ti.
Studio-YaMi  +   836d ago
A noob question !

Is the 780ti better than a 780 SLI ? and if so,is the difference big or small ?

Thanks in advance !
SnakeCQC  +   836d ago
i bought a 670(because of its close performance to the 680) and it got pwned by hitman absolution :( Those intensive games always make me wonder; if i should bother with gpu upgrades when theres always some new game only months that will reduce me to playing at sub 40 fps.
SlapHappyJesus  +   836d ago
Honestly, I had no issues running Hitman Absolution. Stuck at 60 with barely any dips. This was with some fair CSAA assistance as well.
Wyesvin  +   836d ago
If this is correct i'm definitely getting one of these. I already cancelled my ps4 preorder so that will help the payments. I'm one of those that doesn't care about exclusive games.
lonz358  +   836d ago
But you care about graphics and spending way more money? Just asking..
Irishguy95  +   836d ago
Cares about FPS/Gameplay
MidnytRain  +   836d ago
You say that like people who are buying the PS4 don't care about graphics.
lonz358  +   836d ago
@irishguy how would you know what he cares about? 60 fps isn't enough?

I never understood spending so much just to have good graphics, then have to upgrade every few years. Just my opinion.
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webeblazing  +   836d ago
dont console gamers brag about gfx alot. dont yall upgrade to different consoles every couple of yrs. maybe he want more games, but than again its not about the games
SnakeCQC  +   836d ago
@ webeblazing its around 8+ years to a console cycle
webeblazing  +   836d ago
its going to be less this gen and more than likely pcs today will still be able to play games for next console mp just turn down setting. pc gamers have no problems turning down gfx settings.
Maxor  +   836d ago
The stock market have been kind to me. So I'm getting both...and a new house.

Wooohoo!! 2013, best year, ever.

Back on topic...I'm dying for a G-sync monitor. Come out already!
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Studio-YaMi  +   836d ago
Respecting your choice but seriously you address that you don't care about exclusives .. what ARE exclusives anyways at the end of the day ?

Games ! and they are games that you might even wanna play and enjoy.

I am in the process of building a gaming rig,I only have a gaming laptop at the moment with a GTX780M.

That being said,I found that steam library and PC games in general lack two genres I really like a LOT,JRPGS(and mostly games that are made in Japan that don't see a PC release even if they were going to release in NA or Europe) & 3rd person action driven story games(although the was rectified this past gen with games like DMC,Castlevania & Dark souls coming to PC as well).

I'm not going to give up on buying a Playstation,at the end of the day,it's the games that counts & not the number of pixels(although I do appreciate good quality & high graphics).
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webeblazing  +   836d ago
some people don't care about exclusive just playing games. and jrpgs been lacking period for all platforms
Kleptic  +   836d ago
Interested to see where this goes...considering some OC'd R9 280x's have been all over the 780's performance the last few almost half the cost...its good to see nvidia responding...

Its all on what price the 290x drops at...$650 is still well out of a typical build budget...but if a 290x drops around the rumored <$600...and has equal or better performance to a 780ti (so far, they seem to be nearly identical)...AMD seems to be aggressively asking Nvidia where their pricing figures are coming from...

I'd love a 780, no doubt...would probably be my go to card...but with the sapphire 280x sacrificing roughly 5fps across multiple games...but at $300 less...i just couldn't see the point...of course now, after i ordered stuff, the 780 is coming down in thats fantastic for me haha...
xKugo  +   836d ago
Really? I hadn't heard of that.
I looked up how they compared when it first came out and it was getting crushed by the 780 and Titan, but that happens with most cards. Kinda hard to believe that just overclocking made up a 25+ frames difference in performance between the two. But, I'll definitely check that out.
Kleptic  +   836d ago
yeah look up benchmarks of the sapphire R9 280x Toxic edition...on nearly every game averages between that and a reference 780 were within just a couple frames...and in some cases the toxic would beat the 780 by a frame or two at some resolutions...

granted...thats a reference 780 vs. a 280x OC'd pretty much to its an OC'd 780 will start to walk away again...but its still $300 less...and PLENTY for any game at 1080/60fps maxed out right now...
LAWSON72  +   836d ago
If GTX 780 gets dropped to $500 I would buy one, but I dont see it happening.
TRD4L1fe  +   836d ago
$650....glad im not a PC gamer
infamous-butcher  +   836d ago
I'm glad you're not too.
TRD4L1fe  +   836d ago
awww did I hurt your feelings??
Parasyte  +   836d ago
Don't feed the trolls.
Dante81  +   836d ago
These GPUs are for enthusiasts. Most buy mid-range like a 7950 which is 200 bucks, or a 660ti if you prefer Nvidia.
Nerdmaster  +   836d ago
That's the problem with console gamers. They announce the most powerful graphics card, that's made for true enthusiasts, that of course will have a high price tag, and console gamers say "I was right, PC gaming really is too expensive!". What they don't understand is that a mid-range graphics card is more than enough to surpass the power of their consoles.
Kleptic  +   836d ago
Sadly...even the ps4's 'more powerful' gpu fits into the budget arena of PC hardware...a 7870 is what, like $120?...and isn't that the most similar card to the new consoles? (seriously asking, can't remember)

