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Has Zelda Become One Of The Most Overrated Series Around?

MasonicGamer: Put down your pitch forks everyone, I’m not here to fight but rather here to question. This isn’t exactly a post I was looking to forward to writing but it’s something that’s been bugging for me a while, the last couple of years in fact. The arrival of Ocarina of Time for the 3DS made me wonder if this series was just riding off past success and now Wind Waker HD seems to confirm that as a yes.

The Legend of Zelda will always be one of my most cherished memories, I still recall the days of when I played the original on the NES. Whilst many games at the time were some kind of simple 2D side-scroller, Zelda was the first time I felt like I was embanking on an adventure. (3DS, GameCube, Nintendo DS, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Wii, Wii U)

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MONKEYDLUFFY  +   551d ago
Zelda is the ultimate video game franchise it is not overrated.
MasonicGamer  +   551d ago
Nice to see you read the title, do you want to elaborate on your thoughts to why it is "the ultimate video game franchise".
sonic989  +   551d ago
but dont use common sense on this web site LOL

off topic
your name is somehow creepy lol
sonic989  +   551d ago
oops double post sorry
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XB1_PS4  +   551d ago
The one's I have played, LoZ, Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword, were amazing. Skyward Sword being my least favorite.

I can understand, sort of, what this guy is saying. I haven't played the portable versions, so I cannot speak on those.

Still my favorite franchise of all time.
MONKEYDLUFFY  +   551d ago
Well when it comes to quality it has no peer. When I think of video games I think Zelda. It is always changing always evolving. It has shaped the industry with games like OOT. Again it has no peer
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ThanatosDMC  +   551d ago
^You need to play more games then.
TruthbeTold  +   551d ago
In an industry where games like The Last of Us are vehemently deemed 'game of the year' a year before they release by thousands of gamers, I don't see Zelda as one of the most overrated series. There are some things it seems to get a free pass on though, and those things do need to be called out from time to time.
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Dante81  +   551d ago
I agree. They space the titles out appropriately, so it always feels fresh when I play through a new one.
triforce79  +   551d ago
Ultimate game series by a country mile END OF over rated don't make me laugh ive seen over 200 reviews on zelda games all over 90% they cant all be wrong ??? plus i will tell u they are perfect games all of them.
dafegamer  +   551d ago
Indeed, zelda is still one of the best franchises in gaming
3-4-5  +   551d ago
Some of the games are overrated but the series as a whole is batting over .300
Shnazzyone  +   550d ago
Seeing as this guy judged an 40 hour game by the first 7 hours (and probably never understood all the nuance in the motion controls.) . I don't think he's exactly someone who is in frame of mind to judge the franchise. Zelda isn't overrated. Zelda is simply Iconic and well managed. I'll happily admit phantom hourglass and spirit tracks were only okay but something should be pointed out. It's still not a bad game. The story was good just the flow was hampered by returning to a central point to progress further.

Zelda is iconic because it's always innovated in gameplay to tell its story like no other game franchise does. As long as every entry is full of great gameplay and puzzles... I will always be excited for a new game. Despite how this random guy who didn't even give skyward sword a chance says.
Neonridr  +   551d ago | Well said
I would like you to elaborate on how Skyward Sword was met with a "meh" reaction when it released. It was a GOTY contender and currently has a metacritic rating of 93. I know you mentioned the whole metacritic rating in your article, but games don't just magically average out that kind of score with horrible, dated designs and poor combat mechanics as you put it.

A "meh" game doesn't receive those kinds of accolades.

Wind Waker was missed by a lot of people who didn't own a Gamecube. This is a chance for a new generation to experience that game, with enhanced visuals.

And as for A Link Between Worlds being too much like A Link to the Past.... well it's a direct sequel to the game, don't you think it should share elements from its predecessor?

Obviously EVERY Zelda game is not going to be a hit with every person out there, as they usually try some unique things from time to time (Spirit Tracks, Phantom Hourglass), but those games were still well received by the majority.

Twilight Princess was what everyone craved, it was their Spaceworld 2000 demo turned to a real game. It was what everyone wanted Wind Waker to actually be, before they saw the cel-shaded look.

Regardless, if you don't feel as excited about playing the next Zelda adventure, then that's your opinion, and it's valid. I know that ALBW and the Wii U Zelda are both going to be fantastic experiences that I am so looking forward to.
BosSSyndrome  +   551d ago
Good stuff. Bubbled up.
WeAreLegion  +   551d ago
Critics loved Skyward Sword. Many fans loved it, too. I thought the poor control scheme and lack of compelling story ruined it though. The visuals were incredible, however.
_QQ_  +   551d ago
Amazing control scheme*
Blacklash93  +   551d ago
I thought the controls were one of the new things that worked out, honestly. I never found Zelda's combat as interesting as it became with these new motion controls and the puzzles surrounding the new movements were new and fresh for the franchise. I also liked the Stamina mechanic and faster climbing, though there's still more improvements to be made. The item upgrades were also good ways to keep old items fresh and useful.

