EA: Sony Executing Exceptionally Well, Microsoft Running into Challenges

Gameranx: "It's been a highly competitive summer for hardware, and that can only be a good thing for EA."

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Lalanana1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

No doubt MS ran into troubles.. as of now those troubles are really nonexistant..just look at the preorder numbers.

EdiT: at all below.. Check my profile.. opinions..

thekhurg1731d ago

Xbox One would have fullfilled the pre-orders had they never changed a single policy.

Looking at pre-order numbers is completely moot, all consoles sell out at launch. Even the $599 PS3 sold out on launch day.

iamnsuperman1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

The consoles should sell out at launch. It is almost a given (unless someting well horifically wrong). The Wii U sold out at launch too but it isn't selling that well at the moment. The real indicating years are the following months after Christmas if the console will sell well. Not pre-orders as the almost always sell out (to the core fans)

Godmars2901731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Now I wish that Ms had kept the original policies in place, just to see what the general consumer reaction would be.

Would a majority of people honestly be that complacent in handing over their rights as consumers? And just how far would MS have taken that entitlement?

I mean pretty sure when they were talking about an always online XB1 and Kinect, they were saying that Kinect would have have to be looking at people as they played games. That it would pause otherwise.

UltimateMaster1731d ago

EA: Sony Executing Exceptionally Well, Microsoft Running into Challenges

I would use something worst than "challenges".

lilbrat231730d ago

@ Godmars290

Just because MS changed their policies does not mean they won't change them again. If you actually read the TOS they have a right to change whatever they want. One reason I don't trust MS because they say one thing now, and will change their minds later.

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black0o1731d ago

''preorder numbers'' u mean the ps4 numbers, they went throw the roof!

OT: SONY has a great momentum PlayStation brand is ranked #1 on every market -home consoles-
while M$ is kinda buzzy with the bad PR that surrounding the xbone and it may get worst after the launch when all the mirror and smoke clears

''the lack of 1080p, the real story of cloud, the lag input on the Kinect ....etc''

thrust1731d ago

I love to read your posts they are so funny :)

falviousuk1731d ago

I too also get a right old laugh and the rubbish he posts

AbortMission1731d ago


DVAcme1731d ago

Disagree. Microsoft is marketing the XB1 WAY more aggressively than Sony's doing with the PS4, and Sony is still ahead come next-gen. Politics towards consumers, price range, proven brands and new, exciting IPs is what's keeping Sony ahead of the game. The PS4 just FEELS next-gen, while the XB1 feels like an extension of the previous gen in terms of what it offers consumers.

evilhasitsway1731d ago

just because of high preorders doesn't mean that they aren't having trouble with the hardware or software.

B1663r1731d ago

Like random crashes when trying to demo units...

Or hiding and obscuring the dashboard UI because it is awful...

Like canceling large signature games, literally at the last minute...

Those kind of problems???

nypifisel1731d ago

There are no cancelled games on the PS4. Pretty sure he meant you know, making an awful product for gamers, you know; that problem.. the one MS currently have.

MightyNoX1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Dat cognitive disnonance...

ALARM-clock1731d ago

Opinions =/= Facts + Reason + Evidence

quenomamen1731d ago

Just cuz consumers are dumb to pre order a weaker console even after what can easily be the worst console reveal doesn't mean it doesn't have problems.

Example: people still bought Ford Pintos knowing there was a chance they might die in a fireball if they where rear ended. Didn't change the fact the Pinto was a bad designed death trap waiting to happen.

Stupid consumers does not your product any better. It just means your at hiding the fact.

miyamoto1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

This is not the first time EA commended Sony.

PS3 is "on fire", says EA's Schappert
Likes it so much he should just marry it.

By Ellie Gibson Published Monday, 28 June 2010

The artist formerly known as Microsoft's corporate vice president of Xbox Live has come out in support of the company's biggest rival.

John Schappert, who is now chief operating officer at Electronic Arts, appears to have put his loyalties behind him since he left MS a year ago.

"We're platform agnostic," he told IGN. "That being said, we partnered with Sony on the press conference; we were on their stage and got to announce some things.

"I wouldn't read too much into what we're showing the demos on, but I will tell you, in the marketplace, the PlayStation 3 is doing incredibly well."

In fact, Schappert said, since the Slim and the Kevin Butler ad campaign were introduced, PS3 is "on fire". He added, "We like them all, but PlayStation 3 is doing very strong right now."