which is probably why i've seen more people jump back in to PC in the last few months than i had in years...A platoon of over 30 friends of mine in BF3 were all patiently waiting for BF4 on PS4...and literally every single one of us has just skipped a console and came back to PC for BF4 specifically...

I'll get a console if and when the 'launch hiccups' go away...i'm not a graphics whore...but i also never thought i'd find myself playing games in 2013+ at lower than 1080, at lower than 60fps...if the consoles don't lock that in soon, i'll be PC only again...
SlapHappyJesus  +   836d ago
You get out what you put in.
PC gaming is as simple as that.

You do save a lot with games though. PC gaming for eight months now and I already own 300 quality games over Steam.
The rig, as far as I am concerned, already paid for itself when it comes to the cost of games.
Enate  +   836d ago
The whole I have a truck ton of games on steam thing is kind of blah these days. Not a soul on my steam list plays half the games they have that have more then 50. An quality is up to interpretation. I have 51 games on my steam an only 11 installed and out of those 11 I could probably stand to uninstall 5 or so cuz I am not playing them like most people on my steam list.

I have been gaming on consoles since I could hold a controller. An heavy PC gaming since Ragnarok online with my first build holding a GTX 275. So yea like I said up to interpretation.
SlapHappyJesus  +   836d ago
"It's blah"?
When talking cost, talking the cost of games on each respective platform isn't a valid point?
Nerdmaster  +   836d ago
So you're saying that you play all the console games you have at the same time? Of course we won't have all of our games installed at the same time. Even with console games, you may have a library of 50 games, and you'll only be playing 2 or 3 at any given time.

The difference between having 50 console games and 50 PC games is that you certainly spent half or less to buy those PC games. And those 50 console games will not work on your new console, while PC games will work flawlessly when you decide to buy another PC.
Enate  +   835d ago
@Nerdmaster The main thing I was getting at was that he says he has 300 quality games. Though that doesn't really mean much of anything if you don't play them. I love the sales on steam as much as the next person but I have seen most of my friends list go broke to save money only to never play half the **** they bought. An obviously we have established most pc games work forever but you don't see check out this old *** pc game I'm playing at the top of the news either. The few old games I care to play on console that I have access to on my vita which is pretty much Xenogears an maybe suikoden II.

I can understand some people like to go back every now an then but most people get over no bc really quick once the nex gen takes off. An if it wasn't about the hottest tittles to come the news on n4g would be very different. An there wouldn't be a truck ton of petitions on up an coming console games that pc gamers I clammering for to be on pc. Its all good though I will be enjoying my choice of games on pc an any console for the next few years.
aquamala  +   836d ago
it's only about 3 times more powerful than ps4, and with a card like this you can be playing games in 1440p/1600p or multiple displays.
Enate  +   836d ago
We will see as I don't consider it capable of such things until it does so on every game 60fps max settings no exceptions. Then will talk about me upgrading my monitor to 1440p and gtx 680. Still not a fan of triple monitor gaming but to each their own. I just can't stand the way it stretches unnaturally across the screens or the bezels.
clmstr  +   836d ago
Turd for life? I'm sorry if I've misinterpreted your nickname.
xKugo  +   836d ago
Wondering if the 780ti and GTX Titan Ultra(rumoured) will both be featuring a GK110 GPU unlocked, unlike the normal 780 and Titan which have a slightly hindered version. Also wondering how far they are willing to drop the price the normal 780. Would be great for the market if they made it $499.
Kleptic  +   836d ago
yeah...ideally they'd go even lower...that would really stir up competition with AMD...its just, right now, the two companies fill completely opposite spots in the 'upper middle range' if that is even a bracket...

performance wise right now, its mostly:

290x (maybe)
780Ti (maybe)

yet...price wise, its:

780ti (these two could flip, 290x price isn't out yet)

AMD has a price advantage, but less available stuff into the higher end unless you go with a 7990...which rearranges all this again...nvidia definitely has the better performance, but you start to pay a lot more for the incremental boosts you get in frames...
Software_Lover  +   836d ago
This is big. I hope that the 290x comes between 500 and 600. I'm guessing the 290 will be around 400 - 450.