The bird travel, the backtrack-centric design, and Fi's incessant hand-holding are what really dragged the game down.
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DejectedJeff  +   551d ago
Im sorry but SS is overrated. A sequel that subtracts from what made the series what it was (nonlinearity) is not a great game. That combined with the incessant hand holding, uninspired dungeons, and VERY annoying side character make the game par at best. The usually intuitive controls dont make up for it.
Reviews arent telling. See mass effect 3, ff13, amongst others.
stylishjerk  +   551d ago
I agree I was going to make an article about this. If a Sony or Microsoft studio made Skyward Sword it would have received 7.5-8.0 tops for its dated design, but since it's Nintendo we can excuse all those problems for nostalgia.
MyFeetHurt  +   551d ago
im not going to read all that sry-
diepdiep  +   551d ago
Zelda and "overrated" don't mix.
Moncole  +   551d ago
Only when you say Zelda is not overrated.
deafdani  +   551d ago
Lol, nice comeback. I don't agree with it, but it was still pretty witty. XD
MyFeetHurt  +   551d ago

edited cuzzzzz is cussing allowed?
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TheEnigma313  +   551d ago
Zelda is always a memorable experience; it doesn't get no where near the amount of hype as other series.
Nerdmaster  +   551d ago
For me Zelda is overrated since A Link To The Past. The only Zelda I ever cared to finish is Twilight Princess, and that's probably because it was my first "serious" game that used the Wii Remote. I tried to play practically all the other Zelda games (including the 3DS remake of Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword) thinking "maybe this is the one that will get me to the series", but never played them more than a few hours.
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Neonridr  +   551d ago
Wow, surprised you never played Ocarina back on the N64. That game is regarded by critics and fans alike as one of the greatest video games ever created.
Nerdmaster  +   551d ago
I did play Ocarina on N64. I said "I tried to play practically all the other Zelda games" and highlighted only the newest ones, but I tried Zelda on NES, A Link To The Past on SNES, Ocarina and Majora's Mask on N64, Minish Cap on GBA, Phantom Hourglass on DS, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword on Wii. The only "major" Zelda games I didn't try to play were Wind Waker and Zelda II. And of all of those, the only one I bothered to finish was Twilight Princess.

I know that if I never liked even the first Zelda (or Ocarina, since people say it's the best one), it will be almost impossible for me to like the rest. But I'm a sucker for hype and marketing, I even bought Project Diva for Vita when I was in Japan just because there were advertisements everywhere, and I hate Hatsune Miku... So I end up buying Zelda games even knowing that (at least Skyward Sword came with a cool golden Wii Remote). And I liked Twilight Princess, so maybe there is hope.
SpiralTear  +   551d ago
Using the word "overrated" in your article is a really easy way to drain an article of maturity.
Yep  +   551d ago
TLDR: Author gets increasingly bored of Zelda with each edition for his own reasons.
WeAreLegion  +   551d ago
I'm in the minority here, but I think Ocarina of Time is overrated. It came out around the same time as Metal Gear Solid, yet Ocarina of Time makes it to the top of every list? I don't get it.

There's just not enough of a story in the Zelda series for it to be anything more than a fun distraction for me. I still like A Link to the Past the most though.
Gemmol  +   551d ago
I played and beat both, but Zelda was better, it was the one I kept going back to play, I beat it 8 times, while I beat metal gear solid once and felt no need to do it again but do not get me wrong I love that game a ton its always in my top, but as much as i love them I only love them for one play through....but ocarina of time is the first time I wanted to beat a game more then once....
WeAreLegion  +   551d ago
Understandable. :) Thanks for being civil.
HighResHero  +   550d ago
I prefer A link to the Past as well especially for its' time.
OOT is only "overrated" imo because I've heard a lot of people call one of the best, if not the best game of all time, which I disagree with.
It was groundbreaking, innovative, and technically immpressive for it's time, but I don't even think it's the best Zelda game personally.
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isarai  +   551d ago
Highly praised =/= overrated

Hate it when people get the two mixed up, the Zelda franchise deserves all the fame it gets, sure Skyward Sword was not the best, but when trying new things of course some things won't be as great as previous innovations, that's just how things go. Not every game made can be the best in the series. but this is about the series as a whole, and in that regard Zelda has delivered on more occasions than not.
swice  +   551d ago
It may be for newcomers of the series, but for someone like me who's played nearly every game since the beginning, not so much.