So what is it about PS3 that sends Schappert from six to midnight? Why, just look at the extra storage space Blu-ray offers, he said. This means EA can offer special editions of games like Dead Space and Medal of Honor.

"We partner with Microsoft on a ton of products, but those are just two good opportunities we had with Sony that we wanted to highlight," said Schappert.

Titanfall on PS4 is affirmative.

PS4 will be winner by KO in Round 1.

Skull and Bone Xbone will rot 6 feet under for the greater good of the industry.

Please Watch the Anti Xbox One

Rimeskeem1731d ago

This article and EA are basically saying that Titanfall is coming to ps4

Locknuts1731d ago

WTF is with all the disagrees? lol. It's true what they say about N4G......

get_real1731d ago

Claasic EA sarcasm...gotta love em they might not get much love but they sure know how to make a statement.

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Stuntz1731d ago

Microsoft ran into troubles because the community did not see their vision. There is nothing wrong with a digital machine they offered many pros to going all digital. They wanted to make a machine that was actually something new and innovative but we as consumers were to ignorant to see past things due to all the trolls brain washing people. Personally i paid my xbox one off when they first announced it i would go back to that X1 tomorrow if they asked, i dont want discs anyway, nor do i trade them in or sell them.

black0o1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

trust me we saw their vision very clear ..

they got so greedy that they want to make money out of our phy-copy they even went a little over do with it THEY want to turn it into just a faster way to get data installed into the hard which is gonna licensed to one account that's the definition of pure GREED

and how can u agree to something that needs 24/7 internet connection ... and M$ said if can't get internet stick with ur x360 WTF! of vision is that

Stuntz1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Sorry, i really cannot read your post because it is one long on going sentence. Ignorance at its finest, cannot argue something and fall right into the hype of negative trolls. Let me argue though just to make you happy. X1 offered family sharing at this time 10 PEOPLE ANY PEOPLE could share all games together, is that a sign of a greedy company? They offered licensing deals so you can completely give a friend rights to your game that's a greedy company? They offer the best online experience EVER, PSN is charging for a network that is still based of P2P complete crap. Sony does not even have its own networking service. Complete joke, and they are now charging for that joke of a network.

thrust1731d ago Show
MysticStrummer1731d ago

@thrust - I'm not sure it's possible to "own" someone if you claim you can't read their post, then respond to it anyway, complain about their grammar, then respond with your own, and top it off by using misinformation and opinions as fact.

VonBraunschweigg1731d ago

Stuntz, the familysharing was announced after it was cancelled, you really believed that? And why laugh about paying for p2p online gaming? You were the one paying for that:)

PSN had games not possible on Live, some on dedicated servers, all free. I've played MAG for 1500 hrs, Starhawk online is/was insane, WipEout HD without a hickup, LBP's usergenerated levels. A lot of fun for a joke of a network.

Next gen we'll all be paying to play online, both Live and PSN will have games on dedicated servers and p2p games. But PS+ simply gets you more, and games like Planetside and Warthunder remain free to play online.

Godmars2901731d ago

All that was sign of a CONTROLLING company. they wanted to dominate every aspect you supposedly owned, including when and how you used it.

And I really don't get how people don't know that Sony's charging for online multiplayer now to cover the costs of having online multiplayer which means servers. That there are exceptions to that like MMOs and 3rd party services where by all counts MS is still making you pay to access anything but their store.

jackanderson19851731d ago

It wasn't 24/7 connection it was a single connection (some of the MS pr staff even said it might have been possible with a phone to check in) every 24 hours. Yes they wanted to limit the ability to freely sell on physical disks to every shop but they made it quite clear that GameStop was one of the shops that u cud easily trade in to and that others could join the programme (if you were bothered to read up on it). Also they were offering the ability to sell digital games. Something that no other competitor has in place and would have been game changing.

Now ill freely admit MS' pr department needs to be sacked as soon as possible but had they delivered the message coherently and on a single same message instead of oh maybe actually I dunno then it would have been way different

VonBraunschweigg1731d ago

Jack, stop the boss everyday or it stops being a gameconsole. Don't lend/give/sell it to your friend, SELL it to THIS store at a loss so WE can SELL it to your friend with a profit...stop that.

