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Crave - "Wow, where do I begin? Sonic Lost World is an unmitigated disaster, and nullifies the small amount of good will developer Sonic Team had generated with the decent Sonic Colors and the actually-quite-fantastic Sonic Generations. It's a huge step back for the blue blur, who was starting to make us believe that he'd finally got the hang of this whole 3D thing, and is a thorough disappointment for Wii U owners who were hoping for a solid exclusive game to tide them over until the release of Super Mario 3D World later this year."

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NYC_Gamer1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

2.5 out of 10?wow,the game must be real damn crappy.

Neonridr1759d ago

Or this person who reviewed it didn't enjoy the game.

I would reserve your judgement until you actually play the game for yourself. Never let someone else tell you if a game is any good or not.

That being said, the reviews are all over the place with this game.

lilbroRx1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

You skip the multiples of good reviews to zero in on the this one bad review and act surprised that the lowest score(which you singled out) is low?

No trolling at all here folks. This guy is clearly legit.

MasterCornholio1759d ago

It has a metacritic of 63 and there are many negative reviews of this game.

If a game is bad its bad it doesn't matter if its exclusive to a Nintendo system or not.

Nexus 7 2013

IPLAY21758d ago

No it really is a great game. I just picked it up today. I have only spent about 5 hours with it, but it is beautiful. It can be frustrating, but so can allot of games. Also there are quite a few great reviews for this game. Some as high as 9/10. It kind of reminds me of the mixed reviews of Zombie U. I bet some of the reviews for this would be much higher if this were cross platform. Try the game for yourself and I bet you will like it.

TopDudeMan1759d ago

I loved sonic generations, so I'm hugely disappointed to hear these reviews.

Neonridr1759d ago

So why don't you go read the good reviews? There's a bunch of those too.

SpiralTear1759d ago

There are, but I've heard more negative reception of this game than positive. Still, not enough to scare me away from giving it a try later this month.

TopDudeMan1759d ago

One cannot simply ignore negative reviews. It's the equivalent of jamming your fingers in your ears and yelling "lalalala"

lilbroRx1759d ago

He didn't say ignore.

The most important thing for any review is the "why" that, not the score.

TopDudeMan1759d ago

And I didn't say I hadn't read these reviews. I was simply pointing out the trend.

Neonridr1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

@TopDudeMan - believe me, I am as torn by the many negative and many positive reviews. I am not ignoring it by going "lalalala" even though that made me laugh a lot. It seems like such a bi-polar game. You love it or you hate it. Kind of reminds me of another game that got reviews all across the board - ZombiU.

I am really hoping a demo shows up for this game, so I can give it a try..

miyamoto1759d ago

We love Sonic Generations too and played it like there is no tomorrow till this very day. It has Sonic Colors too.

Its one of the greatest Sonic games ever made after the Sega Genesis games.

lilbroRx1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

Its IGN. They give everyhting Nintendo releated low scores. Even the Wonderful 101 got a low score, and that game is great.

Posting that doesn't really change anything. Its expected that IGN will rate it low. I'm sure they'll give Super Mario 3D Land one of the lowest scores it will get. Same with Mario and Sonic at the Olympics 2014.

If its not a gore fest, or doesn't involve shooting or killing with swords, then IGN isn't going to like it that much.

Neonridr1759d ago

IGN has always been good to Nintendo with the 3D style Mario games and Zelda. They even gave Deus Ex a respectable 8.3/10.

but I agree, if it's a new IP or a slight departure from the norm, they tend to bash it.

IPLAY21758d ago

I lost all faith in IGN over a year ago, and no longer care much what they have to say.

TheEvilWithin1759d ago

I was just trying to make a point to not listen to reviewer's. I think Sonic Lost World looks AWESOME! I also think everyone should give it a try before writing it off. Wonderful 101 is amazing and so wont this be.

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