My 7950 is still going strong but I would sell it and upgrade if the price is right. I just don't overclock enough (not that I can't, I just don't want to) to get the 280x. Its not that much of an upgrade. Great card though. Great card!!
Nerdmaster  +   836d ago
I'm itching to buy it, but I'll wait for the GTX 880 next year, because I also plan to buy a 4K monitor next year, and the 880 will of course be more powerful to handle it.
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Maxor  +   836d ago
Do you think a GTX 880 will be such a massive performance increase enough to handle 4k? I mean right now even the Titan struggles with 4K.
FlyingFoxy  +   836d ago
Titan/Mars cards are overpriced p.o.s, the fact the 780 has 3gb less GDDR5 than the Titan and is literally just behind it in performance proves they shoehorn unneeded memory to make up for the huge cost, if they want to be taken seriously they'd be a lot faster. But they are just always cards bringing deminishing returns. if a game runs crap on the 780 it also will on Titan.

Whats next? a Jupiter? a Phobos?
Nerdmaster  +   836d ago
I said "more powerful", not "powerful enough to play everything on Ultra with constant 60fps". Of course, I'll still have my Full HD monitor (and my 1680x1050 3D monitor for 3D Vision), so if I have to make too many visual sacrifices to keep the framerate, nothing stops me from going back to "only" Full HD.

But I saw benchmarks, and the Titan is able to keep a playable 30fps in most games in Ultra settings, so I'm guessing that the 880 (or maybe the Titan 2) will be enough for a couple or years, if I turn down some settings. In the benchmark tests I saw, they kept anti aliasing turned on, and I really think that 4K doesn't need anti aliasing, for example.

Of course, it's all theoretical. I'll have to wait until the 880 is released to see if it's worth it for 4K, but I'm confident it will.

And before you say "You're considering buying Titan 2? Don't you value your money?", I'll say that I live in Brazil, and as you probably know because of the Brazilian PS4 price fiasco, everything here is too expensive. So as I'm planning a trip to USA next year, buying a Titan 2 there will certainly be cheaper than buying a 880 here. Today, a GTX 780 here in Brazil is more than a thousand dollars, for example.
SlapHappyJesus  +   836d ago
Same here.
With my 680, performance still really isn't an issue. Still hits 60 (opting for decent levels of CSAA over MSAA and the like), but I feel I am going to be held back from 2GB's of VRAM I have in the the thing. I game at 1440p and I don't think two gigs are going to cut it much longer, considering everything else I run games under.
Not sure whether to bite now, with the 780ti, or to wait for whatever Nvidia has up their sleeves for next year.
Getting one ti now and then one down the road is definitely an option though. Just wish there were 4 gigs of VRAM in the things though.
#9.2 (Edited 836d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
FlyingFoxy  +   836d ago
These cards will bring nice FPS for those with 120hz monitors, or even 1440p 60hz max. 4k is nowhere near silky smooth with framerates averaging around 30-40fps at best meaning they'd dip even lower than that often.

Can you imagine having to drop from 4k to 1440p or lower just to get nice framerates? it would look like crap dropping so much from native.

AMD's Mantle sounds interesting though, maybe now we can always get games running 60+fps @ 1080p with no dips on good hardware for a change, with the exception of the obvious devs who's games run bad even on good systems like Crytek games.
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pennywhyz  +   836d ago
PC's are Godlike.
johny5  +   836d ago
This card isn't worth it....

Nvidia Maxwell comes out in March so anybody wanting a real upgrade should wait till then. You could get away with anything from GTX 680 equivalent to a GTX 780 for under 300$!

"My guess is"

GTX 860 = GTX 680 - $200

GTX 860ti = GTX 780 - $300 - $350

GTX 870 and GTX 880 would be 40% - 50% increase over Titan! Price could be anywhere from $500 to $750 accordingly?

Assuming it's GK110 and all SMX unlocked it's totally possible that you can see that type of performance gains from next generation reference cards since it's a die shrink plus a new architecture!

For comparison see GTX 580 against GTX 780/Titan. The real GK110!
#12 (Edited 836d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
johny5  +   836d ago
Maxwell 6000 cuda cores!!!
It seems i was totally wrong! It's going to be a bigger change then i thought from the low and high end!

This is how it's line up might be:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860/GTX 850 Ti: Sub $249
From 960 to 2304 ALU "Titan performance!"

GeForce GTX 680 replacement: 3840 Cuda Cores!

NVIDIA Maxwell GM100 "GTX 880" (6144 Cuda Cores!) Mother of god!!!

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