jackanderson19851731d ago

@VonBraunschweigg why would i stop... personally the DRM never affected me as I've never traded in a game and most likely never will (tad bit of a hoarder that way but i like the fact if i wanted i could pull out crash bandicoot 1 and play it now if i wanted)... the internet thing never affected me in the slightest, all 3 (now the wii's been put away) are currently hooked up, my pc is always hooked up, my phone is always connected (either 3g or wireless)..... also you'll still be selling the game at a loss to every store and they'll be selling it on for a profit... with the play as you download the bringing the disc with me wasn't ever going to be an issue or i'd add my mates to the 10 "family" share plan.... i'm planning on fully embracing digital games as much as possible this generation so i won't be able to bring discs with me anyways and discs have the awful tendancy of being scratched/damaged/broken at times that renders them unplayable anyways.

i know some people will say "digital games can be discontinued" but with MS i've found once you've bought it (or even trialed it) you can download it at a later date... for example the battlestar galactica arcard game released in 07... it's been discontinued on the actual game market but if i go into my download history i can download it again no problem... unfortunately for me it's only the trial version (didn't have a card back then to purchase)... my point being if they're still letting me download an arcade game from 6 years ago which got discontinued 3 (maybe that's a guess but it's longer than 2 anyways) years ago there's no reason to think they'd be taking AAA games off it

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Fishy Fingers1731d ago

Ridiculous, the only one brain washed appears to be you. Countless industry professionals/gamers/xbox fans have applauded MS for they policy changes because they actually listened to what people wanted.

Brix901731d ago

Sounds like you want a Steam box

humbleopinion1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

^ Which Valve was louded for when delivering the exact same vision as Microsoft.

The difference is that Microsoft changed course after listening to fake cries and moans on the online front (and after failing to properly deliver their message of "sharing your game library with familiy and friends" that could have been their killer-up, and Valve never mistook bitching with honest criticism - they kept on going their way even when people complained how Steam is killing physical ownership and sinking the PC market. And look where they are now.

You need visionary people to advance the industry. Microsoft seemed to have lost these guys to Valve.

Volkama1731d ago

Them gamers that care more about selling discs than playing games.

I'd prefer the original plans as well.

SonyAddict1731d ago

You must have more money than sense!.

AbortMission1731d ago

Lmfao so delusional.

You remind me of that clown george noob

XboxFun1731d ago

As a consumer I was more worried about not trading my games with a friend even though I haven't done that since the NES days. But the whole DRM threatened what I have grown accustomed too.

We as a people are scared of change, look at the WiiU controller...everyone was all "that's stupid", or "I don't want to look down at my controller". We make up so many excuses when are comfort zone is rattled.

Steam has been doing the DRM thing for years now and I hear nothing but praise from Steam users. And now Steam is doing family share....interesting.

People say MS had no intention of selling the games for cheap but if you look on Live you will see a bunch of games being sold for cheap. Almost all of the older games are on sale for 30 to 25 dollars so again, this may have happened.

But I guess we'll never know...

quenomamen1731d ago

Good for you Rockefeller next time you sell a used game, movie, CD, car, house, Tv, washing machine, fridge, go a head and send who ever made it a check. Just like MS reasons behind used games sales. They where looking out for the game makers after all.

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TheEnigma3131731d ago

MS has seemed to get it together as of late and Sony has been cool, calm, and collected since the ps4 announcement.

B1663r1731d ago

If by "cool", you mean "losing steam" then yes. Sony has been losing steam here in the run up to launch.

MightyNoX1731d ago

If by losing steam, you mean letting MS beat themselves up, then yes, we are in agreement. Lets recount some recent events -

- Penello admitted that several games are not 1080
- Yusuf Mehdi confirmed direct ads
- NFS confirmed inferior on Xbox One
- MS confirms you can't do jack to your background
- MS confirms you won't be able to use your old headsets

So yes, let Sony keep it up. It's doing wonders.

Destrania1731d ago


Or be able to use Xbox360 steering wheels.

TheEnigma3131731d ago


Stay classy my friend and troll on.

wages of sin1731d ago

This is the full quote:

"“I think the Sony team has executed exceptionally well – and they did not execute particularly well on PS3, whereas last time around Microsoft executed perfectly,” he told Edge in a recent interview. “This time, Microsoft has run into some challenges, some leadership changes, but they’re a very resilient organization, and if you look at their counter punches on any setbacks, they’ve done a pretty good job of getting back on track.”

Nice way to cut his comment so you can get hits.

2cents1731d ago

Was just about to say the same thing. Glad I read further down the comments to see this and avoid a identical post.

I must say though, the hate is deffinatley subsiding a little. The ones who care enough already know what happend, what changed and what to expect.

One more month!!!

Destrania1731d ago

Saying M$ executed this generation perfectly is ridiculous.