I will say that Zelda has gotten easier since OOT, but hopefully the upcoming installments will change that. Aonuma says he's sick of hand-holding, so we'll see
Dante81  +   551d ago
The original Zelda games(I&II) were the anti-thesis of hand-holding. I'm still waiting for a possible return to form.
Neonridr  +   551d ago
When I beat the Legend of Zelda on my NES (I was probably 6 or 7), I proceeded to take the game out of the cartridge and I threw it across the room. I swore I would never play that game again as it gave me hours upon hours of frustration...

what a memorable experience, lol.
MysticStrummer  +   551d ago
There are several series I'd give the Most Overrated title to before even considering Zelda.
RAFFwaff  +   551d ago
Looks at: Call of Duty, Dead Space, Assassins Creed, Gears of War, Halo......(like ALL franchises, some iterations are superior to others, but even the weakest link in a great franchise is still usually far supeior than alot of other games, particularly from the same genre. An example of this would be (in my opinion), Zelda The Minish Cap not being alot of Zelda fans favourite, but still a better game than say, original Darksiders. But its all subjective and you could change the Zelda title pertained to be weak and compare it to a different game influenced by the Zelda franchise. The weaker Zelda will still usually be better....
_QQ_  +   551d ago
Other than the occasional exception like okami, Zelda is the only game that does what it does great.
rlacorne  +   551d ago
And 3d dot game heroes! (Which -was- a Zelda, basically...)
kB0  +   551d ago
This screams hits!
for we are many  +   551d ago
Zelda overrated?! It has been around for what approaches 30 years of time while maintaining highest levels of quality, with almost every new iteration introducing different ideas and overarching themes from the dark and gloomy Majora's Mask to the brightly refreshing Wind Waker and from the above cloud island realm of Skyward S to the train-track oddities of Spirit Tracks. And when it comes to gameplay and the intricacies of human-console interface and control, you can't find a paralleling franchise that have introduced and evolved many gameplay-changing control methods without fear of failure, like z-targeting, touch controls (Phanto Hourglass and Spirit Tracks) and motion control (TP and SS), I am looking forward to experience what the GamePad interface can bring to Zelda Wii U.

Taking all of this into account, now compare it to other current mainstream "AAA" franchises like CoD, Battlefield, Gears, GoW, Uncharted, LBP and Assassin's Creed then you will begin to understand the true meaning of the word "overrated".
dafegamer  +   551d ago
I wouldnt say LBP is overrated though, its the only franchise that does what it does the best.
RexFury  +   551d ago
I think the word "overrated" is a word that should not be used. If a load of people like something, how can it be overrated?
duducus  +   551d ago
If anything, it's now underrated... It doesn't sell as well as Mario or Call of Duty...
GrandpaSnake  +   551d ago
i stopped playing zelda on the nes i still think its the ultimate nintendo creation lol
Jagsrock  +   551d ago
The fact that I'm having so much fun with WindWaker HD despite having played it multiple times before is a testament to how awesome zelda is. Zelda deserves all accolades .
mpnothanks  +   551d ago
The author said "dis-encourages" rather than "discourages". I feel like I can't give a fair assessment now because of that.
brewin  +   551d ago
This is pure flamebait and should be banished from this site. Out of all the overrated franchises out there this writer has the nerve to attack what is considered the best franchise in all of gaming... wow. Enjoy the new CoD and battlefield.
weekev15  +   551d ago
I dont agree that its flaimbait, the author is clearly trying to put forwar his opinion that phantom hourglass, spirit tracks and skyward sword werenpoor entries in the series and left him bored.

This is for his own reasons and having played 2 of the 3 he is talking about I disagree with his points.

Phanrom hourglass was 1 of.my favourite Zelda games apart from the bit where you kep going back to the temple and progressing to the next floor, that bit was dull. Skyward Sword I find really charming and enjoyable from the get go.

Im not saying his opinion is wrong, thats why they are opinions. The author is clearly well in the minority though. No Zelda is not over rated they just create consistently good immersive games.
SonyDroneKilla  +   551d ago
Nope the undisputed champion of overratedness is hands down gta
Loadedklip  +   551d ago
"The arrival of Ocarina of Time for the 3DS made me wonder if this series was just riding off past success and now Wind Waker HD seems to confirm that as a yes. "

Actually it's a "NO" ... not a yes ... the reason those remakes seem so good is because unlike other games ... the Zelda games' gameplay is so good that they are timeless and far ahead of their time.
dafegamer  +   551d ago
Lol overrated my *ss, zelda is truely one of the best games in the action adventure genre, only rivalled by the uncharted series
Wni0  +   551d ago
No way the dialogue is great! Oh wait.
thehobbyist  +   551d ago
Long Term success =/= overrated
spaceg0st  +   551d ago
Halo has.
Chrischi1988  +   551d ago
lol to the article^^

people, just stay quiet, the approver just wants to create an stupid argument here.
link2Dpast  +   551d ago
plain and simple NO. It has history, its been here for as long as videogames have been main stream. To some of us it what started our love for video games. opened our imagination. And had kept the same Formula for years and still draws interest to this day. It's apart of our culture since the day it was released. No matter what types of games you like sports, rpg, especially first person shooters which have been dominating for a while now, even they v have respect and admit the greatness that is The Legend of Zelda.
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iliimaster  +   551d ago
try madden ? this hell no
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