BeAGamer1731d ago

perfect execution of the RROD

jackanderson19851731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Not really they increased their market share greatly, cut down on some of sony's share, had arguably the better ports of multiplats (for me personally I never saw it although skyrim comes to mind as one) had some of the most successful games (think halo is the highest selling exclusive although could be wrong) made millions from kinect and gained the reputation of a powerhouse in the gaming industry

MorePowerOfGreen1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

I say the Xbox One is the talk of the town right now for the right reasons too. Even though the gaming media may not wan't to flip flop on the company/console they backed due to the DRM smear campaign, MSFT and XB1 are on fire with hardcore gamers and casuals.

MSFT is "Executing Exceptionally Well" right now. If you disagree it's because you're sheltered being in echo chamber blogs and forums that censors news.

I can't believe MSFT turned this thing around without the help of the gaming media. MSFT wen't straight to the gamers.

Sony sits back rides the smear campaign wave with a free pass/ride and only says *me too* *I can do that too* without having to show how their console works and no real details about anything, only having to repeat one meaningless spec talking point.

MSFT is putting in work and it's paying off. Next year will be crazy with Titanfall, Black Tusk, Fable, Halo 5, Quantum Break, Crack Down etc. etc. If one of XB1's AAA's were delayed there would of been 100 doom and gloom articles of many flavors posted, media would not let that go.


"Just when you thought there couldn't be any more Power of Green"

You got something to say? Yeah I miss you too, N4G is so wonderful LOL

WeAreLegion1731d ago

Just when you thought there couldn't be any more Power of Green...

Animal Mutha 761731d ago

I know you get hammered a lot or being very pro Xbox, but I have to say I agree on this occasion completely.

I base this on....

Having used both consoles at Eurogamer (X1 is a LOT better than this site makes out) and played all of the key launch titles.

The sheer amount of information coming out of MS and the wealth of evidence of the games quality from RYSE to BF4 to Forza. I know how good these are on X1 but it's nice to see the word spreading.

EDGE magazine essentially agreeing with your sentiments in stating the Xbox is now a very strong competitor with a better launch lineup.

The comparative lack of key system info coming direct from Sony.

ThatCanadianGuy5141731d ago

"I say the Xbox One is the talk of the town right now"

You mean the xbox sub reddit where you lurk? The same place where all xbox faithful like you, congregate and speculate wild theories like DGPU's and Super secret NDA's that nobody (not even microsoft) fully understand?

You should stay there.

- The rest of us

PFFT1731d ago

Its better than that cesspool Neogaf where the rest of the Sony fanboys go to circle-jerk each other. Thats for damn sure.

Sarobi1731d ago

"MSFT is putting in work and it's paying off" more like putting in the work just to gain a small field of ground that could've been bigger. No matter how much Microsoft makes a turn around, it still isn't as good as it could've been. We're talking about the successor of Xbox 360.. and when you talked about this a year ago, everyone excepted giant receptions and huge pre-order names.. instead they screwed up for the first few months and looked really stupid.

That's a big mistake for a company, and had it been someone else that did such a thing.. there would be more people fired. Microsoft is still on the "but let us explain" path, while Sony is releasing campaign ads for their system.

HugoDrax1731d ago

Hahaha you would be surprised at what events, television shows, tv stations are being utilized for XBOX ONE marketing campaign, even PLAYSTATION. Here are some for example.

1: Seattle Major League Soccer franchise literally wears XBOX uniforms. Black and Green variants..


2: ESPN Sportscenter, watch Sportscenter on ESPN and in the bottom left/right corner you will see an XBOX ONE graphic pan across the bottom of your television. Then it will disappear, and reappear every 4 minutes. I saw it with my own eyes yesterday after watching the Vikings vs Giants football game.

Hell even Sony had a major ad hanging on the scoreboard at AT&T park/San Francisco Giants baseball stadium. I saw it during a photo of Kardashian picture lol. Talk about perfect product placement, those photos are being seen worldwide right now.

Link to Sony Greatness Awaits image:


I'm just trying to say, these consoles are being marketed to demographics that majority of the hardcore gamers don't fit in. I wouldn't be surprised if the XB1 & PS4 is being marketed at Home Depot......See what I'm implying lol. Anyhow, November 15th, and 22nd I'll be enjoying both offerings while fanboys continue to have religious debates. Happy gaming gamers!

NextGenHorny1731d ago

I look at your bubles but see power of red!

SonyAddict1731d ago

Gtfo of here with your one bubble lol!.

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